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  1. I was out with two other googans and got one keeper seabass. Can you share some info on the jigs please? Need help!! Thanks!
  2. @codfish What happened to you to make you stand with the democrats? Do you hate yourself, your ancestors, the country? At some point in your life something happened. Why so unhappy? Get it off your chest here man!!
  3. Holy crap, get well soon!
  4. I went the budget route. 7 foot St Croix Triumph rated to 5/8oz, fast action. 3k Penn battle, 10# 832 high vis and 10# floro. I would use it casting from a boat in the back bay.
  5. So I ran down Thursday after work. Had my new lightweight rig and threw 1/4oz jig with the white jerk shad. Fishing near some docks in the back. Got a hit boom! Keeper fluke! First and only one of the season. It works. Thanks buddha!
  6. The dems will want to change the flag too. It's coming trust me.
  7. Electrical tape on the rod, 28, 36 ans 38" For fluke, 17, 18 and 28. Size up the fish next to the rod. Back she goes or...
  8. Some here see DeSantis as a threat to their universal basic income. So the hatred. Doesn't matter what Ron does.
  9. Hook it right through the tip of nose like a live bait
  10. So California leaders want a 32 hour mandatory work week. It the company wants to run 40 hour work weeks, then they have to pay overtime. This is if you have over 500 employees. Thoughts? Will the last companies leave if this becomes law?
  11. 832,,,,,don't be a chooch
  12. Is this frank?
  13. The democrats are truly sick people. Their vision of this country, if they succeed, is a foul, perverted place. Amazing when you think that the guy fishing next to you could support this. What might have happened to them to make them turn into what they are?