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  1. thanks for your opinion bud
  2. is the original the x8 version? im seeing it sold for 19 bucks for 330yards
  3. Hi fellas im trying to get a sense of what to expect out of J Braid. I had recently spooled my VS200 with Spiderwire stealth translucent and regret every penny i spent on the line. popped off 4 lures already during my cast. im used to using just the regular stealth in moss green but choose to try this new gimmick version and it just sucks. dont want to spend another $30 bucks on 300 yards on the regular stuff so looking for opinions on the more affordable J Braid. Lue
  4. Tied these rainbait surf candies. first time the uv glue actually looked decent on these
  5. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Its easy to get lost with all the options available to you in this sport. I've have played it safe so far keeping any fly I've tied to a typical 2 to 4 inch range. Most fitting what would being considered sparse with the exception of the few ep flys I've made. Still the prosspect of tossing a "large" bunker pattern or dense 9 inch beast fleye is alluring. I suppose ill work my way up to it. Saw 5 inch harring and squid swimming in my area the other evening maybe I should focus on that length for the time being. Thanks again all
  6. thanks for your insight @tidewaterfly Ive had a feeling alot of flies ive been casting on the sinking line were still smaller than i considered big. at most reaching the 5 inches in length but still on a small hook 1/0.
  7. Hi fellas im still trying to wrap my head around the nuances of this type of fishing. Ive been on a handfull of outings giving it a go with my beginner set up of a 9ft 9wt rod with both an intermediate line and full sinking line to fish a fast water situations. my questing is this the sinking line i have says its specialized for big flys. I would just assume a beast fly is a "big fly" but what would be considered the dividing point in length when an average fly starts to be categorized as a big fly. Lue
  8. Hi fellas im looking to buy a used but still good quality Buck tail pouch. I like the way the gear up pouches accommodate a good amount of bucktails along with enough space for shad bodies or grub tails. my budget will only allow me to spend $45 for something like this. if anyone is looking to part with a gently used pouch let me know. Lue
  9. thank you all you have all brought up things i havnt considered doing these first flies and walk away with a much better understanding of better practices when putting these flies together.
  10. :-) hey thanks man
  11. thanks for the suggestions Jabster. I think med sized profile I believe most of the bait around my waters are medium or large bunker / shad.
  12. thanks for the push of confidence, I did wet them down but they still seem a bit sparse in my opinion just want my ties to be somewhat as full as the hollows ive seen posted here
  13. Hey fellas I've been trying to expand my arsenal of flies and figured I'd give the hallow fly pattern an attempt. Needless to say it didn't go well as is to be expected tying a pattern for the first time. The most obvious reason was that hooks I was using had a reletivly normal shank length. And the 2ndly I just don't know what I'm doing lol. Just been using you tube for instructions. So I figured I'd reach out to those with experience tying these flies. what type of hooks should I be using? FYI my target species are striped bass and other north east game fish if that helps. Lue
  14. close thread please relocating it to fly tying section.