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  1. Huge baits and lures? Live 2lb blues or hickory shad? Hawaiian slide bait style? Only speculation as I don’t have a clue and have never caught a bass nearly that large.
  2. I’d bet you could get a haddock from the farthest end of the cape if you were willing to walk that far....
  3. I’ve tried to convince people for the same reason, you get a much better feel for things with bait. Watching for fish while chumming has taught me so much.
  4. Yummy creations made of seeds and dead things! I made cod sautéed in butter yesterday.
  5. I learned by copying
  6. Rob22, I love the conventional gear! It’s takes the beating that the canal gives, though the retrieval rate of a spinning reel is nice too. Other than the freak occurrence a few years ago, and the happy days of the late 90s early 2000s the canal hasn’t been keeper factory for me. In fact I’ve seen more people go fishless there than anyway else, especially during summer. I know it’s a slimy, bloody mess, yet it’s the only way I’ve consistently caught large schoolies (now considered small keeper sized) during the day is by carefully drifted bait while chumming. In the past 10 years I’ve never seen anyone else do it. In 90s people did it all the time.
  7. Bang on assessment of the canal.
  8. A few times I have had the pleasure of watching the bass ride the tide out of a creek or onto a flat.
  9. Bass ride the current everywhere. I’m guessing it’s less energy expended.
  10. I’ve been using my beater glass fly rod for hickory shad the last few evenings.
  11. On a more serious note I love glass rods. If I have to cast very far, or need a super sensitive rod for senko fishing it’s graphite. If it’s small boat fishing with a different methods it’s hard to beat a glass rod that does a bunch of things well enough. I’m building a pair of spinning rods on glass blanks right now with minima guides. Mostly kid proof, and no chipping of guides.
  12. How did I miss this thread?!? Ode to glass rods: In the age of graphite, they are not for everything They don’t need to be so Hand it to kids Drop it on a rail Swing a fish in Worry not it breaks
  13. Anyone else seen a falcon hunting miles out to sea?
  14. Barry understands.
  15. There is a difference. No one owns the ocean and access is an ancient right. Land away from the ocean doesn’t block access to the ocean. The wealthy would like to monopolize access to the ocean, effectively shutting out every other user. Having lived away from the ocean, the only other geographical feature that comes close are mountains, most of which are (rightly) in parks. Those who who rant about property rights of largely absentee land owners are effectively supporting shutting access. I cannot put it more politely than that. It truly is the few (way less than 1% of property owners) versus the many. A substantial number of the people trying to limit beachfront access own 3-5 houses. Their goal is complete and total exclusion. Fortunately, their intentions are the sort that look horrible in daylight, so when exposed to newspapers or courts tend to fair poorly. I would rather not divulge exactly how I have come to have that information as it would reveal too much on a public forum. However, If you think I am full of crap to do one of two things: either attend many local zoning or planning board meetings, or go request the records of them. As I stated in all of these posts, the divide is income and ownership of beachfront land. It cuts through political beliefs, community ties, etc. There are plenty of homes for sale on the cape 2-3 lots back from the ocean for those who do not wish to worry about the peons being visible. Again, those who do damage should be dealt with individually. When I lived in South Boston someone broke a car window while drunk on my street. Did that imply that all the bars be shut, and the purchase of liquor by residents banned?