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  1. Sorry, 100 is already a good/fair price
  2. For now selling the whole lot as one
  3. Lot for sale $189 shipped The Rogue Plier Holster Wading belt Clip D ring Small pouch
  4. Selling this lot for $100 shipped 4 Super Strike lures 4 Gibbs lures On the other 3 I don’t know/remember the brand.
  5. It was serviced in the beginning of this year.
  6. $550 shipped pp
  7. ^
  8. In CA
  9. Used Van Staal VS250 with scratches and scuff marks but mechanically is EXCELLENT working condition. Comes with extra spool, O-ring rebuild kit and the VS pad. $650 shipped
  10. I can do that but you’ll get the Rio General Purpose Saltwater WF9I/I There is no way I’ll let go any of the other 2 flats pro for $25. Those are $129 lines each.
  11. Selling my Echo EPR in a 9wt. Used on a single trip and just dont use it or plan on using it, my 8wt is all I truly needed from the begining. The rod is in excellent working condition. $250pp shipped.
  12. Used on a trip meaning for a few days. Rinsed and now just sitting there. All 3 lines in perfect working condition. Selling all 3 as a set for $169 shipped. Not splitting so don’t bother asking. IMG_4859.MOV
  13. Galvan Grip G10. This reel is EXCELLENT working condition and not a scratch on it is like NEW. Comes with 250 yards of 30lb backing. Taken on a fishing trip once and that’s it!!! Realized that is to much of a reel for the type of fish that I’m targeting. $500 shipped
  14. 25 Striper/Largemouth flies that just never been tied to a leader or touched water, SAD!!! $28 shipped
  15. Pm sent