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  1. Reduced $30.00 shipped, check or mo
  2. Nice !!
  3. Reduced $35.00 shipped. Check or mo
  4. Great little metal, used for albies and smaller blues.
  5. Used some scratches, smooth and ready to fish. $40.00 shipped check or mo.
  6. Just left Ocean County, Seaside Park bay water is very high and streets are closed. Fished in the back, no fish, heavy rain around noon time. Next couple days—- ugly.
  7. When fishing in the fall & targeting blues—I try to cover as much beach as I can. I think this will increase your percentage of catching and if not you will get plenty of exercise, sleep better and fish more.
  8. Thanks, I will check out the BG.
  9. Are the B R same size?
  10. Ok, thanks
  11. Any pros and cons appreciated & what line are you using? Thanks
  12. Yes, looks like a repeat!! Hope it’s not true—-
  13. I remember a few days prior to Sandy it was crazy too!