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  1. 70 shipped for above ^. Gonna go ahead and remove the stands for sale from here and place on fb. Thanks!
  2. Sorry it took me so long to get this up. You have first shot at it today if you want it. 2 Large unused spools of guidebrod (one in size A in a "right next to black" color and a black spool of D) The Charcoal (possibly smoke) + Black super and the Grape shade packs all unused. Wrap alignment jig from the southern rod builders guild. Nice packing tool! Wood spools for threadbox 80 shipped? Let me know
  3. Sounds good ill get that together later on today. Guys about the stands: I just realized the stands were not as expensive as I thought they were, they are 47 each with the yellow orings (the ones I have) I'll do all four shipped for 130. 30 each +10 shipping. These are basically brand new.
  4. Sorry, I've been extremely busy getting ready for the purge tomorrow ;p I'll post a group in the am probably as a "lot" Prob the alignment tool and 2 shade packs and a few spools of guidebrod.... I have lots of black.Ill throw the alc burner in for cheap if you want it. The dream reamers a friend wants. The real steal here is the "roller stands" they are what 68 bucks each new? (I could be wrong) I'll do all 4 for 180 (to eat some pp fees) if anyone wants them. I'm really trying to get them sold and money transferred before 930ish am. I can have them shipped out tomorrow usps. I'll be around at 9:15ish to see if anyone commits. They are really f'in nice for anyone that has the cpw, alps track.
  5. You got it man! Sent you a msg. You got it! Msg and paypal info coming on the way over right now. Thanks guys! Stands are still available, and I'll be posting more stuff this evening. Each stand is 20 bucks cheaper than what they go for on the website. http://www.**********.com/CPW-3D-printed-support-stand-with-yellow-orings They are essentially brand new.
  6. OK I'm gonna part this out starting with the Thread Carriage and Stands. Thread Carriage 85 shipped.(I have magnets installed and "marine grade" stainless steel bars, apparently they're not 100% ss bc the mag sticks to them slightly, but not near as bad as the one it came with. It's basically brand new. Comes with all original parts as well. Giving first dibs tonight to worcboy as he asked about it if parted out. The 4 CPW stands I bought from Al as well. They are also pretty much brand new. 200 shipped for all 4. I'm in Pitman, NJ if you wan't to pickup local I will part the rest out into groups here soon. 25 shipped? It has not been used.
  7. Yessir! Guys, Sorry I didn't respond earlier I was pretty much runnin all day.
  8. The chuck is a fuji drying chuck it's kinda hard to spot. Directly to the right of the Thread carriage (almost in line with it) I had 9 feet of CPW track but that is with my ex in Wilmington with the other 75% of my belongings I'm sure I'll never see it again, but it does fit on alps , cpw (and I think the new CRB tracks, Not for sure) If it comes to that (which I have a feeling it will) you got it man!
  9. SOLD TO HENRY. I appreciate the offers everyone!
  10. I'll do it for 450 out of principle since I accepted the 450 offer.
  11. I can't meet you today but paypal works! I can ship out later today or tomorrow at the latest (If I get stuck at work) PMin you for details.
  12. Yo guys, I need this gone. Idk whos offer still stands with the "out of round" pics.... I'm not going under 4 or ill just send it back to zb and have it fixed..... So I guess whoever is still interested let me know and by previous offer, if it still stands I'll push it to you. I need this **** gone by 11 or it's most likely getting kept.
  13. It does Not screw into place without the spool, it seemed like it was, until I pulled it right off. lol EDIT
  14. I saw this the second I posted a reply....... If he passes I will give you the same deal.