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  1. Nice down there use to be couple guys from ma that moved down there and started up a charter business. Been a while since I've been down there wish i remembered there names good people.
  2. The area your referring to locally called boathouse cove from the old boathouse that use to be there.
  3. Boathouse cove some good fish pulled out of there for sure.
  4. Closed thank you Tim S
  5. Jetty and cash sent thank you.
  6. I can get sr donny for 38 new so id do $10 plus jetty your call. Taking peanut off table. Thanks Kyle
  7. Paid around 28 with shipping on jetty so you tell me what would be fair $10.
  8. or rm peanut
  9. bucktails or could add some cash
  10. Can add sebile 155 green mac stick shad or add a jointed school bus bomber
  11. Either one of these jetty swimmers interest you?
  12. that works ill send pm.
  13. yes
  14. 10 a piece jrs SOLD 25 bm 20rm 20ccw canal SOLD 15 ccw danny SOLD Add 3 for shipping
  15. Open to regular darters as well as other makers.