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  1. If you want the lightest, best casting layout, and your not afraid of a single foot stripper then try the KLH guides. klh25, klh12, KLh 8m, KLh 7L, then kb7 to your tip top. You can substitute the klh7L for a kt8 as a choke and run kt8’s to your tip top if your tip calls for a thicker tube size.
  2. Thank you. The guide layout used is Fuji NGC. kw30-kw25-kw20-kw12 then a few kw8 runners to the tip top.
  3. Use a taller stripper. Problem solved
  4. Here’s the length of each piece. Bottom ~52 5/8” Top ~102 5/8” barely
  5. I will get you measurements for both pieces. It’s a 70:30 split, I wish they would have made it 50:50 split for ease of traveling. the shim in the rear grip is just cork with shrink tube over it. Same with the foregrip. I will put my other blank on the scale to see what it weighs as well.
  6. Penn torque 2 7500 bail less. I have my saltiga on another 12’
  7. Here’s a blank ive been wanting to play around with for awhile. It’s a Rainshadow Revelation 12’6” rated 2-6oz for Mexico. Enjoy for now.
  8. That would be dry skin and dust. I should have wiped it down with alcohol and used compressed air before the pictures but it’s fine. thank you
  9. It’s not EVA. You can make it out of cork and shrink tube.
  10. Kw12 will be your choke guide.
  11. They have been fine. One thing I have noticed is on the size 20 reel seat, the zeebaas reel foot is too small for it. other than that it’s held up fine with my other reels.
  12. Finally finished and took some pictures outside.
  13. Here’s a 3pc 13’3” Daiwa Ballistic I’m building for another friend. All Fuji components except for the reel seat. The seat is from D Blue if anyone wants to know. Built for daiwa saltiga 5000H using Fuji’s KR guide layout. All single foots in CC alconite. Enjoy for now. I’ll take better pics of it outside in a few days when it’s done. First time using white thread as a main thread. It’s the DEVIL!!! Lol
  14. The reason you won’t find it is because you have to build it out of cork tape. Then take the shrink tubing, slide it over on top and use a heat gun to shrink it to size. what you see in the picture in the bottom portion of the rod is 1/2” cork spaced at 1/2”. what is pictured on the foregrip is 1/4” cork spaced at 1/4”.
  15. The grips on there I made myself. It’s just cork tape and shrink tubing.