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  1. All of my live spot had distinct V shaped bite marks today. No hooked mackerel, but they’re here.
  2. Started off the month with some bluefish blitzes and multiple 26” stripers. Drop the reports here!
  3. Had a handful of bass up to 26 inches while messing around yesterday. Hoping to get in to some drum soon.
  4. It’s about damn time
  5. I get my jigheads from Dan Tinman and he uses some pretty good hooks. Here’s a last season cownose that I muscled in and still have that jighead to this day.
  6. It’s such a pain most of the time but it’s pretty satisfying when I’m using my heavier duty 7’6” becayse I just whip them right in. Poor bastards don’t know what hit them.
  7. Absolute cownose invasion in all of my favorite spots. Going to be interesting.
  8. It’s a folded pack of zman’s hahaha
  9. Here’s last night’s fish.
  10. Went out for a quick sunset trip and nailed a 32 inch striper on a 5” SP minnow. They’re definitely out there in numbers.
  11. We got the Catholic Rite of Betrothal this past Sunday, pretty epic.
  12. God’s timing
  13. I literally don’t care what machine it comes from as long as it’s Lavazza Crema è Gusto. Amazing stuff.