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  1. Found one closing this Down. Thanks
  2. I have a 2002 Chevy Tracker with a V6 and love it. Awesome on the beach excellent in the pine barrens and just plain fun to drive. 22mpg all day long
  3. Thanks redfish sounds like a very nice gheenoe- too nice for me. I’m looking for a bare hull. Thanks
  4. fishing reel

    I love the Daiwa 1300 as tournament. Use it with 4lb mono for freshwater or 8lb fireline for flounder. Best reels ever made. If you want smaller the 700 is just as good
  5. I’m looking for the gheenoe only - what model do you have? Sorry for the delay getting back to you
  6. I’m looking for the gheenoe only - what model do you have?
  7. Looking for gheenoe within 100 miles of NJ. 13fter preferred project even better. Also consider square stern canoes. Thanks
  8. Thanks all - Spigola I’m gonna pm you
  9. Thanks I’ll check them out
  10. Thanks DrBob I’ll check it out
  11. Thanks Mike - after years of trying to get him interested this year it clicked. We had a great time catching everything from pumpkinseed sunnies to pickerel to Stripers to tog back to yellow perch and bass. Best year of fishing for me in a long time.
  12. My 20 year old son just got in to fly fishing and I’d like to get him lessons for Christmas. Any recommendations for lessons near Marlton, NJ?
  13. Want to buy Tica 1-3 ounce rod. I’m in south Jersey but will travel for pickup. Have cash or Will do partial trade for 706z + cash on my end.
  14. Where are you located?
  15. Reel is sold closing thanks SOL