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  1. closing this up and moving elsewhere..
  2. Any offers before I close this down??
  3. Penn Mag sold pending payment
  4. I have a Penn Peer 309. Penn Power Mag 980, Shimano Corsair CS 400A with power know and handle. All show their age as seen in the pictures. The Power Mag is silky smooth and built like a tank. The power handle and knob on the Corsair is worth $30 alone. All prices include shipping which is around $10 each these days. Penn Peer 309- $30, Penn Power Mag 980- $40 , Shimano Corsair $40
  5. Everyone is long booked by now. Your chances of finding a boat are slim to none..
  6. Too bad he didn't retire 20 years ago when the fishing was great and there were no seals..
  7. Shimano's sold, Silstar trashed. Fenwick on the shelf..
  8. Check out Colton.. Great product, , value and support if you ever need it..
  9. A few pictures
  10. Looks like the cheapest shipping is going to be in the $30 range. Let me know if you are still interested before I move forward. I will also post some images later as well. Thanks..
  11. I would ship it HapalK. I am almost positive that I have a tube that will fit it. The shipping rates have gone up recently but since its under 8' it should not be a crazy price. Let me see if I can calculate a price and get back to you.
  12. Here are some pictures. The guides internally are good. All the oxidation is on the outside on the white blanks. The black blank is pretty clean all around. The 1-6 as you can see in this picture has a chip in the epoxy finish. These blanks are old school and really beefy. Let me know what you think and if still interested maybe we can meet up next week sometime around Trenton.
  13. Ok. I will put up some pictures in the next day or two for you. All the guides are good on all of the rods
  14. PM sent
  15. Used lot. $20 shipped. Range in size from 3" to 5".