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  1. I had to look again expecting a KKK avatar or a quote from Farakan. Some people confuse anything that may be insensitive or may be offensive if a "race" is involved as racist. Is a Polish or Mexican joke racist? I don't think so. Is someone calling someone a cracker racist? I don't think so. May be insensitive to some yes..
  2. No clue about the fish JK. Very cool through. Nice Scabelly's metal lip! I got the same one and it casts and swims and works great.....
  3. That tiderunner does look nice. I have the rock hopper and I really love it.
  4. Maybe they were looking for someone else.....anybody want to fess up?
  5. Ice shad during the day..
  6. Same.
  7. Three months at the most. Bet? 50 bucks?
  8. One of the members here, not sure who, took this shot and I just think it's amazing!
  9. She'll retire. Nothing fake about that.
  10. I don't recall...sorry.
  11. No clue why these guys even talk to Mueller. Got evidence? Prove it...
  12. I like it!
  13. On the surface? My needles are all sinkers, never caught. Was throwing one.in heavy surf/wind last weekend.
  14. Out since 5am. Skunk..