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  1. Check if your drag is set to the correct tension. I have an 8000sw and get no problems with distance but do notice on other reels if the drag is not set right spool will spin and hinder cast. Also if your line is on loose you may be getting a little line digging and it will hinder your cast as well.
  2. Appreciate the candidates lineman. I'm deff using no less than 5oz for jigging. I've thankfully learned my lesson by experiencing others getting cross lined. It's really the plugging I've done less of at the canal.
  3. Thanks guys I'll use the gossa for jigging . brought the alternates for the plugging as well
  4. Hey fellas So i wanted to get your opinions concerning using the right reel for the right application at the canal. have two set ups ready for both jigging and plugging. Im using a okuma longitude 10ft rated from 3oz-8oz for jigging and a 10.5 ft st croix mojo surf rated 2oz -6oz for plugging. I have a saragossa SW8000 and a penn 704Z ready to pair for each rod. my question is should i be using the faster Saragossa for jigging or for plugging. Lue
  5. So i went ahead and purchased one. it is very light with lots of room for additional layers providing you get the right size. ill say this about it deffinately get one size up than your used to wearing, i normally wear an XL and found that the xl efficient was a tad short on the arms. didnt inhibit casting but when you lean down with both arms stretched to manage a fish you will feel it become taught across the back. now it could just be that i have built up flexed muscle on my back or mechanically they didnt consider this movement when they developed the top. trading it in for an XXL solved the problem but it dose look like your wearing a garbage bag when you wear it. it is very comfortable to wear and has kept me dry for the few outings ive worn it. it will get warm in it even on a cooler day but you dont feel clammy. hope this helps
  6. Thanks for the advice fellas. I hadnt thought of the barometric pressure or wind direction before. honostly only ever thought of wind speed and direction to determine casting ability
  7. Hey fellas so for years now ive kept a pretty lose fishing log filled with generalized info " location, date, time, tide, bait, species caught and moon cycle" but feel i should be writing down more fine details to accurately keep record of the outings so that the following years show a more distinct pattern. i guess what im asking is what other things should i be considering when logging my entrees? ive been at this for the past 8 years and still feel a bit of a NEWBIE in this regard. any insight would be appreciated. Lue
  8. Take a look at this its not exactly a review since it is a sales rep talking it up but at least you could get an idea of its construction. I'm in the same boat concerning this top *
  9. thank you sir
  10. Flatwing could you share a direct link to Steve's blending method? Id like to learn as much as I can. Also where do you get your angel hair material from?
  11. Thanks for the advise!!! These flies look great
  12. Well here was my attempt with the materials I had available. Although I overshot a bit and it ended up being 10 inches
  13. Would you look at that lol. That came out looking great!!!!
  14. thanks for everyones reply
  15. thanks for the reply. I figured it was made out of sparsely tied EP fibers. but was wondering pattern had a name. looks like your 3rd one down is the most similar to the reference i posted