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  1. I have had them like this in NJ for the last month and a half. I have caught some really nice fish in skinny water on spooks and metal lip swimmers.
  2. That's a nice healthy looking fish right there !!!
  3. Noreaster, Let me know if you would consider just selling the F80?
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Looks like a ton of work and scary at the same time. Cool results for sure though...
  5. Flyrodder44, Here is what I tie with the badgers. My last two feathers in red and chartreuse.
  6. ETSY is the only place I have seen so far that has what I need. Bears Den did not show any on their website, but I will give them a call..
  7. That setup should work well EB..
  8. EB, You just have to go out and practice with spook lures. There is an art to make it zig-zag properly. It's all about the cadence on the retrieve. Don't try and over power it, as it will not work properly. Also, a good pause every once in a while can be deadly.
  9. They are called badger hackles. Don't need them crazy long as I use them to tie my worm patterns.
  10. This thread was doomed from the start.
  11. They are called badger hackles. Don't need them crazy long as I use them to tie my worm patterns. Thanks..
  12. No doubt. I waited a long time for this one and it was certainly worth the wait.
  13. These are sweet !!!
  14. I just looked up some of these email addresses and this guy is on all the websites scamming people, not just SOL. Since this has crossed state lines, I believe it becomes a Federal offense. Happened to me once at work where I found an employee stealing spare parts who lived in PA from a California based company. When I reported, it became a big deal and the guy did jail time. I have friends in law enforcement, including one who is a detective on the NY Counter Terrorism task force who I will reach out to. Maybe something can be done??
  15. Problem is you can roll up flatwings, but it will crush them, since the feathers are tied in flat.