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  1. Is this 2nd Gen? I think I may have heard 75's are 2nd Gen, but just want to make sure.
  2. Just checked, Sorry, I don't have the BG20H, but I do have a BG30H in excellent condition. If interested, then I'll post pics.
  3. Ok, i'll have to find and check condition and get back to you
  4. So, it has to be new or unused?
  5. I have a new, older model Saragosa SW10K loaded with 50lb powerpro. $250 shipped paypal.
  6. if you separate, how much for thunnus?
  7. Thanks, still thinking about it.
  8. #15 JDM Basia QD2 45 pics, condition, price? thanks
  9. I'll offer 60 shipped paypal for XL...thanks for considering.
  10. ah, ok...thanks. wanted to buy as package deal, but waited too long.
  11. So, the 6000 spools are interchangeable on the 5000 reel?
  12. i have a Daiwa BG3000 spinning reel, new for trade. I'm in MD, can meet you somewhere off 95.
  13. Do you know if this is second generation?