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  1. Interested in looking at this approach also... have you ever had issues with them pulling loose? Do you use a haywire to the swivel at other end of rig also?
  2. Thanks for the replies... might be a dumb question but do they sell crimping pliers differently for single and double barrel crimps?
  3. Hi All, Looking to get the supplies to make my own shark rigs... was wondering if people use single or double barrel crimps/which is better? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the input guys... looking forward to getting after it this summer.
  5. Hi All, Anyone here ever participate in the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Cooperative Shark Tagging Program (CSTP)? I got some tags last week from NOAA and was wondering if anyone had any tips or recommendations. Had some luck with 3-4' sandbars last year .... Planning to use the tags in CMC, Jersey. Thanks
  6. I got the itch to fish. Thanks!
  7. I have used Gamakatsu size 10 salmon egg hooks last spring. But also liked Eagle Claw Baitholder hooks in size 10. If you're in a snaggy spot you don't need to use anything that's expensive. I found best results when tying direct to my 2-4lb test mainline instead of using a presnelled option.
  8. To answer your question... as small of a split shot that you can get away with with the nugget on a size 10 trout hook, I like to drift them through pools rather than anchor them with heavier weight to creek bottom and wait for a trout to swim up to it. But as VCE said they can be difficult to fish when practicing C&R due to the fact that trout will inhale them. Now that I am fishing way more often and not really keeping any, I prefer to go with trout magnets or other small artificials.
  9. That is my understanding. There was a chart with the code combos and translation of month/date. I think after 2017 all were upgraded.
  10. Turned out great!
  11. La Colombe is my favorite "fancy" coffee. I like the Corsica beans ground at home. I use a french press and make hot or cold brewed coffee depending on the season. If getting it out I like Wawa Dark Roast. I get a Diet Coke for caffeine before I drink Dunkin
  12. I wear under armor pants and wool socks most of the year... even with sweatpants my feet got cold fishing black friday after a few hrs... but it was like 20 degrees out
  13. I wear lightweight stockingfoot waders in the spring and fall made by Caddis with a pair of Korkers. Overall paid about $225 for that combo. I was a little cold fishing in december with this setup so thinking about looking for some neoprene for next year. My old ones were cabelas and lasted for about 9 years. Alot of people prefer bootfoot waders for fishing the surf so that sand is not filling up your boot, but I have not really had this issue.
  14. Sorry to hear that that sucks, I got mine in 2 days for just under $130 I think. I have placed over 100 orders from amazon probably and never had an issue with them until recently. The 2 times I returned things was quick and painless. The only experience than left a bad taste in my mouth was ordering a folding table for my parents from a 3rd party seller. I ordered a 6' that DID NOT fold in half and paid $10 to ship it faster. The table that was shipped came without a bx and had the shipping label stickered right to the top of the table. The white plastic was scuffed, scratched, adn filthy from riding in the back of the truck during transit. I will chalk that 1 bad experience up as a bad experience and continue to use their services.