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    I like fishing but i dont eat fish so im just killing time in the surf
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    Art, Animation, fishing, muay thai, MMA
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  1. I have the guy cotton light efficient top, I use it year round. When it gets colder I just wear a down jacket layered under neath. It's more a surf top as the waist , wrists and neck can be synched down to keep splash from entry. Only negative is the kangaroo pouch in the front is a bit floppy and gets in the way if you using a stripping basket. If you just need rain protection I'd opt for a more economical Columbia rain coat.
  2. just a follow up and thank you to all!! i got the Predator and have fought a few stripers and shad before the end of last season and it has about the right amount of give to play schoolies all evening
  3. Is the 10 striper float a cold water line?
  4. Looking for a 10wt cold salt water floating line. If anyones looking to lighten thier collection let me know.
  5. Looking for a 10wt cold salt water floating line. If anyones looking to lighten thier collection let me know.
  6. Most of the lines I have are a airflo cold water striper intermediate and floating the only heavier line I own is a 300 grain airflo depth finder. I'm not as well versed in the ins and out of fly lines so not sure if they fall into the "standard aftma" you mentioned
  7. Thanks for the heads up unfortunately I'm limited to strictly a redington cause of the 50% off coupon. Otherwise I wouldn't be looking at purchasing a $350 to $400 fly rod. But figured it was a.chance to get a nice high end rod without the guilt of the full price tag
  8. You positive on that? I spoke with a rep yesterday about possibly getting an 8wt to double duty as a large mouth bass rod and smaller striper rod and was told that the predator is pretty spot on with its rating and that my 9wt lines wouldn't match up to it too well. Just don't want to pull the trigger and get stuck with something that won't work for the applications. Lue
  9. When you say heavy do you mean like in actual physical weight or the amount of force it takes to load the rod?
  10. Wow, Baldwin these are such clean flatwings! These look like they would snake beautifully in the current
  11. Hey fellas So after being a newb to fly fishing for the past 3-4 years, my starter rod finally gave out on me during an outing in the cape, anywho I reached out to the fine people at redington and was able to get a 50% off coupon towards a new purchase, so I'm limited to getting from said brand. After looking at their line up I figured I'd make use of the discount and get one of thier higher end rods and it would not break the bank. So I wanted to ask if anyone has tried either the Crux or the Predator line of rods? My application would be for saltwater North East, stripped bass, bluefish, fluke, Albies. I already have several 9wt fly lines so would rather stick to that weight of rod. Attached is a picture of my now deceased rod mid biting the dust. Lue
  12. Thanks for the assist everyone just won an auction for the 1495 below. Anyone got tips on how to restore it a bit. Get the tarnish off the metal and what not. Luis
  13. Thanks for the replies all. I did happen to find a 1495 medalist, dose anyone have any opinions on that model?
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