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  1. Can’t make the show today, if someone can share some photos that would be appreciated.
  2. Thank you to Scoob, for your time and demo. With the nice work tsunami did on their plugging poles a little disappointing on the reel. Hopefully they will improve the next generation evict!
  3. Check the main section-some discussion going on the last few days.
  4. I’m in and thanks— nice work!
  5. Let’s see the 4000, thanks
  6. Any photos of the reel?
  7. Hey buddy, sold my house about five years ago, moved into one bedroom condo. Absolutely a good thing, more time on the beach and more fishing. Traded, donated and sold some- you will never miss them and if you do just visit your local tackle shop and take care of business. Good luck with your move and fishing!
  8. I’ve got an itch to fish. Thanks
  9. Chunky milk!
  10. Nice work and a good idea!
  11. Really nice colors and finish.
  12. Ok, thanks for the info.
  13. N.J., & Pennsylvania.
  14. Does anyone have a listing?