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  1. Funny how? Like a clown?
  2. Is your daughter back from traveling? Maybe she can steal some for you?
  3. Smaaaahhhhhht,
  4. The technical term is Spicy Sopressata.
  5. I always laugh at a perplexed chinerman.
  6. You drive a Subaru now?
  7. You better not take the dog with you.
  8. Sorry Chum.
  9. Their tinctures work well for me.
  10. An old manager of his.
  11. Bathtub
  12. Its just fine for surfing the net and email.
  13. Too many carbs in weather reporting.
  14. What? I just accepted a lifetime travel voucher as payment for something.
  15. lol
  16. I hit the wall at 54.
  17. Fail
  18. Happy Birthday Nightgown!!!
  19. Why don't you get one of those Ben Dovers that toto likes?
  20. The one over there?
  21. What?
  22. Rask got fat.
  23. It takes one to know one.
  24. I'll talk to him. No need to get her involved.