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  1. I am trying to tie a fly that looks just like this. The calicos are back on the menu at the Jersey Shore.
  2. I use a 200 grain sink line and six foot leader. If Im fishing a deep hole with fast current I use a 400 grain. Jiggy flies, clousers and mole crab flies work well. On a good day with the right conditions you can out fish the sinker, bucktail and gulp crowd......and they will be pissed!!
  3. Nice fish!!
  4. Does it matter what weight fly line for this formula?
  5. I appreciate the advice and it is well taken! Sometimes more is not better. I do have a Wulff triangle taper six weight line for the rod that has yet to be stretched by a trout.
  6. This one works great imitating a mole crab. Barely visible is a wood duck feather that looks like the shell of the mole crab.
  7. Great report!
  8. Thanks for the replies. I want to cover all the scenarios. I have a 7 foot four weight spring creek Fenwick HMG I use for trot on small streams, and the eight foot six weight previously mentioned. For dry flies Should I get a 9 foot six weight or a 9 foot 4 weight? I'm hoping to use the reels, fly lines and extra spools I already have! Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  9. In the rain today same good results. 9 shorts and one with stripes in the rain.
  10. I have an old mint Fenwick HMG eight foot six weight fly rod, that was custom built 30 years ago. I just put on a six weight Wulf triangle taper fly line on the SA reel I have for it. What targeted type of fish and fishing conditions works best for this design? Most six weights I see are nine foot. Thanks I have a nostalgic old school attachment to this rod!
  11. Mole crab fly!
  12. Moco today out front on the fly
  13. I have an ambassadeur 5601 C4 that could use a new worm gear bearing ( part 21680). Is there a ceramic bearing made to replace it? I can only find the stainless bearing. Thanks
  14. Great job Dad! Those boys are very fortunate! Happy Fathers Day!!
  15. The wealthy keeping Joe Citizen off the beaches and the Feds keeping Joe off designated taxpayer public property. There MAY be a few isolated exceptions but there are no combat veterans carrying long lensed cameras, they are carrying surf rods. The Coup de Gras may be coming as our politicians support the special interest groups, commercial sector, and well heeled beachfront campaign donors. Loosely knit sport fishing organizations can't compete against the backroom deals that decide our fate. Prayers are in order.