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  1. I don’t use tape to do my transitions. I just make sure the thread I lay down is nice and neat and lay epoxy on top til it’s flush with the hood of my seat. also I should mention that the faster the speed the cleaner the lines. Also helps if you have steady hands. mind posting a picture of your work so maybe I can see where your going wrong?
  2. I used a fuji 18 dpsd and Fuji mn 8(8)
  3. Yes I do. Just make sure you use the correct shrink tubing. By correct I mean, make sure the tubing can slide over the rear grip and shrink down to the blanks diameter when done.
  4. Built for spinning and thanks again
  5. I’m not sure what shrink tubing was used when FSC was still building rods. I know the texture wasn’t the stuff everyone’s using now. It was a smoother finish. if you want the foregrip just a tad thicker than the rear, use the thinnest cork available. Just wrap the foregrip with cork to your desired length then shrink tube on top. The result will like this.
  6. Yes make your pattern/design with cork. Then shrink wrap on top.
  7. Nice. I do torzites on all my personal rods. What is this grip you speak of? can’t wait to see your work and see it progress.
  8. Nice! I can’t wait to fish both those rods this season.
  9. Yessir. Using it mostly for Bucktails and metals.
  10. No they are alps forecast grips. They feel pretty good. I may put a coat of permagloss on the grips.
  11. Finally had some time to finish this build. Here she is outside. Enjoy
  12. The shrink wrap from grumpys is thicker. Same texture. Just a tad thicker
  13. Yes it’s got the rough texture. It’s not the smooth shrink wrap that mudhole sells. I get mine from batson. Grumpys tackle sells the same shrink wrap, only difference is the shrink tubing a tad thicker.
  14. Not a problem. Send me a message and I’ll see what we can come up with. That way this thread stays on topic.
  15. Yes that is correct. KR puts the stripper and choke a lot closer for some reels. Depending on the axis of the shaft. Go make a cast, you will be impressed on my vs150 I believe it’s 22-24”. No more. on my zeebaas it’s around 26-28”.