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  1. I never felt the ratings or (range) on a lami or what they would throw to be all that accurate. Where a lot of the newer rods have a wider sweet spot shall we say. Think some of the newer rods throw lighter stuff better where i felt lami always performed better at the top half of there range.
  2. Coffee is great there but miss the wine tasting room in back.
  3. Cant say i ever had any winter fishing projects, just repaired things as i went along all season. I did enjoy always floating shiners at a lot of those cape ponds for big browns in the winter time thou. Always liked how you could drive right to waters edge to a lot of them read the paper have your coffee while staying warm in the car and getting some nice fish to boot. Guess the most i ever did was look forward to next season catching winter flounder, then the first of many cod trips for the up coming season. If i did anything it would be fixing up the lobster traps but that was only a day project at best.
  4. Couple reels you might be able to find a deal on penn conflict or pt smoke. Got both these reels under $50 from last year models. Both super comfortable in the hand and just nice overall reels for really cheap money.
  5. Looks like someone went thru A1 (mill pond) in westboro while ice skating today.
  6. Got some fish with that circle tag on right side pic. Those tags got so embedded into the fish when they had grown up it caused them to become deformed. It also took all you could do just to remove the tag out of the fish, and by the time you got the tag out it was unreadable.
  7. Have a great admiration for those that preserve history or works of art. I'm glad there are people who are able to collect a little bit of history and pass it along with others to enjoy.
  8. The state doesn't even use the ones they have now and its a shame. No impact to environment or fish and they can generate a lot of power.
  9. davis and odm please
  10. Wilbur park you have never needed a parking pass and don't think its changed. Only problem with Yarmouth is they open and close gates late in morning and early at night in season. Dennis parking can be a problem if you don't have a sticker. Again they close gates early at night as well.
  11. Would you take $250 if so ill take it.
  12. Wonder how far down the ones with purple eyes and glitter get down.
  13. Really made a lot of cool looking plugs. The paint scheme on your green one above morningwood is sick that guy had some skills.