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  1. I had some left over so going to use it all before I use Billy’s mix.
  2. This is Kr concept using single foot guides.
  3. Yes I am
  4. The no xflock from anglers workshop. I’m pretty positive it’s exactly the same as batsons.
  5. If you have a power wrapper then it’s a lot easier with speed. If your doing it by hand then you need the steadiest of all hands for it to work. You can also wait til the epoxy gets a little less runny, like at the point where it gets tacky to put it on then take some heat to it.
  6. Just recently finished this build for a family member. It’s an 11’ ODM genesis 3/4-4oz. Guides are fuji CC KLH 25-12-8m-7L then kb6’s to the LG6 tip top. Laid out for a penn torque 5. Enjoy
  7. Late post. But I was fishing Monmouth county Friday night into Saturday morning. Got this fat 35” ~18lb on a bucktail in the back. There was feeding frenzy for about an hour. Bunker every where. I lost another fish before this one. If I had brought my snag hooks I’m sure I would have gotten on them even more. Me and another guy caught. He was still catching when I left. All on the outgoing tide Saturday morning.
  8. Finally finished this build for a buddy of mine. The blank is a 11’ FSC marauder 1327 1-5oz Built with fuji components using KR concept guides. Guide layout is KLH25-12-8m and kt8 to the tip top. Rasta theme open chevron wrap. Enjoy
  9. It’s spot on. It’s better than the 10’. More back bone and handles the weights better. Everyone fishes differently but I can say the majority of ppl who held/casted both rods said the same thing.
  10. I’ll be in Cabo San Lucas in July for a week. Lmk how the striped bass special performs. I have the 12’ 2-6 east coast special coming in so I can build for roosterfishing in Mexico. Patiently waiting for the new blanks to come in so I can test it out as well.
  11. I would try and keep the runners the same size as the tip top. Other than that looks good. Everyone’s layout will be different so take your time and do lots of testing before you epoxy.
  12. Hey you never know. I’ve seen some pretty nasty combos. Seen a guy with a Stella and an ugly stick. Have also seen a whole family with legends mated with Cabela salt striker reels. I’ll stop cause I’m not the type to judge someone off there equipment. I’ll admit I even got outfished by that family. Lol or maybe they just had the right spot at the moment.
  13. 9’6 black hole Suzuki gets my vote. Super light if not the lightest of its class! You won’t be disappointed
  14. At the canal, the reason for a faster reel is the ability to reel your jig in faster so you don’t get hung up on structure there. I’ve jigged there with my zeebaas and Van staals and I always found myself cranking the handle super fast just so I don’t get hung up but I still do. Try doing that all night, you will be beat. Also another good reason for a faster cranking reel is also the ability to bring the fish in faster. At times the canal will get so packed before you know it and you wouldn’t want the fish to run into someone else’s line down current from you. Most likely will end up with a heated argument or your line getting cut.
  15. If your on a budget then daiwa bg500 or saltist 5000 will do. If you have the money then get the saltiga 5000h or the Stella 14k. Vs150 isn’t fast enough for the canal. It sure is light but it has a small spool so line can’t shred fast enough for distance. Also like I mention the retrieve per inch is too slow for jigging as well