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  1. Intermediate line? Clouser? Great job in the cold!
  2. Very informative! Thank you Silverado!
  3. I have a 109. I always wondered what type of fishing it was designed to target.
  4. Thanks!
  5. What is the sleeve?
  6. Who makes the zip it boot? Thanks!
  7. Happy Thanksgiving Bob! Its easy being grateful when one has seen how easy it can all be taken away. God Bless you and all who run towards danger for the greater good. Ill be out with the fairy wand, and then heading your way with friends this weekend to Vic's. I was thinking of you the last time there as the basement doors were open! Yes Sudsy and Tim that is a spot burn!
  8. Great work!
  9. Well done!
  10. Q, Thanks. I will confer with you as soon as I decide on the blank. All the good advice convinced me to pick out the right blank first.
  11. BFD, Thanks. I do enjoy this rod, but do need a 4 piece 8 weight. Paul
  12. BFD, The rod says: Graphite II 890 DS #8 Line 9'0" 3 7/8 oz The rod tube cap picture is attached, which says line 8-9. It is a brown rod as you say. What do you think? A straight 8 or an 8-9, or a 9??? Thanks Paul
  13. I got out today at Sandy Hook, NJ to test the Rio Coastal Quickshooter XP: It was 32 degrees with a 20mph wind at my back as a N'easter began to show its colors. I had been using a Teeny T-400 before switching to the Rio. This was the second time I used the Rio, as I was disappointed the first time, in the way it cast, but that was before I realized I was not getting the head out far enough. I was pleasantly surprised that the running line kept pliable, more so than my Teeny line, which I don/t consider a problem. Today was the worst possible conditions I would fly fish in, but the confidence I have in this line now, made it worthwhile. This is off topic, but worth noting. I have been on the fence about buying new winter fishing gloves for a day just like today, and have looked at several brands. Today I found out that 100% wool gloves with leather on the palm side work really well when subjected to a wet fly line, sleet rain, wind and snow.
  14. Very well done. Sadly,I'm just not seeing the sand eels in the surf in NoMoco