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  1. pic of other side
  2. I have an excellent condition VR150 that I would trade. Bag, wrench, bail-less kit, but no box.
  3. what about Van Staal VR reels?
  4. In terms of Shimano and VS....what are you looking for that you don't have?
  5. Appears you are not interested in the reels I posted. Any specific brand/model reel that you are looking for?
  6. I have these reels available for trade. The penn fathom is brand new with box. The stradics are excellent condition...i may have a spare spool for the FI model. Both the Shimano 3500b and 4500B are in pretty good condition. The Daiwa Ballistic EX3000H is in very good condition. I may or may not have boxes for these reels. I'm not trading all, but we can discuss which ones you may want in a trade.
  7. Some reels for possible trade for Sony. Any interest in Shimano Stradic 5000FK (used but excellent condition), Penn Fathom Star Drag 15 (new), may have a Shimano stradic ci4 4000 (used but excellent condition)? . can get you pics later.
  8. spinning or baitcasting/conventional? size range?
  9. what kinda gear you looking for? anything in particular?
  10. Certain models such as XTB have the dual drag or baitrunner type function. I was thinking the B in XTB might mean baitrunner. Since your reel is XSB, I was thinking maybe it had the same function. Thanks for additional info from you and the others. Will think about it...
  11. does this have the dual type drag?
  12. ok, thanks. on the fishing trip...good luck!
  13. $995 each or for both?
  14. So, $175+$13=$188 shipped paypal, then deal.
  15. interested, would need it shipped to 20607. could you find out your shipping cost? thanks