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  1. Not as desperate as Beto. Hes talking Third Reich. Some loonies believe it. Frank comes to mind. When does the real mass violence start?? Excuse the derail please.
  2. Dude will vote Orange Man. I'm convinced of it.
  3. No clue yet really Yogi. My bad but just cast and retreived it. Guess I need to pull it though some shallows to see. Assume it wiggles a bit! I know the snappers loved it this evening. Wouldn't touch the Joe Baggs 1oz in green.
  4. Caught a mackerel on one today, second cast, high tide inlet. No more for a while so went fluking. Casted nice on the 2oz Tica!
  5. Remember a few weeks ago the approved message from the left to the media and dem candidates was to scream NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW? They all repeated it over and over and the rubes followed obediently. Is that gone now that the Russian hoax is over? It faded out overnight.
  6. I'd like some impeachment meme news please...
  7. Commies abroad don't care. Commies here don't like it. They can only follow the rules on this.....and ridicule. It's very good news for Americans.
  8. Working some jokes in before his impeachment for russia? Should be any day now. Recession!
  9. Trump enjoys what he's doing, the job that he has, the good that he is doing for Americans. On a scale if 1 to 10, what level of unhinged is Trump currently? Same question for frank, level of unhinged, 1 to 10?
  10. I leaned a rod against the truck and drive off once. Fortunately it was there when I sped back. I learned to only lean em on the drivers side after that. Hope you get it back Ksong!
  11. Pink just arrived. Thnk i got the last two I need some glow next!
  12. Why the GOP leadership? Isn't he getting impeached for his crimes? The collusion and obstruction? Schiff is still holding the evidence yeah?
  13. I never understood how Jewish folks could vote for dems. Self hate like white gentiles? Hope not. Free stuff? Dont think so. Ignorant? Dont think so.
  14. I gave up on PP early on, seemed to wind knot too much (although maybe my fault) Went to 832 and like it. When I got an old Penn 704 I tried original fireline. Likes it so much i put 14lb on my new slammer.
  15. So people have to prove they are not racist? I'm relatively new here, has frank proved he's not racist and i missed it? I'd say DeBlasio gets a pass.