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  1. Huge fan of CMC tap water.... love the beachy taste of it
  2. ATH, Thanks for the feedback. I was under the same impression - I think I will give them a call this week or next on my lunch break in order for some clarification.
  3. Thanks for the info....I am aware that they were 100% catch and release with the release ideally occurring in the wash. Wondering how/why NOAA is issuing tags to civilian anglers for research purposed through their APEX predator program then?
  4. Saw reports of sand tigers, as well as plentiful kingfish in the surf in CMC. thinking about giving it my first shot of the season next weekend.
  5. I generally fish back there earlier in the season and head towards the inlets. I was out there last Sunday looking for blues and people on the boat caught a few flatties. There are locations in SIC where you can rent and access some of the creeks and channels behind SIC in the 40s through Strathmere.
  6. What County are you fishing in? I'm in CMC. I have also had luck with sandbars in the past but looking to hopefully target other types this coming summer - hooked into a few that I couldn't turn last July/August wonder what they were...
  7. Peaky Blinders is one of my favorite shows - 4 seasons with 5th coming out soon. Trailer Park Boys is hysterical if you're looking for short dumb humor. Both Narcos were good as well as Ozarks. Longmire. Shameless.
  8. Adams, The list looks accurate to me. Okuma has some popular entry level priced models that I see people using (the bait feeder Avenger models) these seem to work well for what you're paying for them. I have Spinfisher and Slammers and like both of them... Slammer I got for cheap over the summer through the amazon link on SOL which made it an easy decision for me.
  9. Thanks Tony
  10. Found a NIB Slammer 760L for sale.... couple questions for people who may have experience with this reel. I am wondering what the $ value of this reel would be? What the braid capacity would be on the reel? Also, Would this be a decent reel to use for shark fishing South Jersey if paired up with a 11'-12' rod? Thanks
  11. hahah I was just thinking the same thing.... Headed out in a few hours would prefer to find my first striped one of the season but would be happy with that
  12. newspaper says that they will stay in the business of making rolls, but under a lease agreement due to lawsuits.
  13. @bob_GAt our lake house in Ontario there are many black squirrels... probably see more black than grey
  14. @DoorGunner Seeing as you're CMC guy.... any idea what the thought process is behind having the 2 fish at 16" at IBSP since it is a state park but not having the same program available at CISP? It would seem to make sense but that would only be logical haha
  15. Related to the owners. Best week of the year for me