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  1. Bro your price has to include the fees and shipping in the original price. It's in the rules just to give you an FYI.
  2. I have parrot bm wadd but I'd need 38 to cover the shipping. It's new as well just don't have a pic on my phone.
  3. Yeah 9, 10 are medium slims and 13 is a surface slim
  4. This is a photo I found in my phone 2 jrs one deep troller and an eel skin A40. I'm pretty sure I have a couple other trollers unless I used them this spring.
  5. I'll try to see if someone can take some pics for me in the morning. You looking for a standard troller or deep troller
  6. I'm interested in the weasel if Cwolf passes. Only thing is I won't be home till Wednesday to post a pic of the voorhees I have to trade
  7. I'll take #6
  8. What is 9 10 and 13
  9. 2nds if he passes
  10. No problem bud
  11. It's not 8 1/2 but it's about 3 ozs
  12. K
  13. I have a parrot for 38 shipped if your interested
  14. Where are you located