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  1. I you're still here in mid to late May, I'd give Deer Island a try. It's a 5 min drive from the airport. There is a small parking lot, and you can easily walk the perimeter to find a spot that works with the wind. Not spot burning! If 50 guys showed up, there would still be plenty of room!
  2. Lots of people fish under the many bridges in the FL keys for tarpon. Especially at night.
  3. I keep the HX870 on board as a spare VHF/GPS in case I lose all my electronics. I have played with is as a radio, and it's fine, good audio and easy to use. As far as the GPS feature, it would be good in an emergency to point you in the right direction, (but so would your compass) but that's about it. It's not a chartplotter. The good thing about its GPS feature if that is that its tied to the emergency DSC feature (assuming you have it set up) so if you hit the distress button, it will send your position.
  4. Nothing but size 6 & 8 here with over 30 trips to Belize, Mexico, and Venezuela. I hear they use larger sizes in the Bahamas, but I've no experience there.
  5. if you're interested in the Joan Wulff School, with the Beaverkill Valley Inn accommodations I suggest you sign up early as they sell out every year. They will have a booth at the Edison, NJ show,
  6. I've never met a woman who couldn't, with proper instruction, handle a 9wt rod.
  7. The other day I was cleaning up in my office and came upon some magazines. They are way too nice to throw away, so I usually give them away to a fisherman friend. I used to subscribe to all of the major FF mags, but after 25+ years if I saw another grip and grin pic of a (pick your fish) with a guy wearing a XXXXX jacket holding a XXXX rod I was gonna' scream. If that wasn't the cover, you could be sure that you'd have a crusty looking Montana guide in his driftboat with his dog at the bow. (The dog was always named Sage. -It must be a law out there). Anyway, if you have been soured with FF mags and you haven't checked these out, I recommend them highly. (BTW, I don't get these for free, I buy them like anyone else) TAIL FLYFISHING JOURNAL ANGLERS JOURNAL THE DRAKE STRUNG (Just got issue 1 sent to me, it looks great) These all have great photography with excellent writing and are printed on glossy stock. You won't be reading the same articles each and every year. Check them out. I'm sure there are other excellent mags out there, but these are the ones in my stack. Best of the season!
  8. 4 hours ago, Tin Boat said: Just discovered the RIO Direct Core Flats Pro. Videos and reviews impressive. Expensive ($199.99). Tempting. Maybe a typo... I think the line retails for $119.99. Not cheap, but not $199!
  9. Strip to to line/leader connection, shake out enough to roll cast the head out, 2 false casts max and let it fly.
  10. He deserved the flag on that one --he was late with the pillow.
  11. Been using this: TATTU UV Black Light UV01 Rechargeable Blacklight Flashlight 5W Ultraviolet 395nm LED Lamp with 18650 Battery and Micro USB Charging Cable Cheap, and it works really well. Avail at your favorite online "bookseller."
  12. Boston
  13. If the seabass was behind the Albie he would be waterskiing! This year was strange as we caught many seabass on flies in shallow water. The larger ones were a little deeper and we needed "heavy metal" to get to them
  14. This is why I never begrudge a player for getting every dime he can from the billionaire owners. Even if that means free agency. Every player is only one hit or mis-step away from a career ending injury.