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  1. Wow cool pics!
  2. Whitehouse beach brings back memories. Friends of ours own a house on it, beautiful area.
  3. Hahaha I get it, I get it now. I’m not from around here and didn’t know what the deal was with them. I have seen one swimming around me every day now at my fishing spot behind the house and we wave good morning to each other. It could be the middle fin but I like to think it’s being friendly.
  4. That’s a good video and may actually rival that of the “honey badger”
  5. I had a cool close up video of it swimming by, too bad it wouldn’t upload. Very cool looking fish as it was swimming peacefully on it side. At first I thought it was caught up in a lobster trap rope until it made its way to me unobstructed.
  6. For the record, I was only watching it and not being from the area didn’t know what the regulations were on them or if they are even anything anglers pursue which is why I did not cast to it, just photographed.
  7. I guess I can’t upload videos here so here is a still shot
  8. I took a video clip of it as is came swimming around me. I wish the kids were with me to see it so close. BB096C3B-9B53-4E84-B5C8-F9E5BFBC3397.MOV
  9. This morning I saw two mola mola basking on the surface in two different areas. Pretty cool to see and am wondering if there are any regulations for them and if they are good eating. Both I saw had to be pushing 100# though so I would probably release it due to more meat than I could use. Interested to hear if anyone has tried them before or caught them?
  10. I’m staying at one of the coves on Cape Ann in 2 weeks and I think the owner said they catch halibut right there. Do they really come in that shallow or are they actually fluke? Also, how is the best way to catch them? High low rigs with clams or jigs?
  11. Yes, I’ve made fresh bluefish the same way and it was just as good as the mackerel. Never thought I would actually enjoy bluefish
  12. My tackle bag is downstairs but I believe they are 8”. I bite off a couple inches and thread the large piece right up the hook to the jig head leaving 4-5” hanging off to give good action as you swim the jig. White or chartreuse jig and white trailer is my go- to during daylight
  13. Yep, the Senkos really work well for trailers. I started by using them here for muskies behind my spinner baits and realized how effective they are. I’ve caught stripers with them on days when I couldn’t get hits on anything else
  14. I’m not a fan of eating oily fish but I absolutely love mackerel fresh caught when I bleed them out immediately on the beach and put them on ice. Simmer them whole(gutted of course), with fresh garlic, a can of whole tomatoes, onions and some oregano, salt and pepper. Goes great with a hearty beer. Salut
  15. I have done well using a white Senko on the back of a buck tail leaving a good 4” or 5” hanging off the back of the hook swimming it with a steady up down retrieve