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  1. There is plenty of information on the web in regards to wind farms. Your beliefs will depend on which side of the fence your on. Big oil is pushing all the environmental issues along with the uptick in whale deaths. They certainly don't want to see any alternative methods coming to market. The green side will post all the benefits the wind farms bring..
  2. It's all about having a clue. some smarts and some common sense. There are lots of fishermen out there that don't have any of these traits unfortunately.
  3. 50lbs, Martha's Vineyard on a live eel from a boat in shallow water. Like 30 years ago now. Personal best in NJ where I live, 30lbs from the Shrewsbury River, also from a boat and a live eel.
  4. Both carried. Chartreuse is 9", silver/yellow/blue is a 8" Ben Parker . $37 shipped for the pair. PP Family and Friends
  5. I am on flex time, so technically I can take as many days off with pay that I like during the year.
  6. What jig head brand is attached to those red/black sluggo's? I need some of those.. Thanks..
  7. Interesting. Not sure with a foam core how that works, unless he adds bb's and no foam?? This is from an old post that Ron wrote. The one and only disadvantage I've come across so far using this mentod is the inability to add an effective rattle. The modification will render lures with stock rattles, rattleless (if that's a word?) In any case, In my opinion, it's not a bad price to pay for the added benefits.
  8. I asked that because the Redingfin's are foam loaded which makes them heavier by nature. Can't add water or oil to this. If you add bb's the foam would deaden the sound..
  9. I have some 5" if you end up wanting some of these
  10. What do you mean by "loaded" ??
  11. These are really nice rods. Really nice factory build as well. On par with custom builders.
  12. No. That's not going to happen any time soon.
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