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  1. Its funny that you say that because I agree. Our fishery is horribly managed. Half of the times when I head out there to fish, I end up coming home with a complete sense of disgust and loss of hope for humanity as a whole. We may be the smallest state, but we have the largest scumbag fishing community.
  2. you might want to learn the double haul cast as well as check whether you are casting the right size flies for the right size line. A ten foot cast is going to put you at a real disadvantage.
  3. Those guys are usually the first to wake up in the ponds here in Rhode island. When the bass and crappie are still sleeping about a week after thaw, these guys are around going crazy for streamers.
  4. Personally, I use intermediate line by RIO. It gets the job done for me when im striper fishing.
  5. From what I've seen beavers can be very beneficial to small brook trout streams when you have maybe 1 or 2. They build small dams that in turn get overwhelmed when the beaver goes up stream. After a while, the dam gets almost buried with sand and a deeper pool forms below it. I know what you mean though, as a property owner, I've had huge problems with beavers killing tons of trees and destroying the value of my property.
  6. I don't know how the seasons influence the weather in Germany, but here in Rhode Island things seem to heat up for fishing. Either that or the blustery winds and dropping temperatures weed out the 95% casuals that fish for trout in the state. The brown trout seem to go into a frenzy as they begin to fight one another for prime spawning grounds in both lakes and rivers.
  7. I doubt anything will happen. Just look at DEM's ****** attitude towards our beloved native brook trout. They'd rather stock the hell out of the streams instead of allowed a critically endangered population of trout to flourish. Its all just politics.
  8. On the farmington river we have these and the EPOs have told me before that they're protected. Idk why you'd want to eat river mussels anyway.
  9. I was under the impression that they go up in the fall and then comeback down in January/February. As they're coming off of spawning they're supposed to be extremely aggressive. At least according to the books.
  10. There's a lot of bait around, but not as much fish as I'd like if you're going without a boat. Not to mention that southern Rhode Island is essentially one giant tourist trap. So far I've seen way more people fishing in my spots than actual fish. Personally, I'd recommend skinny waters charters. They are a catch and release only charter this year, but I have confidence that they will put you on the fish.
  11. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I understand that it isn't easy giving any hard earned information away over the internet to a complete stranger.
  12. Is anyone excited for the sea-run trout coming again in Connecticut? Personally, I dont have a lot of experience with them, but if anyone could give me a few pointers, it would be greatly appreciated. If you don't want to leave your information out there for the powerbait abusers/skullbashers you can feel free to private message me. I'm a huge advocate for catch/release and overall trout conservation. I've read all of the other posts about it and I'm hungry for more information. Tight lines everyone.
  13. Brookie fly fishing is the best. I love how they take dry flies. They hit dry flies in the same way great whites hit seals.
  14. My suggestion is to look to your local wild brook trout streams. I'm not sure if you have any of those, but usually small stream fly fishing with terrestrials works wonders. When the going gets tough, the tough go up into the mountains with their 6 foot fly rods and catch wild brookies. I've had most of my success on high visibility spiders with rubber legs in size 14.
  15. According to the Connecticut DEEP reports, the striped bass populations are out of control. I remember reading an article on the subject and they even went as far as to decrease the size restriction to 22 inches. They said that the maximum sustainable yield couldn't be upheld because the stripers were eating all of the baitfish. I guess they just wanted to distract people from the pending crash.