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  1. Did someone say hot dogs?
  2. Ernie. You suck the life out of this place.
  3. It's great. They should sign him twice.
  4. You need a hand?
  5. I can't afford one of them fancy Italian guns.
  6. My wifi printers will not connect to the 5. The Clown probably knows why.
  7. I want a Kalashnikov USA KS 12T.
  8. Not one from you.
  9. RIGHT??????
  10. I blame Ernie.
  11. I need to watch more Hasbulla videos.
  12. I've been blocked up. I'm irritated.
  13. I apologize.
  14. The grease from that chicken better loosen things up tomorrow morning.
  15. Flaming Dooshbags.
  16. I came home early and picked up fried chicken from publix.
  17. I would not get it if you were on a septic tank. City sewer? Bombs away.
  18. 2.4? Didn't that become obsolete with the Iphone 1?
  19. Ernie does not deserve your abuse.
  20. You rent cabinets?
  21. Well, yes!
  22. Well, I have a little more respect for you. Thank you for your service.
  23. lol
  24. Injured in battle?
  25. smaaaahhhhht