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  1. Reel collecting!? Wait what!? Nah, Im gonna fish with It.
  2. I really want a US model but man they want to charge the same if not more than a modern vs.
  3. I target striped bass on the CA delta and 3 rods for me. 2 casting glass rods, one medium/moderate for small lures, one medium heavy/moderate fast for larger lures and one medium/moderate spinning for casting into the wind. A ‘Fish On’ with glass rods with reels spooled with mono on a kayak is priceless.
  4. My 250 vs has the round sidecover and i was told it didnt had a oring but when i removed it found out it does. Now on the 300’s that im considering i dont know the serial numbers. All I know is one is made in China looks new and i think the price is fair. The other is made in us and has a few battle scars upgraded handle knob but i think is to pricy and the last one is a used US made with a few battle scars and has the hex screws on the side cover and also has no brand markings.
  5. Is this reel made in US or China?
  6. I was told that the insane surf rods where made and build overseas unlike the other models that are made in the US
  7. I have a 250 with the round side plate and a found pretty good trick on how to unscrew it so that wont be an issue as long as there are seal kits for the 300
  8. Thanks for all the info guys!!!
  9. Sounds to me like there are a lot of weight weenies!!!
  10. Man thanks for the feedback!!! That sounds good cause im planinng to put a bait rod and reel setup for the bay/surf. Im still working on my rod, its a 11ft fiberglass blank Sabre to be exact. Just havent had time to work on the blank. This reel sounds like is a beast when it comes to bringing big fish to your feet.
  11. Thats a nice classic reel!!! I have the 250 and I love it. Whats yours worth if to you would put a price on it?
  12. Thanks for the replies!!! I’m building a rod for bait fishing so casting is gonna be at minimum. Now how about service seal kits. Are those even made since this reel model is discontinued?
  13. Im looking at the wts/wtb forum and Im interested in a vs 300. It looks new, price is great but it seems to not interest folks much. Is there something bad about this particular reel model? I would like some feedback so I can decide to purchase. Thanks LS
  14. For the $$$ the Ion XL is a great rod!!!
  15. If you compare gulp alive to sardines or anchovies it doesnt smell bad.