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  1. K im seeing how far that is from staten Island
  2. What part of long Island im in staten Island and interested in it
  3. No problem bud good luck with your search
  4. I have a tranx 300 not sure if this is what you are looking for.
  5. K sounds great
  6. Those 2 are used the black and pink is new id do it for the grs.
  7. The ones on the right are used the pikie i have fished but not caught anything on. The top jointed and the black with pink in it are both deep divers.
  8. Can I see pics of the silver flash. I have voorhees troller for trade.
  9. Wow those were great prices i wish I saw that I've wanted to try out the smaller ones for albies. No problem bud I completely understand maybe ill just fish these and see how they do.
  10. Sorry didn't realize the website address wasn't there.
  11. Just to give you a heads up.
  12. No problem bud
  13. Think i payed around 100 for the 2 if you want them for 87 shipped ill do it.
  14. Yeah I believe they are. The white one has some hook pointers.not sure the value of them since there discontinued.
  15. I have this one and I think an all white one somewhere if your interested.