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  1. Lol send it right into the trash!
  2. That came out real good. Great job on the build!
  3. Drew everything looks good as usual. Have you played around with the rv20 by any chance?
  4. A blank is a blank. It can be formatted for spinning or casting.
  5. Finally had some time to progress on this build. Enjoy for now.
  6. My zx-25 is my all time favorite surf reel. Never skipped a beat for me since day one. That was 5 years ago. Still holding up and going strong. I also have a vs150, vsx200, vr150-175-200. Got rid of all the VR cause there over rated and there flimsy. The VR series are not sealed as good. Customer service is still on point. Just got mine back and it was only a week. I like my vs150, and vsx200 as well but the z is smoother, and has the better drag and line lay.
  7. Penn staal!!!!!
  8. I’ve built on this blank plenty of times. I like the 9’6 a little more cause it has the better backbone. The 10’ I would rate upto 3oz. It throws 3 fine but not the first rod I will reach for if I’m throwing 3oz. Its perfect for smaller offerings. The rod is super light. A lot of the rods I’ve built have come in around 8oz completed rod. Definitely a fun beach setup. Last season I’ve gotten a handful of big blues on it. 10-15lb. Handled them fine.
  9. Thanks Phil.
  10. Yeah it’s accumulating at a very fast pace. Lol finish used is voodoo d2 and the cork that is used the same stuff you see on surf rods. It’s the 1” cork tape that I cut in half then spiral wrap under the tubing.
  11. Thank you. Yeah the wife don’t like how I turned the basement into building shop now. Lol
  12. I started this build for a buddy of mine. It’s a 12’ CTS vaportrail 3-6oz he will be using at the canal and surrounding areas. Here are are some pictures for now. Just got done doing the underwrap today. Layout will go rv25-rv16-kw10m-kw8 kw8 x how ever many to the tip top. Tip top used is a Fuji KG ring 8
  13. I would have to say my favorite 3 brands of braid would be j braid x4, suffix 832 and original power pro. I fished the canal with 30lb j braid last year jigging and it held up to 20-30lb class fish. Ive always had good experiences with power pro and 832 so don’t shy away from them as well.
  14. The CCP I casted with was faster action than the 9’6” Suzuki. The Suzuki is thinner diameter and I consider it moderate fast action. I like the action on the Suzuki better. I would rate both these rods 3/4-3oz. The Suzuki is also a lighter rod. They both got about the same distance. The black hole Suzuki gets my vote.
  15. There definitely bent.