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  1. Big eye tuna whiting winter flounder
  2. I can see this spiking again soon Been back to work for around 3 weeks now and business as usual. No guidelines being followed at all zero.
  3. Any interest in trade for this have odm gen 9’ or fixter pikies.
  4. I’ve had older plugs change there action over time and be less productive. Some you have to constantly tweak so it depends how they hold up. Not a bad thing to grab a new plug here and there.
  5. Depends on a lot of factors but yes I’m pulling them from certain points or spots in an area I fish. Not going to get to specific but try different things in the area that’s been productive for you.
  6. Sorry for your loss. God bless you and your family
  7. I’ll take them PayPal
  8. I think if the person has an underlying condition they can stay out for health reasons. But they really need to just open things up.
  9. Couple schools of herring were moving around the area as well but nothing chasing them. Like you said small fish with some right at the 28 mark. Was out fishing the flats thinking it looked awful rough out there. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the marina that packed on a Thursday.
  10. Heard he was a good guy never fished with him myself. I was fishing that area and Monomoy a lot back in the early 2000s and on. The fishing In that area at the time was some of the best on the striper coast. Will never forget those times myself it was an incredible time.
  11. Miss fishing that area of the cape They just made it such a pain with all the Trail and beach closings.
  12. I remember how bad the poaching was before they shut down legal harvesting not surprised their still at it in that area. Think it even escalated to slashing tires and etc and still never stopped
  13. That’s what I was saying responding to derricks post. Same should go for everyone.
  14. I think Tim is right here what are you going to do let every builder chime in on what he thinks is right on every wts post. Think you need to have people follow rule 3 that sandbar1 posted treat everyone the same. I could see your point thou if the sellers sold their plugs on this site. But since most do not anymore I don’t think they have a right to do as they please.
  15. I don’t agree they could have sent him a pm instead of labeling him something he’s not in a public forum.