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  1. Remember that some of these guys who haven’t seen their own buried treasure due to the massive beer guts that they carry around would accept anything over 300 pounds (seal or human) with a pulse.
  2. Didn’t know landwhales were the new fetish
  3. Geez this thread is still alive? Chubby chasers....
  4. Cheater
  5. What’s to apologize for? Any information from someone who’s been at it as long as you helps a lot! I appreciate it!
  6. Pro
  7. The question was which hook would be better... Longer or a shorter shank?
  8. Yeah... A few years ago a rep told me that using anything else would void the warranty. Maybe they changed the regulation since then but I’m not sure.
  9. That happened with my old SSV6500bls so I packed it with grease to slow down the gears and then it was fine.
  10. Yes So for fall stripers on bucktails ranging from 1/2oz to 1.5oz should I use Mustad 34184 or 34185’s when I buy the jigheads? What do you all recommend?
  11. I’ve been in the area for 4 years. I’m yet to catch anything of substance... If you want to take a fishing trip you’re better off using worms near Positsno or go to the island of Procida or Ischia. There are barracuda there but haven’t caught any. I do have a couple friends who go after tiny bream and sea bass near Salerno but they don’t catch too much either. You could also go out on a charter boat out of Pozzuoli or Naples but they’re pretty expensive from what I’ve heard. That being said, it’s not worth the effort to your gear and 99% get skunked anyways. Better off using your time and making day trips around the area. p.s. Sorrento is the biggest tourist trap out of the amalfi coast and the restaraunts will rip you off at every turn so keep an eye out.
  12. Payment received, sold!
  13. Sold! PM me your shipping info and I’ll send you my paypal.
  14. Make that an even $20 and it’s yours.
  15. Never fished or carried. Pretty sure it’s just over 5”. Asking $25 shipped payment via PayPal. Thanks.