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  1. Hi. I would like to order: 3/4 12 pc. (2 sets) Jig with tail: White-3 Nuclear chicken-3 Parrot-3 Mean green-3 1oz 12pc (2 sets) jigs with tails: White-3 Pink-3 Mean green -3 Nuclear chicken-2 Parrot-1 Jigs only: 3 pc of white 3/4 oz 3 pc of chartreuse 1oz Please pm me price and shipping costs and PayPal
  2. Hi. The swimbait heads with tails still available? Can order?
  3. Can you take shimano tomorrow with your, probably I’ll take it
  4. Not the best area for driving, but possible, Brooklyn will be better
  5. Looking to buy Tsunami Airwave TSAWSS-1202H in good condition for fair price. Can make a pick-up and pay cash in Brooklyn or shipped with PayPal. Thank you
  6. Hi. I can offer $180 shipped, the new one possible to buy for $240
  7. Hi. What conditions of the rod, guides?
  8. Hi. What is your location? How far from Brooklyn?
  9. If you change your mind let me know, maybe &110 can make it? Thank you
  10. Hi. I offer $100 shipped