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  1. I couldn’t come to the show today. Will you be at surfday, Berkeley or asbury park?
  2. Hope the pats win. It should be a good game just like in the early season when they first played each other. Kc’s Qb is special indeed but he is still young and when pressured he makes big mistakes by forcing the ball. Another thing to look at is kc’s defense. It’s garbage compared to new England’s defense and the patriots defense ain’t that good too. If KC can rack points up quickly and keep Brady off the field, they win. Otherwise I’m going with the pats on this one. Brady is on fire in the playoffs and belichick can figure Andy Reid out. Andy Reid chokes a lot when pressure is on.
  3. I’m telling you kil, those Suzuki’s are a big hit!!! I’ve built 6 of them for people so far. So damn light and good action.
  4. I used a Fuji size 18
  5. Hey thanks. It’s these gem stones that you can get from any arts and craft store. My buddy wanted something diamond related to go with his diamond wrap. Turned out pretty good so I ran with it.
  6. Thanks a lot man
  7. Kil, will black hole offer any color options for their blanks in the near future?
  8. Here is my latest build I did for a friend. The blank is a 9’6” black hole Suzuki. The layout is KLH25-12-8m-7L then kb6’s to an LG6 tip top. This is probably the lightest 9’ surf rod I’ve ever had the pleasure of messing around with. Full built rod comes in at 9oz.
  9. Doubt you will be jigging a heavy rod at the CCC all night. Highly doubt it.
  10. I don’t doubt it. I’ve built them already. It’s just there are other rods out there that are thinner and lighter and can get the job done as well. If black hole comes out with a rod that is thinner and lighter then they will also have a winner.
  11. A lot of guys don’t favor the thickness of those rods. Not to mention there on the heavy side.
  12. These are your best rods. Should ask black hole to make them in 11’ and 12’ as well. Good action to them plus they have a lot of power.
  13. Drew....lol
  14. Straight from the source. Here you go