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  1. Fished O C this morning, nice white water, a little stained and some weeds. Missed one small blue, and saw nothing else, headed to the back for awhile with the same result. Maybe I should have stayed in bed !
  2. Fished O C early morning, started out slow and saw a few Spanish macs, out of casting distance. Small blues showed up, small fluke and of course cow nose rays were flying by. About 9 am the beach got crowded and my time was up ! Maybe later again today or back at it Tuesday. Good luck!!
  3. Fished O C early morning, tried for some fluke but only fish around were small blues. Switched baits and caught some blues (3-4 lbs) water looked good and weather cooperating, next couple days could be good.
  4. Fished OC from 6 to 8 am, plenty of small bait in the water with small blues chasing them. Hopefully the bait hangs around and try again this evening.
  5. Fished O C this morning, 7 to 9 water looked good, wind coming from the east, only some small taps in the wash. Hopefully the rain and storms hold off for today.
  6. Yup… agree and try to fish alone, stay away from the crowds. Just keep walking and no eye contact ! Some days… thinking and fishing perfect together !
  7. Wonderful!!! Enjoy every minute.
  8. Shimano 4000 fl would work well with the 8’8 air wave, also I’ve used 4000 with the 9’3 for that extra distance. I’m sure the 5000 would be a great match too.
  9. Gladly pay extra next year… can’t cure or fix stupid. Too too much non beach activities.
  10. South OC 6:30 to 8:30 am, plenty of bait being chased by pod of porpoises kept me interested and followed…. but no fish.
  11. Thanks for the information.
  12. Yup, the ocean is very angry !
  13. Agree 100% ! If everyone just picks up two items the whole place will look better. Next weekend will be the real test !
  14. I love catching bass... catch and release ! Two weeks ago I had the good luck of catching some large blues ( 13-15 lbs) great workout and tiring ... nothing like a topwater battle with a gorilla! Only problem is they eat and beat up alot of tackle.