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  1. I am obsessed with Hasbulla.
  2. EXACTLY!!!!!
  3. He is consistent.
  4. He's Greek. In every sense of the word.
  5. Did you just call Toto and Loots and Thom, stupid? @charloots @Toad in Nj @Tom T
  6. Leddy, not Eddy.
  7. It's not tipping I believe in. It's over tipping.
  8. You are a good friend.
  9. I've never seen you look happier.
  10. Holio Lives Matter.
  11. Look at him. Is anyone surprised that this happened?
  12. Keep the bar low.
  13. Bastard.
  14. On the 90 year old?
  15. Jona Hill.
  16. Eff Seattle. They are a bunch of Commie bastards.
  17. Here you go Pete.
  18. Is that Russian for Big Boned?
  19. I really need a nap.
  20. There you go. Ernie and his family want to be Tic Toc stars. You are right about him. Moron.
  21. Botulism?
  22. Got it. I was hoping for something new to hold against Ernie.
  23. What's up? We are here to listen.
  24. Goodlands