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  1. Are you interested in the new 3 oz bunker popper
  2. Can you post pics showing the condition
  3. Sorry forgot I posted them elsewhere
  4. I have some 2 oz crackle darters if your interested and a green mac darter for 55 each shipped.
  5. Any other colors you interested in I have black over yellow and a bunker for 45 shipped each
  6. I have Wahoo surfster i would trade for your weasel
  7. Insterested in any trades
  8. I have one of the Squids pictures dont do it justice
  9. Oh ok no problem bud well good luck with your sale it should go quickly.
  10. I have a bunch of plugs if your interested in any. I'm just looking for reel to use on my kyak
  11. Interested in any trades for the reel.
  12. My apologies as well I thought I had put the price in my original picture. It won't happen again.
  13. Just an fyi this is a great price there 50 each at the shows now.
  14. K sending PM for payment info