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  1. what type of gear are you looking for in trade?
  2. Awesome Dave!!! With the Drum Tourney cancelled the last couple years, it's like I forgot to go fishing at AI...smh.
  3. I'd be interested in the reel. Would need it shipped though.
  4. New in box, 16000F still available, now $175 shipped paypal
  5. are you original owner?
  6. ok, we'll see what pump wants to do.
  7. It appears they do, I've never noticed though.
  8. From a pier in Southern MD. We were pleasantly surprised with a catch of a lifetime from this pier....then it happened again. My friend Brian caught the first one at 48". Couple hours later I get one at 46". I was so nervous as if it was my first one because I was still just targeting bluefish with those cheapo double arm rigs with like a 4/0 circle hook. As I realized it wasn't a cownose ray, I really got nervous and hoped the rig stayed intact as I maneuvered around the pier.
  9. 2 spools of Sufix Tritanium Plus 17lb 3370 yards Chartreuse 1 spool brand new still in plastic. 1 spool maybe 200 yds used if that (see pic, not much of a difference when you compare) $75 shipped paypal for both.
  10. Thanks for the info. I prefer the amber or copper lens and/or green mirror. Still thinking about it though. Good luck