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  1. 50lbs all day.
  2. Asim "Awesome John" passed away suddenly 3 years ago yesterday. I like many others I did not know him personally but spoke to him via the internet. He was always extremely helpful on here and a solid guy to reach out to for anything. (I used to hound him about music equipment quite a bit) I noticed his widow posted on the book and was shocked it has been 3 years already. RIP John!
  3. Great condition, everything works as it should. $500 shipped to lower 48. Would also consider trade for a VS150 or higher.
  4. Blue Ruin,or Greenroom
  5. Great parenting!
  6. What a bunch of FAGS!
  7. It's not gay if you wear a condom......... Right Seven?
  9. Sloppy.
  11. Sounds about right.
  12. If you talk to greg from Fishermans Headquarters in Ship Bottom NJ he will ship you live eels. I have had them sent to NC and very alive!! Great shop and great prices! Pretty sure I had at least 60 or so sent.
  13. "Deaf and blinded dumb and born to follow" -Tool
  14. Those websites seem to have no bias/agenda at all. Great read.