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  1. Thanks. Looking for a Danny
  2. Is that a white 6" Danny?
  3. Is the top one an F80??
  4. If it were me I would fish the lower light periods, either early morning or dusk. Also any overcast day would be good as well. Not sure I would fish a full sink line, but rather an intermediate. Bass will push the bait to the surface. I would fish the edges of the bait. I would fish the fly with an erratic retrieve and long pauses to let it flutter and sink. I might fish one with a rattle...
  5. I have my umpire certificate, good for up to the college level.
  6. Crazy, with my UPS discount which is really good, it would cost $155 to ship a 9' rod from NJ to Ct.
  7. Good beast fly tied correctly will run you $30+,
  8. To answer one of your questions NJTramcar, Skinners leader is about 2' long. It's what I use, somewhere in the 24"-30" range. I don't like the leader too long as it makes casting more difficult. I attach my teasers via a tactical clip which is attached to the barrel swivel. This setup can never wrap.
  9. Here you go...
  10. Down here were throwing SP's, big metal lips, big shads and spooks..
  11. I don't recommend the Mojo 9' , 1-4. I owned one for about a week. Hated it. Way too heavy and very stiff action. You also won't find one rod that will do everything well. A rod for pencil poppers is different that a bucktail rod. I use a 9' old school Loomis Super Surf for the majority of work and use my 10' 6", Tsunami Elite for pencil poppers. For you I would keep the Tica and then find another 9' or 10' rod that does what the Tica can't. Lots of good choices out there without breaking the bank. Here are a few.. Fiber Star, Tsumani Elite, and Star rods.
  12. Be careful with this statement. "At the same time, groups like the American Saltwater Guides Association appear to understand that managing for abundance is in the charter industry’s best interest ". You can join this fraternity and be a kill everything kind of guy, In fact I know at least one NJ member who does exactly this. He also uses the dopey bonus tags as well...This organization does not screen their members or do any kind of policing. It's odd to me, but true.
  13. Not surprising at all. The northern part of Italy has a huge Asian population from what I was told.
  14. So I have a brand new, never fished TA 5 1/2", 1.5oz burple darter. Would like to trade for a new 5" white mag darter.
  15. I started fly fishing in saltwater for the challenge. It was pretty cool catching a 12lb bluefish on a fly in like 3' of water. Since you also are holding the line when it happens, you feel the strike first hand. As I have gotten older I find myself fly fishing less and less. This has more to do with the lack of fish then anything else. It's no fun and exhausting blind casting for hours with no success.