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  1. Fished OC today in the back...and lots of exercise, casting and wadding. Water clean and a beautiful day with no fish!
  2. Nice! You put the time in-only good results
  3. Hey BBB, your absolutely right, the cold air during the night shuts it down. If the temps can stay above 40, they will start feeding & chasing bait. Find the bait and you will catch fish, Hopefully soon!
  4. Great- keep the photos coming!
  5. I’m in for the Scabelly. Thanks!
  6. Fished OC in the back, hard south wind and when it calmed down a bit was much more fishable. Was using a small swimmer and missed two blow ups in shallow water, maybe give it another shot Sunday and hopefully the cold weather is behind us.
  7. Nice !
  8. Thanks, some great looking plugs there today!
  9. Any pictures or videos would be great! Thanks
  10. I carry and use both, the talking popper is a blue magnet and the ss I use more when the bass are in town. Can’t go wrong with either one!
  11. Nice work!
  12. Please share some photos of the show!
  13. The excitement is building... just need some warmer weather! Cabin fever is almost over—or just go to the Berkeley Show Sunday and see everyone!
  14. Yes- March to December (NJ) my back-up rod & reel are in there 95% of the time.
  15. Can’t make the show today, if someone can share some photos that would be appreciated.