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  1. Sorry man, I'm playing the Alinsky rule 4 card. Make them play by their own rules. The way its played is, if I support Trump I'm a racist. Um ok? So, your supporting Biden makes you a kid touching weirdo.
  2. He loves America, he says what he means, his policies are pro-American.
  3. I dont think the military was planning an attack. But maybe just to secure entire cities that were under attack.
  4. From the guy that supports the kid toucher? If you support Biden, well......makes you one too. Not a good look.
  5. I have it. Thought it would be useful to share on Biden's twitter posts. Since he's going to Mr Floyds funeral for a photo op, will he go to Mr Dorns?
  6. Will he have any of his own words ro speak or just read whats given to him? Should be easy enough to tell. Stutter or no stutter. Whether his own words or not, he'll be sure to call you and I a racist
  7. 77 years old the poor guy was. Sad that democrats could do this.
  8. Should we expect some arrests of high level antifa organizers in the near future?
  9. Well they got rid of that ridiculously oversized large black mask he was wearing in public. But he cant keep this one on. What a tool.
  10. Sorry not sorry
  11. Interesting clip from Philly. Looks like these cops have had enough of the road blockers. *
  12. Freaking racist cop, in texas of all.places.
  13. Never has anything. Just repeats what he's told.
  14. This guy was on TV today and he's clearly a racist. Lots if hate in him. Leftist hate.
  15. How easy would it be for law enforcement to infiltrate antifa? These people arent criminal masterminds. Mafia and Hells Angels have been infitrated. Hopefully LE has dozens inside now.