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  1. Is the pikie a winch also or a fixter?
  2. Use to be a small space in between the two rocks we use to squeeze between when I was a kid. Can’t believe how much that area has changed.
  3. The flesh can be misleading the best way to tell is from the skin color. But if it’s that bright red coloring it usually points to a newly stocked fish.
  4. Will usually be a darker shade with brighter spots then stockies in same area.
  5. Cold today but trout were actively feeding.
  6. Been getting a few on the mud flats this year.
  7. I think the white perch out in front would be enough to deter them. There is a huge population of white perch that hang around right there.
  8. Would never be an issue with the screens they are no longer done by hand.
  9. Those rats are everywhere right now.
  10. Think I’ll be making my trips down for some tog next week can’t wait.
  11. Love the colors on the browns.
  12. Holdovers will usually be darker and have brighter colors then other fish your getting in same area.
  13. Just like anything else buy sell trade.
  14. That’s good I’ll swing by there next month.
  15. Is he going to be selling lure building supplies.