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  1. Found a NIB Slammer 760L for sale.... couple questions for people who may have experience with this reel. I am wondering what the $ value of this reel would be? What the braid capacity would be on the reel? Also, Would this be a decent reel to use for shark fishing South Jersey if paired up with a 11'-12' rod? Thanks
  2. hahah I was just thinking the same thing.... Headed out in a few hours would prefer to find my first striped one of the season but would be happy with that
  3. newspaper says that they will stay in the business of making rolls, but under a lease agreement due to lawsuits.
  4. @bob_GAt our lake house in Ontario there are many black squirrels... probably see more black than grey
  5. @DoorGunner Seeing as you're CMC guy.... any idea what the thought process is behind having the 2 fish at 16" at IBSP since it is a state park but not having the same program available at CISP? It would seem to make sense but that would only be logical haha
  6. Related to the owners. Best week of the year for me
  7. South Jersey, CMC. Flat sandy beaches with jetties and sod banks thrown in the mix. Looking for something to throw SPs as well as 1/2-1oz jigheads and plastics or bucktails.
  8. Enjoy Camp Nelson! I'll be there in August.
  9. Looking into this rod, have a slammer3 4500 series NIB. would this reel be too big for the rod?
  10. Great work, the squids look incredible.
  11. I take my lifeproof in my kayak with me and have never had an issue.... I would need to regularly test the waterproof-ness though to trust it being underwater for extensive periods of time.
  12. Yeah great point... couple Nor Easters and it will all change by the time they are done the project. there. Hopefully it isn't as bad as it was last time.
  13. Cape May county will get more pumping in Fall 2019 I believe.... Just as the dismal surf fishing was starting to improve slightly.
  14. Few towns down... but here was one of the beach access paths.... about a 12' cliff where there was a ramp in the fall. Can only fit one car through there at high tide now. It is like this for about 6 blocks towards the southern inlet.
  15. Spend a lot of time fishing outfront from corsons to townsends... have had luck in many different spots using both bloods and the fishbites. different stages of the tide can effect where they are located in the surf zone once you figure it out they are usually in packs so pay attention to where your bait got hit. Similar to Wampire, I fish for them during the day and use them for shark bait at night. Never really had luck catching them at night to use for fresh live lined baits.