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  1. Tuning the exhaust. That is Pete on the right.
  2. Did you put twitter on auto repeat?
  3. I'm more interested in the flugel horn exhaust.
  4. He's cleaning up his kitchen this weekend.
  5. #61!!!!!!!!!!
  6. If that doesn't work try 867-5309.
  7. Chocolate Starfish
  8. Thom! I was serious when I asked you to peg hockey to the top in chronological order. Although that might bring more of the the interlopers in here. Although, who cares? We've survived Dougie and Y coming in here.
  9. It smells so new in here.
  10. Is it too late to say eff eddy?
  11. Sounds like a God complex to me.
  12. What is so great about Rustoleum?
  13. LET US TAKE IT OUT ON SANTA!!!!!!!!!
  14. And the Flyers will still suck.
  15. Sliced C bread is a diabolical mastermind. He has gotten a lot of people banned around here.
  16. I miss Homer.
  17. Who is on vacation?
  18. I was being polite.
  19. I thought you were banned?
  20. Give me the keys. I will do it for you.
  21. It's so hot, I need a swim.
  22. I just took an edible. No one better bother me for 2 hours.
  23. I need a nap.
  24. Do you think the players want to play in a city like that?
  25. I have given you a gift and you have no idea what I'm talking about.