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  1. Thanks I should buy one now before they disappear.
  2. Brian, An eloquent an answer! My Mom was a professional artist, and I should have payed closer attention when she described warm colors!!!
  3. I have had moderate success fly fishing for fluke from the surf. In fact it has become quite addictive. I'm always tying something I think will work. Early in the season, mole crab patterns have worked when the conditions are right. I usually throw the usual clousers , half and half's etc. most of the other times. What flies have worked for you on large Fluke? Thanks
  4. Superb!
  5. I have only owned a 1986 15HP evinrude, and a 2012 25HP Etec. When I sold the 15 it was running like new, and 30 years old. The Etec runs very well. Has the ETEC had significant problems, or are the other business factors forcing a shutdown of manufacturing?
  6. I have a a left hand retrieve Jigmaster, a left hand retrieve 109, right hand retrieve squidders,jigmasters, 109s and right hand retrieve Squidder 146, My search to convert the 146 to left hand retrieve has been an epic mission. Missed a few conversion kits by hours years ago. I keep hoping to find a left hand kit or a left hand retrieve squidder 146. If I did I would not need another reel ever!
  7. I wonder why?
  8. Update: I waded yesterday out front in the surf of Monmouth County. I had the NRS 0.5 socks in a pair of Simms wading shoes. I covered the tops of the shoes with a velcro secured gravel guard, with another strap of velcro over the top of the gravel guard. Velcro gravel guards alone never stay put in the surf. My wading pants coved the ankle area. I fished for three hours with out any sand intrusion. That was a first. It was a pleasant hike back missing the usual lumps of wet sand under my arches, and between the toes! I wear size 11 and had size 11 Simms wading shoes. The shoes have great protection and they lace up, as opposed to zippers. I had to clean the velcro straps of sand so they work well again. The new simms wading shoes run narrow, so if you wear an 11 get a half size larger.
  9. I just amazon primed a pair of NRS 0.5. It is always a challenge keeping churning wave driven sand out of wading shoes in the NE surf. I don't have that perfected yet, but a pair of quick dry wading pants with straps to keep them over the wading boots would be great too!
  10. I'm looking for a thin pair of neoprene socks to wear in a pair of Simms wading shoes. The socks I have are too thick and a tight fit in the wading shoes for some of the long walks Ive been on. Any recommendations? Thanks
  11. You are to be commended for pointing him to a reputable kennel for a GSP. Your lifetime experiences with that breed are invaluable. One of my favorite hunting dogs is a GWP( drathaar). One family member is on wait list for a WPG, while the other is on a wait list for an IT. I have had five BDF, all K9 trained search, rescue, patrol dogs. The kennels we use are licensed by their state's Department of Agriculture and the USDA. They are inspected to be free of Coccidia, Guardia, and KC. They are inspected by those agencies. The kennels are AKC registered by sending money and pedigrees to AKC no more no less. They are the only club in town and a price to pay to raise purebred dogs. AKC "show" titles are judged by subjective humans. No science involved. At least the field trials use benchmarks and stopwatches. The AKC has single handedly destroyed the American working dog culture in America. They have no serious understanding of working dog heritage. It is a fatal blunder to match field trials with the inception of show dog competition. The AKC has evolved the once noble German Shepherd lines into absurd, pathetic banana backed monstrosities, literally freaks. They have been rejected by the German People, with puppy registrations dropping by two thirds over the past twenty years. The "alternate" police breeds( Rottweiler, Doberman, GS, BDF, Boxer, Briard, and YES, GSP were used extensively) are for all practical purposes approaching extinction as serious working dogs. The AKC working dog solution to all of their perceived problems is more appeasement of the snow flakes and the pussification of the rules. AKC is about canine elitism and money. AKC titles are for your friends to see. Schutzund, KNPV, and the French Ring trained dogs are for your enemies to see. Perhaps you can school me on bass fishing.....next time. gap Close family members are on wait li
  12. The Germans were at the top of the Police K9 GSD breeders twenty years ago. After 911 the need for bomb sniffing/patrol dogs by hundreds of police K9 handlers diluted the GSD working stock. Law enforcement agencies across America were paying 6K for a started dog. The demand was so high many German GSD dogs were bred and started that had no business being police dogs in the first place. Bad bred dogs failed quickly for health or psychological problems. Police agencies moved on to the Czech GSDs and quickly diluted that stock. On came the Belgian Malinois, the current widespread police K9, many from the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Those breeders in Europe and some in America are attempting to keep the dogs purely for military and law enforcement purposes. Hopefully they stay away from the country squire backyard breeders and the AKC money machine.
  13. Well done!
  14. Best of Luck with your search. Nothing better than a well bred GSP. By way of suggestion, do not listen to the AKC, it is a beauty pageant and has zero to do with a dog of substance. As a result of their lack of true dog testing, there is not a single breeder in the US that can provide dogs that can be police K9. All the best dogs come from professional kennels in Europe, where it is substance and good health over all else. The German Shepard Dog police K9 working lines have all been compromised in the US. Their substance and health has all but been destroyed because for the slope backed look of the AKC. Sorry for the rant, but the AKC is all about registration $ and beauty pageantry. Research as much as you can and enjoy a new family member!
  15. A strategic position, in a time before satellite technology. Pirates, Revolutionary war heroes hung, tyrants driven to sea by rag tag men on a mission, shipwrecks, tuna fishing from skiffs, Army base, Nike missiles, subterranean batteries, oldest lighthouse, wildlife that swims, walks and flies. And then a playground long before Disney. Take a lawn chair, and in between tides and relax by the parade grounds between the Officers row and the mess halls under a sycamore tree, or take the tour of the batteries below ground. Let the Rangers know YOU are a surf fisherman who cares and enjoys the whole place. Perhaps being single minded may show results. You could spot that extra special bird species for your digital camera or hook that huge striper, but specialization is for insects.