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  1. Went out for a quick sunset trip and nailed a 32 inch striper on a 5” SP minnow. They’re definitely out there in numbers.
  2. We got the Catholic Rite of Betrothal this past Sunday, pretty epic.
  3. God’s timing
  4. I literally don’t care what machine it comes from as long as it’s Lavazza Crema è Gusto. Amazing stuff.
  5. No haha she loves using those Staals. They’re not going anywhere Thanks!!
  6. Thanks. I still seriously don’t know what I did right… She’s beyond amazing.
  7. Took her to Sunday mass and asked her in the chapel. Mission successful (second pic is from beforehand)
  8. Nope, I’m tied down to my area for work related reasons for the foreseeable future.
  9. They won’t… They love me. Great people.
  10. Yeah. It’s been serious for a while now and next time I visit her parents I’m gonna ask for their permission to pop da question.
  11. I was flying to Chicago to spend Easter with my girlfriend’s family…. Next thing I know the lady next to me is getting booted off the flight for pulling down her mask to drink some coffee. She was obviously trying to provoke with her hat and how she was talking, but she literally got yanked for drinking. Three days later, the mask policy was deemed optional.
  12. I’m 6’4” lol I can’t even make a 45” fish look big.
  13. I’ve been out almost every evening looking for reds and trout. Can’t manage any of those, but I’ve been getting a steady supply of teen range bass. Can’t complain.