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  1. I never have. Always moved to find clean water..
  2. Will you sell me just the gold,blue, orange one??
  3. Anyone before they hit the dumpster tomorrow evening??
  4. I guess my first question would be how many flies do you need in a season? Sounds like you have a bunch on hand already. I started tying 30 years ago because I couldn't really find what I needed in stores. All they had back then were crappy looking creations for the most part, tied on cheap hooks. I now have so much material, probably for a few life times..
  5. I use 1/0-4/0 depending on the hook brand and style and the fly I am tying.. I never use the Mustad 34007.....ever...
  6. You should have taken him up on the invite..One of the best human beings ever to grace the planet..
  7. 4 used and 1 new in package Kent life jackets. 4 are universal adult and 1 blue is a super larger adult. Blue ones could use a good cleaning. $10 takes them all.. Located in Central NJ, exit 131. Pick up only.
  8. An 11' rod has no place on a boat. Stick to a 9' rod. I use anything from a 8wt-10wt depending on conditions, species, etc. I have cast the Loomis short stix and once you get used to it, it's fun to fish. It's more like casting a spinning rod once you get the stroke down.,Not sure why is wasn't more popular??
  9. So sorry for your loss..My deepest condolences to you and your family !!
  10. Your not poling a JB LT 20. I have fished for 30 years out of the Jones LT 20, Hewes LT 20, Parker 18 and both the 18 and 21 Maverick Master Anglers. As I get older I like having a boat with a level deck. It gets tiring going up and down on the raised decks of bay boats and center consoles. On the Mavericks and Hewes LT, its not as bad as the raised decks are lower. The Mavericks ride better then the Hewes LT which is known to be a wet boat. Whatever you decide, make sure and mount a bow mount trolling motor, one with spot lock.
  11. Yeah, you have a bad seal someplace. Gear oil turns milky white when exposed to water. Been there, done that. Think mine was just a prop seal if I remember correctly? Was a long time ago.
  12. First off before you do any PT you want to make an appointment with the best orthopedic shoulder surgeon in your area. Do this sooner rather then later. You could have a labrum issue, which is the cartilage around the joint or possibly a bone spur. Obviously hard to say without an MRI. Once you have the diagnosis, you can then put a plan in place to either treat or elect to have surgery to fix it. You want to get on top of this so that you don't possibly cause further unnecessary damage. I am basically 6 months removed from left shoulder rotator cuff surgery. When they went in they found bones spurs and also relocated part of my biceps tendon. Easy surgery performed in a day clinic. Pretty easy rehab so far as well.
  13. I probably won't for a while. Gyms are big germ factories. Where I work out 99% of the people don't use towels on the machines. 90% of them don't wipe anything down, ever !! Certainly no social distancing. Packs of kids. Especially if lots of people are still out of work, the gym will be packed, irregardless of the rules in place. I don't need much equipment to work out so I may just convert my basement or garage at this point. I need a bench, some dumbbells and a lat machine.
  14. I would think, like others have stated, the issues may be that because the crease fly is so light. The bass pushes water when moving towards it and pushes the fly out of the way. You see this a lot when fishing pencil poppers on bluefish. The fish get so excited and push so much water that the plug gets relocated out of the strike zone. I am typically fishing intermediate lines and snake flies, when bass are on sand eels. So surface or just under the surface depending on the current. Usually not too many swings and misses. Maybe try a gurgler?
  15. Why do a lot of these threads go completely sideways? We are into the "N" word now, black on black crime, etc. Can we stay on point ??