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  1. Thanks Zane! Guess Im going to have to chuck some bait off the end of the pier one night while I plug for other stuff.
  2. Now that I am a florida resident, I am 100% determined to get my first big king this year. I just bought a yak and plan on trolling for them. Looking for lure suggestions. I know live bait on a duster rig is probably far more productive but I am really hoping to lures off the beaches around inlets. This is on the gulf coast side BTW. Any info would be greatly appreciated...along with fishing partners! Thanks!
  3. That paddlefish is aweseome!
  4. Out on a sand bar with the old man. My favorite fishing picture of all time. BIGGGG Grouper All fish were released and swam away strong! Blanding
  5. Should have specified that the rod will be paired with a Daiwa spinning reel. It looks like that custom lami is for conventional?
  6. Down in Tampa 33511 zip code
  7. Sounds good Charlie! Im hoping to spend all of next weekend scouting. Ill let you know what I find.
  8. I am very interested in the 8' Mojo but I know theres plenty of options out there. I am looking for something versatile enough to throw anything from gotchas to bucktails to the occasional free lined mullet. It will most likely be used on piers and jetties but will see surf use too. Let me know what you have, budget is around 200$ but I will splurge for the right opportunity. I have two old school stradics that could be worth something to someone in a trade. Also- this will more than likely have to wait til next friday (waiting on a better than usual payday). Thanks, Blanding
  9. Would anyone in the Tampa area like to meet up and fish one night this or next week? Just moved down and would really like to find some new fishing partners.
  10. I have a GLoomis 10'6 Surf Series 1/2-3 oz rod thats about 12 years old. Its in pretty good condition considering the use Ive gotten out of it but its definitely time for a cleanup/rebuild. My question is, what would should I do with it? I dont want to change the way it looks other than maybe more modern guides. Who would you send it to to have it cleaned up and how much should this cost me? Also, while on a slightly different topic, I am ready to replace the reel I had on there before. I am interested in super light spinners such as the Ballistic 4000. Any opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  11. How far down the west coast do you have to go to catch cuda from piers or in the surf? Is tampa far enough? Ive always wanted to get a big toothy bastard on my surf rod. Thanks! I really appreciate all the information Ive already taken from this section and cannot wait to get down there and start posting reports.
  12. I have my LT100 on a TFO 10'6 and use it for sharks 5-7 feet...and hopefully one day a tarpon. It's definitely overkill for anything smaller than that and far too heavy to cast repeatedly.
  13. Weight wise, I'd like to be comfortable throwing 1-3 ounces. I am thinking about going with my first conventional, maybe a SXJ loaded with 30 lb braid. If I dont go that route, I will look for a light weight spinning reel that can hold 250 yards of 30. Maybe a stradic 5000? Im having a hard time deciding how to put this combo together. I want to be comfortable throwing plugs all night so it needs to be light...but I also want it to be able to handle a good size jack or king if I happen to hook into one. Any suggestions outside of the two listed rods would be greatly appreciated. I think I really just liked the mojo because of its fast action and super light weight.