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  1. From the album Untitled Album

  2. ty fly, flies and skunk. much appreciated. Yes I know about the fluke not being so great around here. ( late in the season now- but early this season as well was not as good as in the past. I did have luck back a few mos but none were keepers. I remember when me and dad would land some nice fatty doormats. Miss those days and miss him too. Best part is he always tied my hooks and rigs and place my bait on. Wish he would have taught me. but I been practicing my knots and mastered 3. One year he took me upstate to go on a salmon run. That was cool, will have to fish out those pix.
  3. another Hacklehead aka toadfish aka oyster chomper last year @ captree and i wouldnt touch that one either lol
  4. Back 2 yrs ago on a friends boat in Captree. Fluke. The most ugliest fish in the world...Hacklehead. Needless to say I wouldnt touch it EWW haha Robert Moses on a boat 2014
  5. My first Striper @ Robert Moses Bridge LI 2013. I am hooked.
  6. Thanks fly will look at it. I am in smithtown. I go crabbing in the great south bay area. just not too sure of where to go to catch stripers or flounders.... Been reading alot. dont have a boat so it will be pier and surf.
  7. Hey Charleston Thanks for the clarification... would have been funny to see some newbie chick dumping out her gear and throwing them into the surf hahah... BTW I cast pretty good went the other day and caught some snappers and a few sea robins and a cocktail blue by Stonybrook. Going to try by short beach...
  8. it would be surf bait and poppers and plugs. I am still going thru all his stuff I got 6 tackle boxes to go thru. Found a spinning Pluger (excuse my spelling) reel, going to clean that up and grease looks better than my other reel.... Been watching you tube vids to see how to present poppers and plugs... not sure of the difference of a plug /popper.... I got teasers in white and chartruese might use them too Cant wait to go next weekend. will post pix
  9. One of my dads fave fishing jokes: A cop stops a speeder... Policeman: “I’m sorry sir but do you know how fast you were going?!” Speeder: “I was going the same speed as everyone else!” Policeman: “Ever go fishing?” Speeder: “Yeah…” Policeman: “Ever catch ALL the fish?”
  10. ONE REEL THAT I CAN PUT ON THE SHAKESPEARE ROD (MED/HEAVY) IS MONO CAPACITY YD/LB =280/8 230/10 180/12 LINE: THINK ITS FLOURO 12LB name is scraped off the spin reel BEEN USED ALOT BUT WORKS WELL SINCE I TOOK IT APART AND CLEANED AND GREASED IT THE OTHER is a SPIN REEL: SHAKESPEARE STREN 280/14 NEVER USED PROB CAME WITH THE ROD PLASTIC STILL ON IT. LOOKS LIKE THE GET MORE FISH POLE surf and cast pole, ITS 7 FT NICE FLEX TO IT. Caught sea robins and snappers with no prob. My apologies for not knowing all the technical stuff and many thanks for the warm welcome.
  11. My dad had left me some fishing tackle, rods etc. I used to snapper fishing off the docks of LI with my boys. Last year been on a boat and caught my first striper by Robert Moses Bridge, was awesome. Not too much experience with stripers, I have a Shakesspeare rod 7 feet with a decent reel on it. I also have an ugly stick but have to replace the eyes. My question is what line should I use to catch stripers. I have used bait in the past, looking forward to using some of dads old poppers.... I appreciate any recommendations.
  12. this was awesome and helpful. TY