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  1. Wow, nice you were able to get both! Report back after you try em out!
  2. I heard it and was a bit suprised by his comments. Have they started attaching him yet?
  3. Great to see all the interest! Hoping the winner keeps this going! Cheers!
  4. This? "When they write intentionally dishonest trash, know that even they don’t believe it, they are fishing for emotional responses - they feed on them, they NEED to make people angry - they NEED to be dishonest to get their emotional needs met."
  5. I could have wiped out IS if given control over the 60 country coalition during the Obama presidency. And I have zero military experience. Not surprised Trump was able to do it in such a short period of time.
  6. I love my rockhopper
  7. These are the guys the left are OK with. The left wants ICE disbanded. Child rape, hey gotta break a few eggs to make an omlette right? Sickos!
  8. She's well spoken but yes, a dishonest dem. Did Trump tweet something we need to be hysterical about?
  9. Funny how triggered some get by a tweet. The left is trying to say it's Trumps mental illness....when he tweets.
  10. Lefties still think CNN is a news organization unless they're in the PG. Funny I know.
  11. But feelings. There are people who's lives have been irreparably changed by Hillary's loss and now it doesn't matter how great a job Trump has done, almost single handedly, to them. It's a hate thing.
  12. It was for saying heritage. They freak and call him a Nazi. Of course it's just to get the rubes worked up. They didn't mention Creepy Joe's speech CNN so our trolls think only Trump said the word. "Trump, in fact, sounded less like Hitler and more like Biden at the 2011 Florida Democratic Party state convention, when he was stumping for Obama's re-election. “It’s time to stand up," Biden yelled to the crowd. "It’s time to fight back. It’s time to reclaim our heritage, and it’s time and we are ready. ... We are looking for this fight! The future of our country depends on it." Biden added: "It's long past time we get back up, that we stand up, that we reclaim what every American thought was their birthright: the American Dream."
  13. CNN has gone back to the Nazi thing. They're lost yet lefties get all fuzzed up based on what they say. Maybe they should be sued more often.
  14. Just wanted to mention the Sundays shows talking about Pelosi walking back the impeachment talk. It would need bipartisan support and compelling reasons to move forward with it. Huh!? Cracks me up thinking about the rubes who have been told for 2 YEARS that President Trump will be impeached and go to jail. I fish with a guy (sometimes) and he has been completely convinced by the media and dem leaders that Trump will be impeached and go to jail. Now its not. Anyone know any rubes that have been counting on the impeachment talk and had believed it? Anyone here still believe President Trump will be impeached?