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  1. YES!
  2. I have a well stocked fishing library here, but my favorites are: Fly Fishing for Bonefish - Dick Brown False Albacore - Tom Gilmore Fly Casting Techniques - Joan Wulff
  3. I own and use both from time to time. The only prob I have w/ the Hayden is no outbound clicker, but it has held up for years in offshore applications. I like the Penn Intl 4, the only issues are that it's a bit heavy, and Penn no longer supports this reel (or any fly reel). If you need parts, you'll have to search around for them. Both are good reels.
  4. All of the above is excellent advice. As you can see, there are many ways to handle this.
  5. I don't care what the printed rules are on the TSA or the individual airlines website. It still comes down to the discretion of the TSA guy at the scanner, or the airline gate attendant. Having carried on rods for years, I was stopped at a MIA gate (AA), after going through the TSA checkpoint! I figured I'd make a big deal about it -until they called over the State Police. I ended up handing over the 4' rod tube and had it gate checked. I check everything now, rods, reels, flies all fit in with my clothes in an old Cabelas roller bag. Are you feeling lucky...?
  6. asdfasdf asdfasdf
  7. Done deal. I'll pm you info.
  8. Full slow sink, almost like an intermediate... they used to call this the slime line.
  9. Bump. No Tarpon fisherman here?
  10. I use four iFly holders mounted to a piece of starboard that is held to the boat with two Seasucker vacuum cups. The iFly's have lasted for seven years so far! Great product!
  11. When they're in town, I try not to miss: Bill Burr Artie Lange Jim Norton Nick Di Paolo Maz Jobrani Jim Florentine Jackie Martling
  12. OK. I'll pm you my paypal info, or you can send me a check. PM me your shipping address.
  13. Sticking an M80 in a frog, lighting it, and watching him hop away... for about three seconds. Fishing from a jetty with a hand line.
  14. More spring cleaning! SA Mastery Magnum Taper WF 7 F line. Mist Green. New In Box. $40 Shipped.
  15. Spring Cleaning! NIB SA Mastery WF 10 S Tarpon Taper Line. $40 Shipped.