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    Enjoy fishing many states and meeting interesting people along the way.
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    Enjoy catching large on custom plugs.

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  1. Always seeing people taking a spill especially at night.
  2. System 102mh has bg 5000 on it loaded with 50lb power pro. Brand new never used have 2 looking for 150 and 130 on other has a piece of foam missing.pickup only
  3. Will try and make it again this year. Just think I’ll sleep on the beach this time instead of driving home.
  4. Will be completely bubble wrapped.
  5. Both reels new.Only have one box. $200 for both reels shipped.
  6. Going to reopen had to lock had more then 4 posts open. Just going to drop to what I’d take 113 $150 for both or 80 for one.
  7. Looked at the box from the 4000 i bought at dicks sporting says made in china. So I wouldn’t think anything of it.
  8. Sounds good I’ll pm you if I don’t hear anything today
  9. Give you another day to respond after that I’m going to put them back up for sale.
  10. Going to take your offer. I’ll pm you
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