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  1. We knew they would do this. Elections have consequences. You're right, anyone that supports the democrats is an enemy to us. And should be treated as such.
  2. Exactly. Frank thinks the best masks come from a lady on Etsy. She knits them
  3. Ahh got me! I was going to write pre covid but didn't. Thats when I witnessed them riding on the sidewalks and Met patrons having to get out of their way. The "nightly occurrence" I was referring to is the quads and dirtbikes (weather permitting of course)ripping up and down Broad St. The sidewalk riding happens if traffic stops and the boys don't want to. The "nightly" info comes from a person that lives there. I don't visit nightly. It's really ****ed up. I'm a motorcyclist, not a democrat, and would like to see these guys locked up. Or fined so heavily their lives take years to recover.
  4. The blacks are the victims of the democrats in this case. Would Frank you let blacks get vaccines without ID? Would he assign them a numerical identifier to track second doses etc? How would that work?
  5. Frank thinks masks should be worn until 2022 to show support for the party. It's what DNC mailers and FB says.
  6. I visit North Philly from time to time and see the ATV and dirtbike mayhem. There's a place called the Met on Broad St where people go to see shows. The worst incident I've seen is when the Met lets out and the dozens of lawbreakers are riding down the sidewalks through the folks trying to walk to their cars. It will only get worse. The new normal will deteriorate into chaos. And it's a nightly occurrence. Never stops.
  7. How are people of color going to get vaccines without the ID that is needed? Are the Teams having staff obtain ID's for the players of color? New York baseball is racist.
  8. Do you think riding them on city streets is a partisan issue? Dems support and and Republicans oppose it?
  9. Generating BS

    The democrats said people would die without net neutrality. I guess that's why they cheated. To save lives.
  10. Appeal Time!

    What is it with democrats? They just can't stop lying. Passed down from there parents?? I don't think so.
  11. We knew the socialists would do this. It's Cloward and Piven on steroids. No surprise here.
  12. Frank thinks other countries have better governments. Maybe he'll tell us which is his favorite.
  13. The spinning reels I have are not sealed so I don't spray them with water. Just a light spray with oil and wipe them off. *if they are covered with sand or got dunked. That's different.
  14. After normal casting,, not dunking,, not underwater or in the sand,, you don't need to rinse. Spray the reel with WD-40 or other oil. Wipe with a cloth. You can rinse your guides or spray and wipe with glass plus or similar cleaner to get the salt off. Spraying spinning reels with a hose can end up with water in the drag washers and rust. I know this.