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  1. First time I've been able to get out in about 3 weeks glad i did. Just absolute monsters today what a bite. Nothing like that feeling when your lure is just stopped dead in its tracks, and that deep pull out to deeper water with the drag singing . You just know its a good one. Time after time today all really big fish.
  2. May 15th is a pretty reliable timetable year to year.
  3. Love the Q use to take my kids out there when they were young salmon fishing. Unfortunately only time i ever took pics of fishing.
  4. Hate to say it but when i was younger myself and a friend of mine kept some of those 8-10lbers.
  5. Nice looking brown heres mine from today. Notice front fins clipped on mine. Not big on stocked fish but this one came clear out of the water to catch a kastmaster in flight. Hopefully the new pats receiver is just as good as this one.
  6. Can't see the point of any of this. What give up fish so the guys just sitting in there boats at each end of canal take the fish home. No thanks think ill stick to rules that apply to all rec fisherman.
  7. Appreciate offer but just think ill keep as a back up at this point. closing post
  8. Going to open this up to WTS or WTT heres pic of reel. Going to put price tag of $150 for combo pickup. Forgot to add pic of reel.
  9. Couple really good spots you can reach but when water levels are high you can't get to those areas.
  10. ----
  11. Fenwick travel rod new, tips are medium light and medium. Pt smoke light use spooled with 10lb pp high vis yellow. Looking for surf rod 10' or 10'-6". In central ma area but will travel.
  12. For me nothing on metal. The guy fishing shiners on the bottom near me at the first drop off near shore was hitting them somewhere around every 15 min. So no more then 10 feet out he was getting them. That area has a good drop though goes from 2' to about 6'.
  13. Screw it I'm going now.
  14. Hmmm i think ill head back to that area then later today. Thanks