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  1. Ok
  2. You got it
  3. $35 shipped for each line
  4. Last two lines left
  5. Still available Rio Streamer Tip WF8F/S6 $45 Rio Outbound Short WF8I/S6 $45
  6. Sure
  7. Ok
  8. Ok
  9. Sorry PSUfly got to it first unless he drops the buy.
  10. Ok
  11. Ok
  12. 8wt lines and 9wt lines Lines were used on a boat trip and then later decided to go with shooting heads. Lines are in excellent condition. $45 shipped for each line.
  13. Thanks for all the info guys. Guess I ‘ll take that money and buy some sunscreen
  14. Take stripping basket got it
  15. Well going to orlando/Disney with my kids but when not doing amusement parks going to nearest beaches like daytona or cocoa beach.