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  1. Did you end up finding a rod that you liked? If not i would check out a tica dolphin 9'.think its rated 2-8 but its over rated...4 oz will be top end.rod will cost you about 120.or if you can swing a little extra cash i would go with a 9 or 10' odm genesis series.those will cost around 300 bucks and you can check both rods out at the surfcaster located in stratford.
  2. Take it from someone that has a underpowered 16' boat and is upgrading to a bigger boat/motor.i have a 16'starcraft with a 25hp yami 4 stroke.with just me in the boat i do 20mph,1 other person i do 16mph.as with you some of our lakes here in ct have 25hp restriction.i would max out the hp rating and get ureself a good trolling motor with a good set of batterys.
  3. I agree with you.lunds are great boats but for the same style of starcraft cost 4-5k less.ive looked into small fiberglass cc but overall i think i would be happier with another aluminum.i also do alot of freshwater fishing so i dont really want to tie myself down with a new saltwater boat.
  4. Yes i believe the beam is the same with as the 18.i believe the freeboard is the same also...if you look on boat trader some of the dealers in michigan have some good pics and looking at the 16' you can get a pretty good idea of how high the sides really are.i also took the advice from another post and looked at some other forums and alot of walleye fisherman use this boat on the great lakes.
  5. I will look into the mirrocraft but the lund rebel is smaller than the starcraft freedom180...the only lund that compares is the 18 alaskan but the beam on the starcraft is as wide as the 20ft lund alaskan.pretty sure the statctaft will suit my needs but was just wondering if thier was anyone on here with this boat and was wondering how they like it.i appreciate the advice though.thats a nice boat you have but i am looking for a aluminum and not in the market for a fiberglass boat yet.
  6. I currently use a 1987 starcraft 16' with a 74" beam with a 25hp 4stroke.my boat has open wood floor with pedistal seats.boat is great for fishing rivers and the sound when i am by myself.add another person that weighs 350 and the boat is underpowered with the 25hp. If you want to do some running around or bring a few bigger guys with you i would say get a wide beam boat with atleast a 40hp.
  7. If its a aluminum boat i would be interested.i also do alot of freshwater fishing so that is the reason why i am leaning closer to a bigger aluminum tiller boat.
  8. I hear you a smaller boat is alot easier to handle by ureself but im just tired of not being able to get to the hot bite and want a boat with a little more room.i have a buddy that goes with me alot so not many times do i fish alone.i think hetting a bigger faster boat will expand alot more oportunity for me.
  9. Sorry i am not gonna sell it.i am using the boat for duck hunting.
  10. I have a hummingbird helix 9 on my boat and love the unit...only thing i can tell you is the 9 is the smallest i would go for using sidescan.
  11. I use the st.croix mojo heavy fast action 7'6 3/4-2 oz and caught bass to 25lbs without a problem...i regularly jig plastics with 1.5-2 oz jigheads on this rod. they make a 7' version also with the same rating but feels a little stiffer.
  12. Ok i will check those forums out...thankyou for the input.
  13. I am in the market for a new aluminum boat.i currently own a starcraft 16' with a 25hp tiller and want a boat that is a little bigger to run in the sound chasing albies and stripers.my problem is i mainly launch out of a river and sometimes the mouth can get a little hairy with my 16'.motor is underpowered for the boat and lacks the manuaverability to safly navigate rough water.the freedom has a taller freeboard and almost 3 feet longer than my current boat.i would get the tiller version because i like the open floor plan and power it with a 90 etec.just curious if anyone is running this boat in the salt for the same purpose and how it handles rough water (2-4').i fish a river for stripers from oct-may and shallow water reefs so i dont want a fiberglass boat.if anybody can give me a little insight on how this boat handles it would be greatly appreciated since i only want to make sure i am making the right decision.thankyou in advance for any imput.
  14. I have a ODM JIGSTER and absolutly love using it in the canal.I took a few casts with a 1209 but that rod isnt for me.the jgster is light with tons of backbone and will not tire you out after hours of continues fishing.jigster also loads easily but still maintains that fast action tip you need for jigging.i also use the rod for magic swimmers and stick shads.
  15. ODM rods are great.I started using the 10'6 frontier x early spring and since then have bought 3 others(9'6,11'6,jigster).after using many other brands of rods i believe these are best on the market.rods are light and cast great.if ure on the fence about buying one and live in SW Ct message me and ill let you cast any of the 4 rods i have to get a feel for them.The ODM staff is also top notch with answering any questions you might have or recomending a rod for your type of fishing.