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  1. You have my vote in setting the Striper regs!!
  2. All those colored saddles were white at one time!
  3. Thanks for the guidance !!!
  4. Is the Lami blank still still in production?
  5. I'm wanting to put my Abu 6501 on a decent conventional 10 foot set up to cast SP minnows, gliders, darters, bucktails and poppers in the 1-3 ounce range for stripers, and blues in the northeast.The options are endless. Any advice or suggestions? Thanks
  6. bump
  7. Not everybody gets this striper fishing pursuit right the first time. There are many, many do overs till we do. When it comes to getting it right with your kids, there are no do overs. YOU have got it right on your first post and on the first try!
  8. Penn Squidder 146. Very good condition, smooth, lubed and ready to go. $42..00. Free delivery in Monmouth and Ocean County at the Jersey Shore. $60.00 shipped with PayPal.
  9. I'm told tent city at Gunnison is frightening!
  10. Thanks JZ!
  11. Wow,I"ve been trying to make my squiddders left hand retrieve, but can never find out how to do it!
  12. After the real truth is told, We should quiz the folks making the regulations. If they don't know the right answer whatever it may be, they need to be fired. BTW what I do know is the juvenile flounder's eyes migrate to one side at some stage of their growth. As a result I couldn't tell a summer flounder from a winter flounder when that small since I don't know when that process is final. Maybe the left hand right hand positioning of the eyes is not in play until a certain period of time. That being said....... in Doorgunner I trust.
  13. NY does not have exclusive rights to drunks leaving SH. Their license plates are much easier to spot then our own resident undocumented morons who blend in better with Jersey tags. We have far more in closer proximity to SH, unless you are unaware of what goes down when the sun goes down in our lovely cities!
  14. Simple fix. Look at a St. Croix salmon rod or even a Cabalas Fish Eagle. I use several rated for different lure weights all the time with my tricked out Abus 41, 51 and 61. I prefer an 8 1/2 foot salmon rod for bouncing 3/4 ounce bucktails or Hopkins shorty.