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  1. Good to know thanks tony
  2. Tony dose this include repair and servicing dept? ive got an SSV 4500 thats needs some looking into. also is it true you have a special rate of service for SOL members? this would be the first time i would be sending this reel in for repair. so forgive all the newb questions. Lue
  3. Thanks I dulled it out today it still seems functional but I'll give it a soak in penetrating oil just to be safe
  4. Hey fellas I've had this reel for several years now but stopped using it for the past two years because of the hard grinding I would experience once I use it under load. It reels freely when it's not pulling weight but once I attach a 3oz plug to my line it is a labor to reel in. I've already replaced the main gear and pinion with the new machined gear set Penn had fabricated. Ive replaced the oscillation gear and block even updated the bearings under the rotor and still nothing improves its performance. I wanted to know if anyone has similar experience and found the solution to this issue. I would have mailed to Penn for servicing but the caronavirus situation has halted there repair service so I'm left having to figure it out. Any help would be appreciated. Lue
  5. You guys have been so damn helpful thank you so much. I'm deff going to look into the polypro shirts to have on hand just in case though I think from what y'all described I may already own a few thanks to the in-laws. Thanks again fellas
  6. Thanks for the in-depth advice. I usually wear swim tights beneath the suit and have done fine. And used a neoprene beanie for head coverage to keep my head warm. Would you think a full hood be a better idea in terms of head coverage? I'm a bald dude now so would like to keep my brains from turning into ice
  7. I've read about guys putting on rashgaurds under their suits dose this do much for warmth? I intend on wearing a thin surf top on top of everything to cut the factor of wind chill down
  8. no just wading to rocks i just dont want to think about waders filling with water if im swept off a rock
  9. Heya fellas just wanted a general opinion about wet suiting montauk mid to late Nov. I have a 4/3mm wetsuit and dont know if it would be warm enough to fish the end at that point in the year. ive gone in aug and sept past trips and it seemed to fit the weather. it was actually warmer using a 4/3 previous trips but wanted to know all of your thoughts. Lue
  10. Hmm. I did only service the bearings that where in the gear housing I didn't open the rotor up. Can you link me to where I could buy replacement bearings and the gear sets you mentioned. Thanks for the reply
  11. Hi I apologies if this is something that has already been addressed on this forum. I've had a a penn SSV 4500 for several years now it worked great for a year or two than started noticing a grinding of sorts happening when turning the handle. I opened the reel up didnt notice any wear on the gearing and regressed the main gear and pinion gear yet the grinding still continued, I fished it as is and noticed that the reel would smooth out when i would reel in a larger fish and noticed its almost locked up while trying to reel in light weights of 3oz. ive read on some other forums that the penn redesigned the reel well after the initial release of the reel, something to do with the gears , and gear housing. I dont know if that is in someway related to what im experiencing or if penn will honor my warranty this late in the game. so just need a suggestion as to what to do with my reel. I will also add ive had an SSV 6500 BLS the same amount of time as the 4500 and serviced them both my self in the same way and never experienced any problems. Lue
  12. Check if your drag is set to the correct tension. I have an 8000sw and get no problems with distance but do notice on other reels if the drag is not set right spool will spin and hinder cast. Also if your line is on loose you may be getting a little line digging and it will hinder your cast as well.
  13. Appreciate the candidates lineman. I'm deff using no less than 5oz for jigging. I've thankfully learned my lesson by experiencing others getting cross lined. It's really the plugging I've done less of at the canal.
  14. Thanks guys I'll use the gossa for jigging . brought the alternates for the plugging as well
  15. Hey fellas So i wanted to get your opinions concerning using the right reel for the right application at the canal. have two set ups ready for both jigging and plugging. Im using a okuma longitude 10ft rated from 3oz-8oz for jigging and a 10.5 ft st croix mojo surf rated 2oz -6oz for plugging. I have a saragossa SW8000 and a penn 704Z ready to pair for each rod. my question is should i be using the faster Saragossa for jigging or for plugging. Lue