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  1. anyone..:)
  2. rainbow trout...hands down..
  3. Hello Diegg96, i have not located my bluefish bombs yet. I will keep looking and let you know.
  4. what do you want for the rod ?
  5. I have a bunch of stuff, but nothing too crazy. Selling a lot of stuff these days that I just never use. Actually have two 7" redfins listed for sale..:)
  6. Let me see what I have laying around. Think I have a fire tiger, green Mac and maybe one or two more. I sold some others off last year
  7. I am in Central NJ, near Staten Island NY
  8. New or used? Any particular colors? I have some laying around in my office?
  9. That is a nice fish, but I haven't quite figured out what all the fuss is over catching a musky? I hooked a good size one on Lake St Claire a few years back, and it was like reeling in a boot. No fight what so ever. When it came to the surface it moved a little but nothing crazy. It eventually broke the line as we were smallmouth bass fishing.. What am I missing here??
  10. 1- Smokey Joe with a small chip in the orange paint on the lip(see image). 2- silver/black back. One side (see image) has some slight hook rash. $20 shipping included. paypal or check.
  11. PM Sent..
  12. Fly machine is one of the worst apparatuses in a gym. If you want to ruin your shoulders keep using it. Also your shoulder joint is probably the easiest body part to injure. Lifting heavy weights will stress and tax the shoulder joint. Be careful and smart
  13. 1.7oz and 6.5 inches long.. $18 shipped. Paypal or check..
  14. This is great. Grammar lessons and all. If you shipped this on the 1st, then send me the tracking number here. Can you do that?
  15. Two messages. One here and another to your private email. You were also on this site after I sent the Private message I believe, so you would have seen the PM pop up. That your upset about this is also an indication that you know you have screwed up. Your replying now because people have called you out. You still have not acknowledged if you have in fact shipped anything out yet or even plan to. How do you not see this as being wrong and inconsiderate? What am I missing here? When people on this site purchase items from me, I ship when I tell them I will and also send them the postal tracking number. Your turning this into an Easter Egg hunt for a lot of us and this is the last thing we want and or need.