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  1. Anybody can hook them in the mouth !!!
  2. You might want to use bigger tires/wheels, unless you're not planning on pulling/pushing in the sand. Minimize to two wheels instead of 4, with studs to hold it up. Also, wire, which is what the diagram shows would corrode eventually when exposed to salt. I've been looking into using PVC pipes. If you Google "Fishing Carts", they have some images .. but the cost is like above $200.00. But you can find some diagrams if you search enough and flip through the pages.
  3. I've been contemplating on buying the Hurricane 12' saw it at Sportchalet. $36.99 I believe.
  4. I seriously doubt there will be a change in the laws regarding Marine mammal protection, unless, someone can justify a very good reason to start it. If it is just for the sake of anglers, LOL, good luck ! But if by happenstance, one of these seals would present a threat to the public, especially children, then there might be a very slight chance. Sorry to sound discouraged, but that is the truth.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by RickyD Obey speed restrictions when heading to the park and thru the park. Almost hit one a couple weeks ago. A Seal or a Deer ??? We have Seal problems here in California as well. When there is a hot bite, they congregate around the anglers and take the fish right off the hook. End up with just shredded. fish if you can. Years ago, a certain boat captain used at 22 on one of the seals that's pestering his charter trip. He was just trying to put the anglers on fish, but the seal kept following. However, he was reported to Fish and Wildlife, and was arrested and jailed for 5 years. I used to like seals, until I started fishing.
  6. Two softwares. MP3 encoder LAME and Foobar2000
  7. When you add the other router to the main router that issues the IP addresses (DHCP Enabled) ... make sure that to configure the other router to disable DHCP or you will have conflicting IP addresses.