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  1. I too, keep em on stringer & when ready to leave cut its throat, bleed out for 20 or so minutes while still in river. Garbage bags, cooler, freeze or eat.
  2. Back in 2009 l had a full restoration of implants done here in Toronto Canada, approx 12 lower and 12 upper with iliac grafting prior to implants placements; bone took/fused. Others have said to go abroad as it'll be cheaper. But I'm a believer we get what we pay for in life, period!! One doesn't know the quality of implant used or grafting material if needed and that matters for longevity. There's a reason why the price is cheaper as the GP's/Prothodontists utilizes sub-standard materials. Be careful, be very careful. I have a small cottage's worth in my mouth; but can eat the toughest of steaks Thank God. Beside you all in the states can sue the hell out of a GP or specialist who screws up big time compared to our limitations up here and your GPs know that. Going abroad to have the work done, one has no recourse. Just my 2 cents PS: if one needs both upper and lower (full restoration) and l had to do it again, l would have had chosen to had both prosthetics removal for easier cleaning & hygiene rather than fixed.
  3. Its been said that main riff Is Hank Williams Sr/Hank Williams Jr "Kaw Liga", either way great vid; Ian does it justice. Sad that he struggled with Polio. Let go & get into the grove
  4. Try cleartecpacking, visipak & stockcap. probably where the heavy players of bag building source their tubes. US lm sure
  5. Overall l look at it this way, buy what you can afford. There were times in life that l could have only afforded lesser quality equipment but as long as l still stay motivated and pick up my shovel, VS it is. For me with most of my equipment my objective is stealth, durability and lightness. Who needs more weight to carry as we get older; its harder on the back. I've lived and agree with, we get what we pay for with most higher priced well known products. Although Ugly Sticks are probably the most universally sold fishing rods and can do the job overall, it's a more heavier blank compared to a more expensive carbon fiber blank, same is said for higher end reel's body. For me and l Thank God and Thank God again, I can afford for some applications a quality custom tied blank with higher end guides or a higher end stock rod. Lets not forget, it's been my experience with most higher end/priced items, when something has gone wrong and needed repair, exchange whatever, no headaches, no headaches. That's why for most higher priced items l've purchased in life come with a no BS warranty, for most! Finally, l look at it this way, if l don't miss the cost of whatever l purchased, l can afford it. That said have l purchased some over the hill priced fishing equipment with some thoughts of what the hell did l do, yes, lol? But hell, l can always post it and sell them off when l want too. That's my price of potatoes today.
  6. Im in Thx
  7. Expedition 5500 & Stella SW period, period, period. lol Never, IMO, will one feel a more solid, fine crafted precision reel, such as the Expedition.
  8. XXXX3 On Rosco. They'll send you samples even.
  9. Power Pro's quality control sucks in my opinion, over commercialized. Amigo Plus great high end Korean line; so is Daiwa's TD Sensor. I also have used Monster Battle.
  10. Pretty sure the older round (instead of low-profile) Shimano models of the 401/400 Calcutta TE with clicker are saltwater worthy as well. I use them on a 40yr old G. Loomis 1025C IMX.
  11. I guess in this case Tim, as MattuckMike intelligently informed us, its outcome could have been a humbling one. Thx for the clarification
  12. Yaaa ok, Sally Ann, lol right!!!!
  13. still looking for one if anyone has one let me know plz