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  1. thank you for your response......
  2. who re-soled it ? Simms or shoemaker ?
  3. thank you.....
  4. How does the sizing run on them ? 1 or 2 size up from street shoes-sneakers ?
  5. Please let us/me know how you like those babies. I want to pull the trigger so bad but want another anglers opinion on them .....
  6. Its a flea bay special. I paid like $25.00 for it. So far its going on 2 years on fishing all seasons & not a tear or rip. I just net the fish. remove the lure while its still in the water. then release back in.
  7. caught a native fish today
  8. If I have a full day . I fish from the saxton down to bloomsbury. its a long river so I try to pick my spots & time wisely
  9. bless you @ your age still @ it fishing. & thank you for your services to our country sir........
  10. I use Maui Jim glasses when fishing in the rivers. They work great
  11. beautiful fish......
  12. up river from Pt Mtn on the musky. Im not perfect . & wont claim to be. Im always improving my ways to fish & release them. Its a learning curve. I learn as I go .
  13. caught these a few days ago when we had 88* weather. caught about 18 trout 12 inch & smaller. 7 trout 18inch & up. All released back in the river for either someone to enjoy again or home for dinner