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  1. He took a few minutes to beat up the democrat fake news.. Good stuff.
  2. CNN's not reporting on the Rally? Talking about migration?
  3. I'd like to know who took that picture!
  4. Something tells me Joe Biden wont say "a nation must care for its own citizens first" at his rally.
  5. Beating the balls off the dems is more like it...
  6. He's killing it...
  7. So Gibson's Bakey has been a community fixture since 1885. One day, three not so bright Oberlin College students come in with fake ID to buy wine. The person at the counter denies the sale, keeps the fake ID and points out the wine the dummies have shoved down their pants. So Oberlin College officials decide the Gibson's are racist Because the idiot thieves are black. (C+P)Vice chair Meredith Raimondo was held liable on the libel and interference with business relations, but not intentional infliction of emotional distress. By stipulation, the college is responsible for any amounts awarded against her, so she will not pay anything out of pocket. (CP end) She sent out flyers saying the Gibsons are racist! So in the end the good people win and the evil people lose. Love the look on the elder Gibson. Sorry lefties. True story you learned about here. CNN didn't tell.you.
  8. So the State takes land (private property) through eminent domain now haven't paid for it? For years? You would think this would be one of the first and easiest things to take care of. Doesn't look good for the farmers.
  9. I read a big annual music festival in Chicago got cancelled because plover. I know, who cares about that ****hole but just sayin.
  10. Fished with my son today but only spent a short time on fluke in the surf. He did get one to bite a 1oz Kastmaster with a short light green and white rubber worm trailer. Right at the lip!
  11. Fluking in the surf is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I'd like to hear about others favorite set up, tactics, reports, whatever.. Do you guys just use bucktails and gulp? What else? Kastmasters, AVA's or Keitech's? Of course the bay counts so what's the plan for there? Should be getting good soon!!! Good luck!
  12. Nice first post. Sounds like a great night!
  13. We got weather down here too. Alexa says its 82 right now. About flukin time..
  14. Is moveon obama's organization? I drove through my town today and didn't see any impeachers.
  15. Yeah I hear good things about the BG, never tried one. Did pick up a 4500 slammer for my 2oz Tica. I like it. Think I really want the 10 foot Suzuki.
  16. Dude...you gotta get in one of those selfies next time and post. Those critters will, in most cases accommodate the nice fishermans request
  17. I use super glue and a few wraps of thread. I leave the barb on the jig head.
  18. Keep in mind, for beach fluke you can use a freshwater set up rated to 3/4 to 1oz if you have one. I've been using my steelhead rod rated to 1oz and it's great. Wouldn't go dunking the reel I have on it toi much though.
  19. It's tough to find something that might be good for both blues and fluke from the beach. Jetty / inlets, maybe a different story. For beach fluke, you want a light sensitive rod. Star has a nice 2 piece rated to 1 1/2 oz. It's cheap, you'll like it. Put a 4K reel (Battle)on it maybe a little smaller. It'll handle schoolie bass too. If you want something to handle bigger bass and big blues, look at a 9ft st Croix triumph, it's 50/50 split two piece. Put a 5k reel on it. It's my go to for bass and blues. If you want to try to get something for both, look at the 2 piece Tica rated to 2oz, it's 50/50 split and can handle a big blue in the surf, a little light but OK. A little heavy for beach fluke but it's a compromise. Get a big blue in an inlet with current and it'll be too light. Or if you want to spend $200 bucks, look at the black hole Suzuki, 10 foot rated to 2oz. Will handle the Blues and Bass and some say it's OK for fluke. Great Albie rod in the fall. Good luck!
  20. I thought it was always a scary place. Whats changed?
  21. Hope I look as good and have as much energy when I'm his age. DjT!
  22. More important than "the economy" is quality of life, blue collar people that are working that were not during the last administration. One example, It's why union folks who were supposed to be supporting Clinton, pulled the lever for Trump. They'll do it again. Plus-the upcoming news from John Durham will impact those democrats that aren't crazy.
  23. She was great, didn't take any crap and put the leftists in their place. Cant wait to see who's next.
  24. If I were him, if give it to Barr and John Durham.
  25. Dean Raimondo was at the "protest" with a bullhorn directing students. it got so out of control that the local police considered calling county reinforcements. Does she still have her job?