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  1. Agreed. No shots on goal. That was terrible.
  2. Both teams getting plenty of chances
  3. I rooted against the islanders for a minute.
  4. I’m having trouble staying awake
  5. That was a hell of a goal.
  6. Joe Girardi won the Adam’s award?
  7. That is the second string team.
  8. Now I want chinese food.
  9. It looks nice, even with the trees.
  10. I think I'm going to go home early and watch the game.
  11. Let me know.
  12. Spanakopita, souvlaki, gyros.
  13. I will for you.
  14. I was a producer.
  15. There are too many trees. He must be suffering.
  16. RIGHT?????
  17. He was busy swiping right on Grinder.
  18. If you are driving, stop in for a beer.
  19. He's too tall.
  20. Have you considered tying it at around your neck and going for a swim in a deep pool?
  21. Can you tell us about the kinds of birds that one might encounter in Yellowstone?
  22. What kind of warnings do you get from Athens?