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  1. The Jew hatred among the left (liberals?)has been headlines recently. Even CNN is recognizing the extent of it. And major University Presidents won't say that wishing mass genocide on Jewish people doesn't Violate school codes of ethics. They just can't say it's a bad thing. No need to explain the America hating question. Wondering if it's passed down through the generations is all...
  2. The Biden voters here think this is a great idea. Hurts the people of color the most, so they approve. Explain? Less taxes, less government is what patriots (Americans) support. NOT THIS.
  3. I guess it's like a beach badge for cars? To get into the city? "Low-income" people will get a discount. Will they keep voting blue?
  4. Pierre has a good chance imo. I wish him and Canada good luck. Canada has become terribly unfree. And the people want to go back to free.
  5. It's called Cloward and Piven, and they're executing it better than they ever hoped to. Mayorkas will suddenly have 100 million dollars after he retires.
  6. I know one thing, the left is spending tons of money getting Tiktok influencers to spew their America hating messages. It'll get more intense as we get closer to 24. There's a lotta good recipes too
  7. Interesting how it seems trout fisherman have evolved into carefully releasing their catch. Striper guys,,,,seems many would love to kill every fish they get close enough to. A few are evolving which is good.
  8. They got off the bus and saw the democrats built them a concentration camp
  9. Exterminate the Jews frank? Your antisemitism is out in the light now. Support of Hamas is the new democrats cause. We see you marching, tearing down posters of kidnapped civilians. Right wingers don't support terrorists.
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