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  1. Thanks all for the tips... will try and get out soon.. hopefully can get some pogies to use
  2. Hi, New to saltwater fishing, has anyone had luck in the north end of boston.. i live near the water there and have seen people out there before.. just looking to find out what fish to go for.. if there are squid.. what type of bait/set up to use. Thank you
  3. Hi all, Just starting to get into saltwater fishing more.. has anyone fished along the piers or near the bridges in the north end of boston? I have seen a few people fishing out there over the last year or two and i was wondering what type of bait/lure set up i should use and what type of fish would be in the area... also have fished for squid in RI before would the bridge be a good spot for that as well? Thank you for the help.