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  1. Fished OC out front, right time-right place, started with metal, next small swimmers = zero. Tried throwing buck tails and that was the winner today. No bait, no birds just bluefish, hard south wind and some fog.
  2. Sorry to hear this, prayers to you and your family.
  3. Fished OC this morning, small blues 2-3 lbs. was definitely an improvement. Water cleaner and air temps much improved also, maybe the fishing will pick up next couple of days, no fishing for me until Tuesday or Wednesday. Good luck!
  4. Fished OC, I thought today was May 21, it feels like March 21. Hope the wind backs off, maybe try again later. Friday into Monday will be crowded and crazy!!
  5. Fished the back bay this morning, only saw one small blue caught, water seems colder, air was colder, if you can hide from the wind it’s not bad. Ocean sounds and looks brutal!
  6. Six to eight inch pencil with a rattle, white/yellow or white/red with one hook on the rear. If you can cast...they just keep on chasing and biting, I hope they show up and cooperate real soon.
  7. Fished OC 7 to 9, water and weather looked real good. Saw some small stripes and small blues caught all on plugs and It just turned off at about 8:30. Next trip smaller plugs, paddle tails and a lighter outfit. Shoulder needs a little break after three straight days but everything else is telling me go back !!
  8. Travel light! Surf belt and a small surf bag with three tubes, 4-5 plugs 4 metals and some rubber paddle tails. Usually fish sandy beaches and try to cover as much beach as I can.
  9. South OC, fished 7 to 9 tried topwater, swimmers, rubber and small darter, no fish but the weather much better than yesterday. Water still cold and clear maybe next few days will be more productive. Still a good day!
  10. The early morning routine: I usually fish with a small bag of plugs, maybe 6 or 7, some metals, and before I change plugs I like to walk the beach 200-300 yards, change plugs and head back. Start with topwater, swimmers and metals & epoxy jigs. After that usually pork roll egg and cheese sandwich... Never a bad day of fishing !
  11. Some nice wood there!
  12. Sorry for your loss, prayers to your family.
  13. My opinion and experience there are a few reels that stand out for me. The Shimano stradic and the VR50, after every outing a quick rinse and they are ready for the next trip. Both light, smooth, and good beach reels for those long walks & hours of throwing light metals, plugs.
  14. Great tradition, lifetime of good memories! Good luck and stay safe.
  15. Nice trout & good video !!