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  1. I have used ones that appeared to be dried out before... they seemed to work fine once I knew there were kingfish there and ran out of the newer stuff i put them on and continued to catch. I wouldnt ditch them yet
  2. Montgomery County PA just announced they are extending the Stay at Home order until 6/4.... in the press conference today they cancelled handing out free flags to put on Veteran's graves leading up to memorial day over fear that the virus would spread... Could possibly fundraiser to ensure that veteran;s graves have flags on them for Memorial Day or make an effort to place them on the graves without the countys assistance.
  3. Lunch for Cops, Nurses, Docs, EMTs working in N NJ or NYC area who have been dealing with the worst of the situation... auction for a family that people on the site know lost a family member to the virus and the kids are left behind.
  4. I support reopening the businesses,and patronizing businesses that reopen or are working through modified means to make it work while we are all dealing with this pandemic... but this woman called the authorities on a nail salon for being open then opened her salon.... cant have it both ways IMO
  5. have any luck in the surf for them? or mainly in the DE bay?
  6. I have caught a few over the years in CMC... Outback in the fall I caught a couple under some lights at night but they were 12"-13" on pink zooms. Caught 2 in the summer in the surf bucktailing for flounder along a jetty. I know that the larger ones have a brief run in the spring and we see a few caught everyyear as flounder season first starts up.
  7. I read the article the other day.... think it was like $12,500 each + confiscation of gear and possibly boat? Fine was based on a per fish basis * the 66 fish they had.
  8. @Wishin you are currently unable to PM due to being new to the site. I tried to send you a message but i think you need to be a member for a week and also have minimum of 15 posts. Let me think of how i can get this to work without exchanging emails or phone numbers over the site.
  9. Good, I'm glad to see them with a bust to curb this behavior. 12,000 and loss of gear is a good start and should be a message to others.
  10. Hey Wishin - thanks for reaching out! Where did you come across this? and thanks for your offer, I would love to get this for the wall!
  11. Late ish report....fished everyday since last Thursday, outback CMC. Skunked on Sunday and this morning but caught schoolies the rest of my trips. Outgoing to slack seems to be the ticket down here. Not getting any action on SPs or redfins mainly a soft plastic bite
  12. Schoolies afterwork outback CMC....first of the season so that was fun and felt good to shake off the dust.
  13. if you head from your home in PA to your home in NJ and bring food with you i dont really see the difference in risk. Im debating going down this weekend to get the us and the dogs out of the house here and get some fishing in while practicing strong social distancing.
  14. i put the window up on a rod tip about 2" down from top eye... guy at my shop hit it with a dremel to get a clean end and added an eye right back on. Works well, just a little different action than before so it is now a backup rod as i bought a new one.
  15. awesome video... watching them disappear under water and looking for where they eventually pop back up was cool