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  1. well done!
  2. X2 on the Wolf Atlas.
  3. Wiil do.Thanks
  4. Sold to xp800.
  5. I have three Keough Saddle Hackles, colors are White, Tan, and Pink. I bought them at the Edison FF show two weeks ago, not realizing I already had enough to last a lifetime. All three are of the best quality and cost $85.00. They are available for $60.00 and free shipping. Thanks! YD
  6. Wow. Great ideas. Another example of " I should have thought of that!" Thanks to all. YD
  7. I was unable to find any orange dumbbells/barbells for a clouser/ and sand crab patterns. What is the best method for painting these small items. I was planning on doing some lead and some aluminum dumbbells. Thanks!
  8. I visited BobPop to ask him what would be good pattern to use for a sand flea. I had never met him before, though I have seen him many times on the sand in the past. He brought up some instructions on his phone and showed me the step by step to tie a sand flea (sand crab mole crab etc) He never told me he was the designer and that it was in his new book. When I found that out on my own, I went and found the book. I returned to him and he signed my new book and drew a great fly picture inside the cover. He then came out from behind the vice and walked with me throughout the show so he could find me all the right materials to make the fly. Everywhere we went he was greeted with enthusiasm. I had very recently put my police K9 down after having him for 12 years and had to drag myself to the show though I had planned to go some time before. Totally unknowingly this accomplished man lifted my spirits with kindness He is a true credit to fly fishing and beyond.
  9. Is this line a true 8 weight or a 1/2 size heavier. I have an older sage 8 weight and I'm told it is a true 8 weight and I need an intermediate line for it too! Thanks
  10. If we can't catch at least one on a Hopkins Shorty....they are just not there!
  11. Intermediate line? Clouser? Great job in the cold!
  12. Very informative! Thank you Silverado!
  13. I have a 109. I always wondered what type of fishing it was designed to target.