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  1. Maybe I am being too harsh. When I step up to pickerel fishing, I use braid.
  2. I've tried braid for trout and here is my conclusion: unlike striper lure fishing where braid has multiple major advantages such as strength, fine diameter, hook setting power at a distance due to lack of stretch, improved reel capacity, etc, the hassle of tying a thin leader to thin braid is not worth it for trout. 2 or 4 lbs mono is my go to, I tried fireline and thin power pro. I had no improvement in hook ups and maybe a very small increase in casting distance. In retrospect, I feel more fish were lost due to trout's reverse gear (they can swim backwards a bit) with low stretch line than with than straight mono.
  3. The main cape areas where they have been caught are areas that I frequently fish. There was a 7 year partial hiatus in there from 2008-2015. From fall 15 onwards, I have viewed that area multiple times per week year round. Late in the '16 albie season I noticed a few surface feeds in the area that involved activity of fish with a more elongate body than an albie. Two evenings I lost epoxy jigs on the strike. Usually with blues give a tug before biting through. 2017 was good and 18 better. In 2007 and 2008, I saw a few jumpers.
  4. Mink are nasty! Back to bass: I love chumming them up. If I can locate very fresh mackerel, then throw a nice chunk in a decent spot, I almost always see a bass eat it. They appear out of nowhere when its good. Often it is very tough to get one to hit a piece with a hook even when they are nailing free pieces.
  5. Its a favorite for sure. Mine has major good mojo at this point.
  6. The only thing it won't do is set large hooks on heavy lures well. This should not be a shock. When I use large lures I reach for a different rod.
  7. I've used mine for two years hard, taken keeper bass, kayak albies, jetty blues, etc. It is fully intact. I have battled some good sized albies to the boat without being too careful. Small (5") sp minnows fly, and no other rod I have ever used throws 1/2-3/4 ounce metals further. It is no slouch casting soft plastics either, I like it for albie snax better than my other rods.
  8. Trs86mhf2 or trs86hf2 make good great schoolie or fluke rods. 3/8 jig heads work fine with the mh. With the right payload it casts very far.
  9. Glad to hear musky rods as a suggestion. Some of the cape shops have some in stock. Those large low profile reels may be the ticket.
  10. This year I will be doing more boat fishing. I have trolling stuff, along with light rods. What I don't have is a rig for daddy mac swimbaits, the larger sebiles, and large swim shads. All these lures are from 3-8 ounces. For at least part of the season I want to have a conventional setup rigged with one ready to go. Reels will likely have 65 lb braid. All reasonable suggestions appreciated.
  11. Anyone ever bag a shore or yak haddock, in recent years? I have been tempted to try. I have caught them well within 3 miles.
  12. Building a 17' boat in my garage. After truly enjoying fishing the sound for years and years, I am going to focus on the bay this year, looking for surface action, trolling, maybe try jigging for pollack if The weather is nice.
  13. My daiwa bg10 (old style) is great- a favorite
  14. Anyone here build a lumberyard skiff, brockway or ladybug skiff?