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  1. They are playing good ball, hopefully everyone stays healthy, and Buck keeps that little black book updated !
  2. Best of luck and a quick recovery!
  3. Fished north OC, did not see any bait, few guys fishing and no hook ups. Nice day on the beach and a light east breeze !
  4. Sp minnow bone color, epoxy jig, Stillwater smack it white color. Bottle of water and a Milky Way !!!!
  5. Yes, agree 100% the ODM DNA 8 footer is a work horse. Two weeks after purchasing, came across a large school of blues (10-12 lbs) lasted about 2 hrs. My arms were tired, no problem landing these fish with this rod. Good luck !
  6. This time of summer, the Span. Macs. and cocktail blues, start to show an interest in small metals and lures. What is your go to lure ?
  7. Smart…. Great looking glider !
  8. For any smaller fish, blues, albies spanish macs, I switch to a smaller shimano 3000 . You can cast this all day and never get fatigued…. An absolute nice set up and my favorite.
  9. I have the 8’6 paired with vr50 and also 4000 stradic. Both reels work fine and a nice light setup for plugging. Good all around beach rod for fishing.
  10. Fished early O C today and found some bunker, stayed with them and kept changing lures and finally two fish, one nice fat bass 31 inches and one blue at 28 inches. All fish released and we all went home happy !!
  11. Fish O C early morning, water, weather looked good, the only activity was some porpoise’s about two hundred yards out and that was it. Maybe head out later for another try.
  12. Today there was a car stuck in the sand at one the 4X4 entrance to the beach. I guess with the free entrance fee anything can happen and will !
  13. Fished in the back early morning, topwater and bluefish (7-8 lbs). Also my 30 lb. fluro leader must of tasted like candy, had to change three times. May have to up my leader to 40lbs. Two and three fish fighting for the same plug, no big gators but they were hungry!!
  14. Flex tape
  15. Thank you for all your responses ! What ever works for you in your areas fish on and catch. To me this is the most exciting and entertaining, there is nothing like this in the quiet early morning wadding and having a fish attach a topwater plug ! By the way my favorite is smack-it (large and small) and tsunami poppers. Good luck !!!!