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  1. I would like to see this. 1.. One fish coast wide, 32" to 40". I would like to see all the really large fish released until the stock recovers. 2. There should be no fishing allowed during the Hudson River spawning season. 3. I agree with others who said commercial should be rod and reel only. Ban all gill netting. 4. Poaching laws should be changed with way stiffer penalties.
  2. I am a firm believer in less is more. I have my original Sage RPLX 10wt, T&T Horizon 10wt and an LLBean SPT 9wt. All of these rods are 25 years old at least. My newest is an 8wt Colton Tradewinds which feels a lot like my Sage RPLX..
  3. Moving this to another location..
  4. Well that was an interesting reply..
  5. This is not going to end well..
  6. Anyone like to make an offer?
  7. If you don't install the braid with the correct tension it will twist during use and cause all kinds of issues. It's way easier just to have someone do it properly..
  8. Ok, thanks.. If you change your mind and want to make an offer let me know.
  9. Mint 7".. $55 shipped, OBO
  10. I have the largest Danny in the same color scheme as above and the same condition. $75 shipped
  11. Just don't buy the aluminum pliers. They all pretty much s@@@. When you put some torque on them they shift out of alignment. I had a pair of Hansom's, used them twice and sold them. I am back to my old $5.00 stainless pliers.
  12. I knew someone was going to bring up that antiquated argument about kids and snappers. Let the kids hit the local ponds and catch sunfish with a worm and bobber. What other managed species do we have where it's legal to take juvenile fish like this? It makes no sense at all for bluefish..There should be a minimum size, say like 15" ??
  13. The dumbest thing is that we let people kill the snapper bluefish. How does that make any sense??
  14. I don't tie mine on with a leader anymore. I have a swivel between my main line and leader and then use a clip off the swivel to attach my teaser. What's nice is it never wraps and I can change teasers very easily..
  15. Island Surf, yes I am 100% sure, the Dmag craze is over...