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  1. I'll take these please send PM for payment info
  2. I'm good thanks
  3. Would you split out the jecks stars and stripes
  4. Meet me in the middle at 50
  5. That's a minnow right bro
  6. Bump
  7. PM sent for payment info
  8. Wts various plugs immediate PayPal please. 1. Beachmaster needle 35 shipped 2. Lights out 20 shipped 3. Rm Smith shark plug 60 shipped 4. Yozuri surface cruiser 30 shipped
  9. I really wanted those but didn't have the cash at the time
  10. Arsenal's and an Enzo
  11. Updated photo
  12. There you go bro.
  13. It's new mint in package can throw in a darter for a kicker
  14. What kind of superstrikes. I have a 3 oz bunker popper and can throw in a kicker