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  1. I like the skipper butterfly. If I wasn’t a hack fly tier I’d try to make a fly of one.
  2. Rods sold please lock
  3. I’m always a little jealous of the past…
  4. I’ve caught numerous live fish from cod to stripers to bass and trout with hooks in them. All were active feeders despite having swallowed a hook.
  5. Honestly I don’t think you would find many trout due to water temperatures but bass fishing should be good to excellent in any tributary and even near Alexandria Bay. Much easier fly fishing and should provide fast action.
  6. So I bought a used (now 7 yr old) tohatsu 8 hp 4 stroke. I’m new to 4 stroke engines. The manual states that the oil level should be 600-800ml. I put in 800ml. However the manual stated I need to start the engine and wait 5 more minutes before checking the dipstick. my question is does the oil level directly correspond to the amount put in?
  7. Mid cape- old exit 6 now 68. I can meet up anywhere
  8. Try the Nantucket Sound side of things- bays and channels.
  9. Last price reduction: 90 shipped $65 picked up (Cape).
  10. My glass fenwick 7wt is the easiest casting rod I own. Last week I bought a graphite 9 wt off the forum here. It is not easier to cast, and doesn’t cast much further for me, but punches line into the wind far better than my glass rods.
  11. I’m far from an expert tier but I would agree with the sparse fly without too much flash. They cast easy, sink nicely, and catch. I’ve done a few bulky flies (beast deceivers) and catch more on the sparse little flies than anything else. Seadeucers also treat me well. The white deceiver does okay, the little (size 2) seadeucers are far more effective.
  12. Price reduction $100 shipped
  13. Male otters are massive. I’ve seen a few in the wild and have been just as surprised as you.