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  1. Is the frontier a 2 piece?? And any blems or problems with rod?
  2. Please close this down for lack on interest thanks SOL
  3. Any interest in a fly rod set up as trade?
  4. Still available
  5. No problem
  6. Yes it’s the 256 model
  7. Sorry it is the 8+ it’s the larger phone
  8. It is from Verizon
  9. I’d be willing to come to 400$. To move the phone and help a fellow SOL guy out if that would work??
  10. Not interested in that rod... I would be willing to sell. Would like to get 475 with everything and one of the life proof cases is a pink one. So let me know maybe we can meet up
  11. I have an IPhone 8 plus(larger phone) in mint condition with otter box with belt clip 2x life proof cases and charger also have two Apple watches series 2 rose gold and series 3 space gray(GPS/LTE) located on Long Island if want to look at them will upload pictures when I can if interested would like to trade for BM plugs GRS plugs Vhoories Plugs odm 3/4-4 oz 10.6 rod CTS vapor trail 10 or 11 foot 1-3
  12. Is this 10”6 or 10” rod??
  13. Have a used Mac 4 tube used for a season pretty good condition would be will to do for 120$ picked up 11566 or 130$ shipped
  14. I’d offer 230$ PP for the lot
  15. So it’s a 27 spool black couple of rash around in but all working perfect 10/10 mechanical 8/10 cosmetic