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  1. No thanks
  2. Thanks for checking Dave
  3. $52 shipped MO or $55 shipped PP
  4. Np, good luck with hour purchase!
  5. PM coming!
  6. How’s 28 PP
  7. Spare spool is not available, but oval knob is. current spool has 40PP. $610 shipped MO with the oval knob $560 shipped MO without mechanically sound with a couple scratches near the foot of the reel.
  8. $28 shipped MO or $31 shipped PP
  9. All yours. PM coming.
  10. $57 shipped MO or $60 shipped PP
  11. up
  12. If you don’t care for the price, move along. If you’re still butthurt, I suggest posting a thread in the BST Discussion forum.
  13. 6.5" 1.5-1.6oz not sure who made them... maybe someone can chime in
  14. Top has a spoon lip $32 shipped MO or $35 shipped PP
  15. Looking for the following In fire river minnow Cowboy senior dee darter slopehead Conrad straight eelie troller pencil