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  1. will you split this combo? Only interested in the rod..
  2. Check out COLTON fly rods and reels. Great product warranty and price point. Has an annual Christmas sale where you can save 50%. I own them and fish them..
  3. Older 7' rod in really good condition. Great bucktail rod.. Model LFS-6-17. MH 3/8-1. The new rod of this model is $160 Asking $80. Shipping extra. Can be picked up in Central NJ, exit 132.
  4. DD is the worse IMHO.. Like drinking dirt..
  5. are there polarized lenses in either?
  6. Which one do you like better GSB and why?
  7. The beast flies are hard to find as not many tiers are making them. Also they are expensive..$40 Flatwings are a little easier to find, but not in any stores.. I tie all my own stuff for the most part..
  8. Lee, We are throwing some big flies down here in jersey and in CT as well.. I have also caught some 20lb class fish on the flatwing..
  9. Chances are you won't find these type flies in any fly shop. You would have to contact a private specialty tyer. If I had time I would work some up for you...
  10. What are your ideas Lee? BIG bass from the beach are getting more and more difficult as some of the best historical areas have changed and not for the better. The Outer Cape used to have HUGE fish right on the beach at night. This is the area I used to fly fish a lot at. Now between the seals and Great Whites, your odds are not good. Same issue happening at Block Island and Montauk is a shell of it's former greatness. From a boat your odds are better, especially when the bass are on BIG baits. Using the bait and switch technique is your best bet..
  11. Looking for opinions on these rods. Looking for something to fish for schoolie bass, throwing 2oz lures tops... I can get either rod right now for short money.. Thanks..
  12. I have a 7' Falcon lowrider, medium heavy, that I love.
  13. They were USA made I believe. It's expensive to ship anything over 8'. Not sure how many one piece rods the made. It was and is a really nice product..Lot's of competition, fishing gets worse and worse every year. Not easy to turn a decent profit..
  14. Guys are lining up already to purchase $60 plugs that they will never fish..
  15. I have no idea of the make on this. It's 12' long and around 8oz I believe. Never fished. Only blemishes are a few small nicks on the edge finish( see image) when I dropped it one day in the garage. $10 Would prefer not to ship. Item located in Central NJ