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  1. With the way Biden is polling, it looks like the base is comfy with a white man in office. Obama very often spoke about the systemic racism here. That's how Obama was more divisive.
  2. Is it just white progressives that have a problem with Jefferson's name? I doubt anyone else is trying to erase history.
  3. No but it's absolutely huge news......if It was a Trump. There'd be 24 hour a day coverage.
  4. Zero impact on me. MAGA!
  5. They do have great prizes..
  6. Tried PP and didn't like it. Went to 832 and have been using it never since. Original fireline on the old Penn although not actually braided. Works well. Have not tried J or Jerry Brown.
  7. I believe it could be the case. Obama tried to stir up racism whenever he could. Class warfare was important to fundamentally transforming the country.
  8. I have to say I'd rather him stay off TV and just show results. Unless it's strategy to get the rats to start biting each other.
  9. No Hillary's election wasnt stolen by a few Facebook adds. Her corruption and dishonesty hurt her bigly. The only reasons I can think of that someone would vote democrat. Let me know if I missed any please. Ignorant: gets their info from main stream media. Or family has always voted D and they're ignorant. Guilt: think by doing so they will help minorities, and release them from some guilt. Money: they have skin in the game and will make money from Democrat initiatives i.e. global warming etc. Free stuff: they're currently on the plantation and want to stay there. And D's promise more free stuff. Thanks
  10. Light sticks in plug bag tubes for dark nights. And silicone hair bands for in the truck, millions of uses.
  11. He's not calling you a little girl, he's comparing your behavior to one.
  12. How do we know they didn't? How do we know you dont beat your dog?
  13. It's clear it's just a troll, this Putin stole the election thing. Facebook adds stole the election, come on... Nobody believes that.
  14. It's gonna be different this time. You can see it.