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  1. Because my balls haven’t dropped yet and it carries over to my online posts.
  2. Just as I suspected, you guys lost your senses of humor while I was gone.
  3. Bah you guys missed me. You all love me, figured I had to throw you old farts a bone.
  4. None of you are funny. prove me wrong
  5. Eliminate
  6. I was afraid I’d have to chime in. Now I run the risk of dropping the panties of all the wives and gf’s of you fishermen because of my superior intellect. if your girl slides in to my dm’s I’ll let you know. Bros before hoes brotha
  7. So I’m looking to get an inshore rod for pier and bay fishing for under $150 (pairing it with a Spinfisher VI 4500bls). Looking at the Penn Battalion 7’6” 12-20 right now. Other than that I’m open to suggestions. Won’t be casting more than around 2oz.
  8. Let’s not forget this gem....
  9. I’m surprised that nobody brought up that her coach left his family to bang her....
  10. There was no match from the first game. She never stood a chance. She got a coaching violation (her coach confessed to everything), destroyed a racket and went ape**** on the chair umpire. First strike is a warning, second is a point penalty and third is a game penalty (fourth is a match penalty).
  11. Ban assault football....
  12. I don’t think I’ll be going pro at fortnite anytime soon. I’m one of the worst out of my friends who play!! Maybe ask Scooby-Doo, he seems to be in to the whole YouTube thing already.
  13. Would beautiful bitches be more polite?
  14. Never claimed to be one. Just an idiot with fishing gear
  15. I’m sad now. I’m a goooooooogan