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  1. Presidential Tailor Rates Our Presidents. http://www.newsmax.com/showinsidecov...02/7/21/211105 ------------------ SOL # 642
  2. Thieves just aint what they used to be. http://www.newsday.com/news/nationworld/wire/sns-ap-car-thief-locked-in0722jul22.story?coll=sns%2Dap%2Dnationworld%2Dhe adlines ------------------ SOL # 642
  3. nevermind... [This message has been edited by Ravioli (edited 07-20-2002).]
  4. 1972 Oldsmobile 442 convertible. ------------------ SOL # 642
  5. Photographer Scores Bull's-Eye in Spain Updated 3:04 PM ET July 10, 2002 - An Irish photographer whose shot of a raging bull bearing down on his camera in Pamplona sparked a flood of concern about his fate said today that modern technology had kept him out of harm's way. Reuters photographer Desmond Boylan's close-up of an enraged bull - already bearing a T-shirt trophy on one of its horns - was carried around the world and prompted numerous inquiries about the fate of the photographer. One German paper ran the photo with a headline asking:"How well is the photographer?" while a Scandinavian picture agency rang Reuters to inquire if Boylan had been killed. But although thousands regularly join the beasts for the annual running of the bulls during the week long San Fermin Festival, Boylan remained safely behind the barriers set up along the route. Best of Two Armed with a remote control, Boylan said he wrapped his camera in wads of bubble wrap leaving just the lens poking out and slid it out under the barrier on to the road. "It was pandemonium. I saw the bulls coming - it was the biggest rush of adrenaline," said Boylan, who snapped off two frames just as one beast came crashing towards the barrier. Each year several people are gored or trampled by the bulls as they run through the streets of the Spanish town. Since record keeping began in 1924, 13 runners have been killed and hundreds more injured by the bulls. ------------------ SOL # 642
  6. My friend has gotten tickets for improper registration on a truck. He has passenger plates on a Ram 2500. He's been stopped three times on the LIE. Twice in Queens and once in Nassau. It just depends on how many tickets the cop has to write. ------------------ SOL # 642
  7. We used to tow a 23' boat behind one. We had the same experience. I don't think that the car is built to pull things like that. My brother now has a 2500 Chevy and we don't have any problems any more. ------------------ SOL # 642
  8. Charlie, what a lovely sweater you have! ------------------ SOL # 642
  9. ------------------ SOL # 642
  10. Are we creating a generation of midget fish? Jul 5, 2002 Smaller Fish May Be Keepers, Study Says By PAUL RECER The Associated Press WASHINGTON - Most fishermen like to catch and keep the big ones and throw the little guys back, but a new study suggests it's better for the fish species to do exactly the opposite. In a study in the journal Science, researchers at the University of New York at Stony Brook conducted a four- generation laboratory study of fish and found that when the bigger fish are allowed to live, eventually the species may double in size and number. The study, led by David O. Conover, a professor at the Marine Sciences Research Center at Stony Brook, experimented with a species called the Atlantic silverside, a small fish that lives, reproduces and dies within a year. The silverside is commonly used as bait by fishermen in the Northeast. Conover said the experiment started with 1,000 fish in each of three groups. In one group, the scientist harvested the 900 largest fish. In a second group, they took the 900 smallest fish, and in the third group the fish were harvested randomly in size. Then all three groups were allowed to reproduce, and the cycle started again. In the first year, the largest-harvested group produced the most weight or biomass, while the smallest-harvested group produced the least. But after that, the biomass production roles reversed. Conover said in each succeeding generation, the group from which the smallest 90 percent were harvested began to produce more and bigger fish than the other groups. The randomly harvested group did not change in size. ``In the small-harvested group, the average survivor evolves to a bigger size and their reproductive output is twice that of the survivors in the large- harvested group,'' Conover said. The scientist said the experiment shows that a management plan limiting the catch to only the bigger fish - a common practice for many sports species - is actually harming the fishery in the long run. The reason, said Conover, is ``evolutionary dynamics,'' the effect of genetic selection. He said when only the big fish are harvested, it leaves behind the smallest to reproduce. Over time, this tends to make the survival genetics favor small size and the species actually get smaller in succeeding generations. However, when only the smaller fish are harvested, then the survivors are bigger and tend to produce offspring that are also bigger. After four generations of the experiment, average weight of spawning fish in the large-harvested group was 1.05 grams (0.03 ounces), while the average size in the small-harvested line was 6.47 grams (0.22 ounces). Conover said this principle should apply to most free-swimming harvested fish. This story can be found at: http://tampatrib.com/nationworldnews/MGA0JO2L93D.html ------------------ SOL # 642
  11. Sorry, I just saw that Doug referenced this article already. ------------------ SOL # 642
  12. Don't forget to go to Chez Paris! ------------------ SOL # 642
  13. You still looking? http://www.sport-fish-info.com/ecoast/messages/299.html
  14. Check out Stella Awards on www.snopes.com ------------------ SOL # 642
  15. Did you get your boat yet? ------------------ SOL # 642
  16. That is the most unbelievable thing that I have ever heard! My heart goes out to you. If you find out how it happened let us know. ------------------ SOL # 642
  17. Any body got the scoop on this? Freedom To Fish Act ------------------ SOL # 642
  18. I like to bounce them along the bottom as you move. Fish the bucktail in free spool. This way, if you miss a bite you can drop it back to them. Fluke are very agressive and they will follow a bait for a long distance. ------------------ SOL # 642
  19. So the act is a "real" response to the closure of fishing grounds. ------------------ SOL # 642
  20. Pastor Beaten After Blunt Eulogy Reverend Calls Deceased 'Drunkard And A Fornicator' LOXLEY, Ala. -- Authorities in Loxley, Ala., are investigating the alleged beating of a preacher by funeral mourners who didn't like his blunt eulogy. Glynis Bethel told The Associated Press that her husband -- the Rev. Orlando Bethel -- was attacked during a June 14 funeral and dragged out of the church. That's because Bethel told mourners the deceased was in Hell and that they were headed the same way. The dead man was Glynis Bethel's uncle. Orlando Bethel referred to him as a "drunkard and a fornicator." Glynis Bethel, who's also a preacher, says "the fornicators didn't like what he said so they got up and beat him." She says police didn't make any arrests, so she and her husband -- who may have a broken nose -- are taking out warrants. http://www.mycfnow.com/sh/news/stori...21-210619.html ------------------ SOL # 642
  21. I had it on the menu tonight. We prepared it in a marinara sauce with capers. ------------------ SOL # 642
  22. Any body ever have a waiter or waitress tell you that they deserved more of a tip? ------------------ SOL # 642
  23. Remember My Cousin Vinny? ------------------ SOL # 642
  24. You can't believe how many people ask for it down here. Rather than bore them with my "political" views, I just tell them that we serve local fish only. ------------------ SOL # 642