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  1. I have a Ben Doerr ss86m2, 8' 6" Mod-Fast Action Spinning Surf Rod that may meet your needs.
  2. Let me add one more note that has not been mentioned yet. The 722 has a single bearing on the main shaft as all of the others in the Z series, with the exception of the 720 which uses a bushing. The 722 and 720 look nearly identical on the exterior and from a size perspective. The spools are also interchangeable between both the 722 and 720 as are many of the other parts with the exception the bushing or bearing, gearing and the frame (as mentioned above). These reels were updated and have the designation of 722z and 720z, but the only changes were to the paint scheme and cosmetics. As Redfin said these are fantastic reels. I use them for both fresh and saltwater when I don't expect to find fish over ~10-15 pounds. They have landed untold numbers of schoolies, bluefish, and other fish as well as several albies. They are simple to rebuild. I wear out a bail spring every few years. The most difficult part to find is the crosswind block. These rarely break or wear out, just don't drop the reel on its spool. I recommend the 722/722z over the 720. The slightly faster retrieve is more useful for jigging and retrieving tins.
  3. 2005 Toyota Corolla with Kayak trailer as made from a modified boat trailer. It is heavy and keeps bouncing to a minimum. The Corolla has no problem pulling this at 75 mph for hundreds of miles.
  4. This is a brand that has received very favorable reviews. It is a middle to high end vodka that sells for ~$22 a bottle.
  5. 1/16 oz black marabou jig with chartreuse powerbait waxie
  6. Original Power-Pro works fine. Suffix 832 works a bit better for braid finicky reels
  7. Let me suggest a way to make trolling a lot more interesting. Use a yo-yo/hand reel with 40-50 lb mono. Attach your favorite plug, spoon, or soft plastic. Let it out 100 feet behind your kayak and tuck the yo-yo under your knee and into the center of the boat. Let the line run under your knee and off the side of the kayak. As soon as a fish hits the reel will begin to spin and you can quickly slide it under your knee and fight the fish from the reel. This is a much different trolling experience and I use it successfully with both small and large fast fish. Have fun!
  8. We all end of carrying items that we never use. There are two items not suggested above, but have both been used in my family: 1. Clean out a baby food jar, add two or three tea light candles and a book of matches. It is a waterproof and compact light and heat source. Light one candle, leave it in the jar, it adds both light and some warmth. Easy to extinguish by screwing the cap on the jar. The jar protects the flame from any breeze from an open window. 2. A diaper, everyone needs a diaper in their car or truck. Your wife, mother, or girlfriend will thank you someday. It only takes one. We were stuck in a freeway for over five hours. My wife and two teenage daughters were all able to use a single diaper with no leaking. Enough said.
  9. Just an FYI for any of you who are looking for older magazines depicting striper fishing. Look on the big auction site and search "saltwater sportsman". Quite a few on there now. Hope it helps some of you get through cabin fever.
  10. I spend a fair amount of time chasing panfish. I routinely throw tungsten ice fishing jigs during the summer, as well as small Rapalas, 1/12-1/4 oz Kastmasters, and 1/16 oz jigs and spinners. I have gone the ultra-light and micro-light routes, 5' to 7 foot rods, etc, etc and I have decided that I enjoy the lure presentation and the fight better when I am using a rod rated at medium-light or medium. Last year I stumbled across two Daiwa Crossfire rods 6' and 6'6". They were about $20.00 each, IM6 graphite, medium action, rated for 1/8-3/4 oz lures and 6-15 lb test line with aluminum oxide guides, etc, etc. They load really well with the 1/32 oz jigs and easily handle heavier weights. They are not as stiff as most ML to Med rods. If you run across either of these, they may very well meet your needs.
  11. Albies!
  12. I think I have been on a search for the best pliers for the last 10 years. I've gone through many different thought processes and at least a dozen purchases to get where I am today. -I deserve the best possible product and will pay for a top of the line product -it is too long -jaws are not wide enough or thin enough -I only want a product that is made in the USA -plastic pliers that float and have a line cutter -jaws/cutter don't have enough strength, don't meet up to cut cleanly -teeth in jaws are soft and are easily flattened when trying to grip a hardened hook. -rusted shut -foul hooked cormorant grabbed it out of my hand and dropped it in the water (obviously I was not supposed to keep that one) About 3 years ago, that cormorant incident forced me to buy a pair of $10-15 pliers at a tackle shop without having an opportunity to ponder over my next purchase. I bought a pair of black nickel 6" Shimano needle nose pliers with the blue and white grips. It has met every need during the last three years and if I lose them, I will buy another pair. One drop of Corrosion X on the pivot a couple of times a year and a freshwater rinse after every trip is all the maintenance it needs. The cutting jaws meet well when closed. It cuts braid.
  13. This is a fair, fact based comparison of the nutritional differences between wild and farmed salmon. There is also a comparison of the chemical contaminants found in both. If there is not specific data to back up claims, then it is marketing hype. There is certainly a lot of hype on the web, both for and against farmed and GMO fish. Both sides pay "experts" to provide opinions. Data is like a picture, it is worth 1000 words. GMO fish are often given trials as farmed fish first, prior to releases into the wild. There have already been releases of GMO fish, and not just salmon. This all being said...... it is a heck of a lot more fun to catch your own dinner.
  14. Wow, I have never seen the "Best Crapping Story" thread. I just finished reading several pages and was laughing/crying so hard that my wife and two teenage daughters had to come and check on me. They all got caught up reading and giggling. Hilarious, I needed that after a long day!