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  1. Simply standing up on a paddle board is very difficult. Casting and fighting a fish on a fly rod while on a paddle board, calls for superior athletic skills.
  2. It's a great area for fly rodding but access for non residents is a problem. Hilyers tackle in Niantic is focuses on boat and shore angling but staff are knowledgable about shore access. Visit the shop off peak time and buy something. If you are real lucky you might meet the legendary Niantic Bob. He's developed some of his own fly patterns. Harkness Memorial state park is in Waterford and has access to wide beaches. There's a state boat lunch at Pleasure beach in Waterford but the fishing is from rocks that can get crowded. I did not have much luck in that area in the fall of 2019. But in prior years have caught Blues, Stripers, Albacore and Bonito. The bait can be small Bay Anchovies or silver sides so include flies from 2 to 4 inches in your fly box. Clousers are my go to fly in this area. A saltwater fishing license is needed. Good Luck
  3. Actually The USA population is only 4.29 % of the world's population. Covid-19 carnage of Americans is worse.
  4. Fishfinder Sadly the size of striped bass I'v been catching has decreased in size. A 2 foot fish is now a monster. Decades ago I caught several bass over 40 inches. Your Medalist is fine for these little guys. I have one and have learned to drop it in a bucket of water when I get back at night. The next day I wipe it down and dry it out. They have no drag. You have to pinch the line for drag. One great thing is they weigh almost nothing. If you are on a real tight budget there are old Scientific Angler System II reels which have great drags. They should be tag sale prices.
  5. My bride of 50 years gave me an I phone 11 to replace my trusty I Phone 6 for our anniversary. Was told it was waterproof. Need a case because I'm clumsy and have dropped cell phones. Plus adorable grandkids have sometimes picked my pocket. Do I need a waterproof case? I had a Lifeproof for my iPhone 6 and later replaced it with a $20 knockoff which worked great. Your advice please. Thanks
  6. The website's name has Stipers in it's title. I understand forums on ways to catch Stripers. People fish bait, flies and plugs from shore from kayaks from boats for Stripers. I understand having forums for each State blessed with Stripers. I understand discussions about other fish that share the waters with Stripers. I understand forums on cooking the catch, building plugs and terminal tackle, equipment reviews and fly tying. But, why are there forums about politics, firearms and "how to" topics?
  7. J Think about a good used reel. If there's a fly fishing club near you with an internet forum ask if anyone has one for sale. My local fly shop , Upcountry in New Hartford CT has used gear on line. A few years ago I got a used orvis reel and extra spool for a modest price. I bought an Allen Kraken specifically for Albacore fishing- it's been superb. Some fishermen have lots of money and go for prestige gear. It's great stuff but if your finances are finite get an adequete rod and reel, buy the best fly line available, stock up on quality leader material and learn to tie flies. Hope you're young and athletic because a 10 wt can be taxing. Ted
  8. Give it your best shot. Lots of people care about you. Ted
  9. I fish like Brian. I've had guides and friends criticize casting right and reeling right but their arguments don't make sense. When I reel left on borrowed equipment it's awkward for me.
  10. Have the 8 Wt on a TFO ti-cr 8 wt. Excellent match. The running line seems to glow in the dark. When my 9 wt line wears out I'll get an in touch for it.
  11. Fly fishing since the 1990's I've seen many small fly shops wither and disappear. The Box stores have also exterminated some shops. In Central Ct I'm fortunate to have Upcountry in New Hartford, CT which is west of the Connecticut river. East of the River is the excellent JT's fly shop in Union. In Old Saybrook, Rivers End has excellent saltwater fly fishing supplies (Local fly tying genius Mark Lewchek, offers his latest evolutions of effective patterns). In Rhode Island Saltwater's Edge near Newport has everything for saltwater fishing. Bear's Den in Tauton Massachusetts is very reliable for great tying materials.
  12. End of an era. In years to come people will get nostalgic about the good old days. Remember when it was easy to get on an airplane? Remember when you had to dial a phone number? Remember Bean's lifetime garantee?
  13. Great advice. Make a stripping basket to prevent the currents and waves from tangling fly line around your legs. Search this website for how to make stripping baskets. To find stripers look for edges like drop offs or rocks, or where calm water edges against moving water. Eye protection is critical. Wear plastic shatterproof sunglasses or at night wear clear glasses worn by carpenters.
  14. Have an Allen Kraken reel. Caught many Albacore with it. Smooth sealed drag. The spool has a v shape to it which helps prevent the backing from getting snarled. Easy to clean. Fair price.
  15. Pete Was fishing the West Wall year ago or so and with my binoculars I saw you prowling around. Inspirational films. Please don't stop. Pleased to see you released the gull unharmed. Thanks Ted