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  1. Well it was shaping up to be a great night... Bait everywhere and stripers chasing them around. First striper on was 21” on a live spot. Then another smaller one on a lure. As soon as it seemed to be getting even better, boom. Tornado touched down and it all went to hell. At least tonight was an improvement to the last 4 or 5 nights....
  2. Tried out a new spot today and caught a fish after a couple casts. Came unprepared so had to cut it short. Still a nice little bass to get on the way home. Catching it on a homemade jig was an added bonus and this spot has some big fish potential later this year.
  3. There’s no other way to deal with it other than A. Laugh it off, or B. Assume I’m a googan until proven otherwise.
  4. What’s funny is that all of us see it as a joke. A lot of people think it’s blatant insults
  5. 4 years, fished every chance I had and couldn’t catch anything other than one scorpionfish while on vacation elsewhere. It’s no secret either.
  6. By far a smaller fish head on a big circle hook. Down here spot is the current baitfish of choice for bass but these cownose trolls are ruining it. Down here in Maryland there are more rays than anything else right now....
  7. No. I pay for private lessons from Skinner and Alberto Knie
  8. To be honest I probably caught over 120 bass since getting back. Excluding the countless spot/croaker/white perch.
  9. I’ve been fishing 6 weeks with Suffix 832 on one reel and Power Pro SS V2 on the other. I’ve been fishing at least 5 times a week off the kayak, boat, pier and beach depending on the day. Both have been used pretty much equally and the new power pro seems to be outperforming the Suffix in every aspect. Casting distance, knot strength, durability and I haven’t had a wind knot yet with the power pro super slick v2. That being said, 6 weeks isn’t a long time at all and it’s still something like $40 for 300 yards which isn’t cheap but I will still gladly pay the extra money next time I spool up. Also, I don’t know if it matters to you but it holds its color much better than any of the lines of previously used.
  10. About 6 weeks ago. I’m disappointed you weren’t there with a welcoming committee....
  11. I caved.... Ended up just grabbing the slammer for $50. Need to keep saving up towards replacing my surf rod....
  12. Now I just came across a 560 Slammer BNiB for $50... Is that worth it or am I better off shooting for the BG?
  13. Didn’t realize it held that much. Thanks.
  14. I’d probably need to pick up the 5000 so I can use 40lb braid. Seems overkill but around rocks, bridge/pier pilings I like to step it up one size.