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  1. Mike you are right. It takes time and dedication no matter how you" skin the cat" It takes much longer if the caster or the pitcher or hitterr has ingrained bad habits. Many in the business and my experinces have told me also that it may take 300 or more repetitions to make a bad habit or arm action or flaw in a swing disappear and not come back. I'm no exception when I try new improved techniques. A trained eye can't be beat no matter whose eyes they be or what theyre looking at, be it video or the real live thing.!
  2. What I appreciate is that Lefty used the tools of the day to teach flycasting to the masses. That included books with diagrams and videos of his casting classes with groups of people. I suspect if he was here today, he would be using the tools of today, that professional athletes use such as the Objectus video platform, and other technology used by golfers, baseball players, etc to slow down high speed movements frame by frame so as to eliminate the faults holding back velocity and distance. A good casting lesson from a qualified instructor would be worth it, especially if the instructor had the lesson videotaped, so as the student could review the techniques over and over again after the lesson. Studies show that we learn seven times faster when we see ourselves on video and the faults are identified along with the proper technique. The technology available to employ this is phenomenal. An example would be is to have a great caster videotaped from back ,front ,left side , right side and above, commit it to video. then enter it on a video analysis program. Video yourself from the same angles then do a side by side comparison in super slow motion. No mystery or secret handshake required! Granted there is not millions of dollars at stake, as in pro sports, to cast 100 feet into the surf, but many more would be able to do it. YMMV
  3. Since we are al talking distace ccasting in different ways. I wish when I met Lefty many years ago that I had the where-with-all to ask him a few questions that I have now.... but don't know and can't ask! Being a big fan of Lefty's and always thumbing through his book called distance casting, I now wonder if he was self taught or took lessons. Anyone know?
  4. What he said! Skimping on footwear for any reason is a bad decision. Give up some other want, you need good footwear.
  5. The Archery season is worse, with crossbows, compounds, cameras, ladderstands that loo like the Ritz Carlton, and bait piles. The longbow and recurve hunters fought to establish longer seasons because real Archery required skill acquired through practice and strength Now it does not. All it takes is $$$$$ to support a Hero picture. No woodsmanship required.
  6. A very great human being is he, and an even better fly tier.
  7. Brand new Renzetti model SC2103. which is the pedestal model Clouser Cam Saltwater Travel Vice. This is the best all around vice IMHO. I was gifted the same vice and use it extensively. Since I now have two, this one is avaialable with Renzetti box and instructions. It was 287.99 plus shipping when I purchased it. $215.00 to your door with free shipping to USA and Canada only
  8. Basically brand new. Used once: Airflo extreme running line 50lb Float, SKAGIT Driver 510 grain float, SKAGIT F.I.S.T. 510 GRAIN F/INT/S3, plus one AIRFLO 10' float tip, one AIRFLO 10' T7 sink tip, one 18' sink tip and two AIRFLO polyleaders: one 10' clear floaing and one 10' clear intermediate. Last year Total spend on this set up $300.00. Pictures show details. My fly line testing is your gain! $175.00 to your door. USA and Canadian shipping only.
  9. http://aswf.info/fly-tying/tying-videos/ Plenty of great tyers on this website. Reach out to them throught the website.
  10. One stop for all your North East patterns for the salt. Classic!
  11. Matching set of Penn 109Ms. The lefty has the box. Both in Very Good condition and ready to fish. The right is loaded with mono and the lefty with braid. $60.00 for both and free shipping to your door. My little flukers greew up!
  12. The three kind of lies: (to support sand pumping etc) Lies Damn Lies Statistics. As soon as the numbers are being quoted.....BINGO!
  13. He is a priceless Gem found on the beach!!
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