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  1. What is a mono mag? Thanks!
  2. I have not tried the CF Burkheimer and only know one friend who had one for trout applications. BUT your story rings a bell when I justified my purchase of the T&T Exocet surf 11.2 10 weight TH rod. I went through a learning curve with this rod using several 10 weight lines that gave me mid range casting distance and no more than I got with a 9 foot 10 weight Loomis. I was disappointed.......... THEN the curve was flattened by Cary Greene and his line recommendations for this rod. It now casts very very well with the right lines .........like the missile it's named after. I can't imagine another set up working better in the Northeast surf. We fish the same waters and you are welcome to try this set up. It would only be right to pay forward the kindness and time CG gave to me. Send a pm if interested.
  3. Yes Thank you after all it is August!
  4. I sent a Penn 450SS in to the exchange program several weeks ago, but haven't heard back yet???
  5. WTS Bob Pops "Fleye Design" I have duplicate. One is brand new still in packaging and for sale $ 35.00 Free Shipping to Continental US Only
  6. An excellent and needed PSA. Thanks Drew! Paul
  7. I'm going to be more careful after reading this since I've gotten it on my fingertips from time to time.
  8. PM on way
  9. Its yours ill send a PM
  10. I've canoed from the headwaters of Lake Otsega down the Susquehnna. It winds quite a bit and even travels north before going south again. Farmers in the area pull water out to irrigate their crops with pumps. Mostly private land to cross for access to the river. There are smallies and panfish in the river, not sure about the trout, but the lake( Glimmerglass it was called by the Iroquois) is glacial has them in the deep water. Look on the map for the few roads that cross the river. One of the rods that goes overhead the river is between Dreams Park and the town of Coopestown. Gorgeous country. enjoy the tournament! I've taken travel teams there over thirteen times!
  11. What type of line do you like on the 525? Thanks!
  12. Its new and never used. ill pass on the offer. Thanks
  13. Yes 425 grain 30 FTCore strength 35lb total length 100 foot is what it says though out of focus