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  1. And heads will explode! Schoolboys going to the Whitehouse.. Good Trump.
  2. They're also eating their own. This guy is gender fluid and they still banned him....because of his hair. Zach Poitras is an aspiring Canadian comedian who is now getting global recognition — but not for cracking hilarious jokes. Instead, he is the subject of a larger conversation about cultural appropriation after being disinvited from performing with comedy group because of his hairstyle. It all started a few weeks ago when Poitras was asked to perform a bit for the Snowflake Comedy Club at a bar called Coop les Recoltes. However after spending time preparing, Poitras found out that some members of the troop had actually reneged his time-slot allegedly because of his dreadlocks.
  3. Pointing out that a certain group seems to poach more than others isn't racism.
  4. It should be great! I'm thinking the media and hard left people with a platform will try to attack her. It'll just make them look worse.
  5. What amazes me is that the 2....maybe 4 or 5 lefties that come here still derive all if their knowledge and talking points at CNN despite what they've learned here. Understandably, the useful idiots that have no other sources fall for the fake news narrative there.
  6. Same.
  7. I just looked at mine Filthy.....as usual
  8. So funny.....
  9. I found this on line... Stuart Scott Stuart Scott copied .......Elisa Sarmento Here is the story as told by the chaperone they was there!! Regard the CCH story, my son was there. The information being conveyed in the media is untrue. The CCH boys were waiting at the Lincoln Memorial for their buses to show up, after participating in the March for Life. While standing there, first they were verbally assaulted by a group of guys who used abusive, foul language, and in particular targeted an African-American CCH student. The CCH boys did not retaliate or respond, other than to start singing some of their school chants in order to drown the guys out. The guys left, and while the boys were still hyped up from doing their school chants, the gentleman in question walked into the middle of the CCH boys, walked up and faced the boy in question, and began banging his drum and chanting. The boy and his friends didn't quite know what to do. The boy in question tried to politely listen to him. Some of the others danced a bit and clapped along. Then after 5 minutes or so, the gentleman left. That's it. No one blocked him, touched him, or even said anything negative to him. The boy in question didn't laugh at him, turn his back on him, or any such thing. No one chanted "build the wall." The boy in question was just trying to listen to him, not "smirk," "mock him," or any similar thing. No one tried to intimidate the gentleman. He intentionally walked into the middle of the CCH boys and started his drum/chant in front of the boy. Now this boy, who is all of 16 years old, and the rest of the CCH boys, are being vilified across the nation. This is ridiculous. There are videos circulating that support the foregoing. But of course there are people who will instead choose to believe the stories being circulated in the media. Yeah the media does nothing but stir the pot, lie doing it and this is why they are Fake News! Wake up America!
  10. Same here. The kid was polite and stood his ground.
  11. Picture please? Thanks!
  12. Cabin fever drove me to Dicks Sporting Goods and I found these VMC BOXER jigs. Never saw them before but I think they'll be good for springtime soft plastics in the surf.
  13. Dude, you just thrive on any kind of attention. Doesn't matter if it's negative. Like a child that does things to get attention from others.
  14. I had a mole crab between my toes, hope it didn't lay eggs.