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  1. The wading belt seals the jacket to the waders. Just a thought.
  2. You have to ask yourself what is she hoping to achieve by this. Money? Fame or revenge? Did she already get any money or there money promised? After next week, someone just needs to explain to her that there's no prosecutable crime here. Nice try, go away.
  3. Fluke bite out front was good in MoCo right before dark. Switched efforts to bass after dark and no luck.
  4. How do you typically retrieve the wobble heads Bay? I ordered a few after I heard you mention them a long time ago. Gonna have to start using them...
  5. Agreed.
  6. Not calling her a liar but she has the mental illness. I don't mean any disrespect to those that have a mental illness other than liberalism.
  7. I havnt seen any recent professional type videos of mass beheadings, people being burned alive, drowned in cages recently have you? The junior varsity was at the top of their game during Obama.
  8. Fishermen don't need badges. Tell them as long as you're below high tide mark no badge. Public trust Doctrine.
  9. I'm no expert and I'm sure you aren't either. That said, I did learn about the restrictions on rules of engagement during the Obama years. You can see it by watching "open source" videos. When you have left wing academics running the military, you don't win. Not the case now bub.
  10. The Generals knew what to do but had their hands tied. My opinion..... It seemed like someone was concerned with the hurting too many junior varsity players??
  11. Was out from about noon til 4 out front in NoMoCo looking for bass. No luck in soft plastics, tins and BTs. Tried a few swimmers too. Switched over to my usual fluke rig and caught some nice fish! Gulp Skinner style. Ended the the day a bit south along the jetties, and caught some more fluke. Very close to legal size but not quite...doh!!!
  12. Thats for the report and welcome. Some good tips here....
  13. I agree. I had a family member die on a motorcycle at 69. It was tragic but.. He'd been riding since he was a teen It was his love and all agreed he died doing what he loved, enjoying life. Better than not enjoying life, taking no risks and ending his life in a nursing home. RIP to the victim here, tragic yes, very sad.
  14. You fishing Atlantic and Cape May County?
  15. Watch some John Skinner vids on YouTube. He won't tell you about regulations but he will help you catch. Have fun, there's some nice areas up there that I don't get to offen enough.