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  1. Keith, You are tough and resilient. God Bless! Paul
  2. CG, Thank you for the explanation. You were right, I was forced to use strictly Ambassador LH. I do like them a lot, especially the Record 41 and 51. The 41 I obtained used, from a shop in Sweden. I got lucky since they are hard to find. I have started a small collection of LH ambassadors that are out of production, but parts still easily found. I was told, that there was once a LH conversion kit for the squidder, but after a long period of time, I gave up looking. Thank you for the work and research you have shared. Paul
  3. I enjoyed reading all the information tremendously. Several nagging questions I've always had, always come up. Why didn't Penn make USA Torque 12 in left hand retrieve? Before that the Squidder 146? So many fisherman cast with the rod in their right hand( like me), and don't use conventionals because they have to switch over, especially when plugging. I use my ambassadors plugging for this reason. I haven't hot rodded my Penn's as a result. I sure wish my Penn's were left hand retrieve!
  4. Keith, Glad you are home. Get well soon, and stay as mentally tough as you have been all these years. Paul
  5. Bucktails and metal, and as soon as it calms down a little clams.
  6. A 3/4 oz hopkins shorty with a single bucktail has been effective for me for 30 years. Lately I tie a twisted dropper loop 12-16 inches above and attach a clouser minnow pattern plastic eye instead of lead dumbbells. Works fantastic in current where you can bounce it off the bottom with slow cranks of the reel.
  7. I am on my second pare of Cabalas wading shoes. The first pair worked well, the second not so much. I do a lot of walking in sand and then standing in the surf that drives the sand into tight places. Most shoes are designed for wading the flats, which doesn't test them like the surf does. What warm weather wading shoe works best for you! Thanks!
  8. Keith is a gem. Best wishes for a fast recovery. There is not enough good things to say about him.
  9. There are a few new cast iron companies in the USA now making quality frying pans, the Field company comes to mind, but there are others. Their products are very good but expensive. All trying to replicate the smooth cooking surface of the older, made in USA brands no longer in production. Nothing beats an old Wagner (Sydney,Ohio) or Griswold(Erie,Pa). Lodge is good stuff, but their cooking surface is dimpled to allow seasoning to adhere. They are not smooth, which takes additional manufacturing processes to achieve. Here is a review from an expert on cast iron.
  10. In the surf, I'm using the same rig as Doorgunner, except that I put a large thill sliding float behind the snap swivel, then a bead and then bobber stop. I can use a small hook first to catch a snapper, then switch it out to a large hook and then liveline the snapper. Works well for me.
  11. Moco Outfront today without any gear. Calico sheds everywhere on the sand. The most I have observed in quite some time.
  12. Dan, Groundbreaking design for surfcasters. good work!
  13. I only wish my squidders were left handed, especially my squidder junior. I know there were conversion kits available back in the day, but I can never find one anymore. I would use them plugging more often if they were left handed
  14. I've got 200k on my 2001 Suburban. Two weekends ago I drove it in the sand at IBSP the next weekend it did a week in the mountains 330 miles one way and back. It has been up and down the east coast to the gulf of Mexico several times. I am the original owner, so getting to 300K will be no problem. My 2002 Avalanche is approaching 200k. There is more rust on that one due to young operators enthusiastic driving ( through brackish puddles) and same operators, using it for their surfboards etc. You cant beat the GM Vortex 5.3 Liter and regular maintenance.
  15. Prayers for a speedy recovery.