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  1. Thanks for all the info guys. Guess I ‘ll take that money and buy some sunscreen
  2. Take stripping basket got it
  3. Well going to orlando/Disney with my kids but when not doing amusement parks going to nearest beaches like daytona or cocoa beach.
  4. Planning a trip to florida and gonna hit the surf a few days over there. Im gonna take my 8 wt Sage X rod but need help in choosing a tropical line that would work on the surf and maybe the flats. I have lots of coldwater lines for here in the CA delta/bay/surf but im pretty sure these lines wont perform good on a hot Enviroment. So far I think I need an intermediate line but since planning in only buying one line need a little help deciding. Thanks
  5. Sorry I dont
  6. Pm coming
  7. Van Staal working pad thats a bit dirty $25 shipped pp
  8. 13 decals $25 shipped pp
  9. Selling these rods that were forgotten under the bed. Both were used at the most 4 times and ended under the bed after purchasing faster action rods. They are in excellent working condition. Echo Bad Ass Glass (BAG) 10wt - 9ft $130 shipped TFO Deer Creek Switch 7wt - 11ft $175 shipped PP
  10. I use it here on the SF bay where is only 2-4 on low tide. And when the tide comes in I use my setup with type 3 line. Overall I like these OBS lines ‘cause they cast very nice with fast action rods.
  11. Great!!! I’ll send you a pm
  12. 20 unused flies $30 shipped
  13. This is the small version
  14. Bought a Patagonia Stormfront because I wanted a waterproof sling. This one is pretty good condition used once. $60 shipped PP
  15. Selling these Piscifun reels as I have upgraded. These reels are sealed and in excellent working condition. Great reels with good mojo and the best part you wont brake the bank. Piscifun Platte 9/10, Gunmetal Large Harbor, 8.3oz $70shipped Piscifun Crest size 4 = 9/10 Stealth Black, Mid Harbor, 6.8oz $50shipped