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  1. I switched out all my treble hooks to owners single's. best thing for you & the fish
  2. I agree with this. I now use my Redingtons in the summer. no condensation issue's
  3. I used to LOVE to wet wade. Until a seen a few flesh eating bacterial documentaries from open wounds from infected waters. When I seen that it changed my whole perspective on the subject. But I shore do miss it thou
  4. I usually will walk the river in to the mouth of the Boonton. Plenty of bass just waiting there. But I stay within the rivers mouth. You step onto that property & your screwed
  5. Ive been fishing NJ water for close to 45 years. I havent caught a LM bass over 4#'s in NNJ yet.
  6. 3rd option is a no-no for me. Not gonna catch a charge just to fish. But I like exploring new spots & find it challenging to trick more experienced fish
  7. It was better when they 1st opened the spot up to the public. The quality of the fish was impressive
  8. Yes. last time I went it was $5.00.
  9. I fished that place many times. If your targeting bass. Best to work the timberline early in the am or late evening. Hybrids will be in deeper water near the pumping station. Just to give you the heads up. The place open 30 minutes after sunrise & will close on you 30 minutes after sunset. & the fishing nazi's strictly enforce it there. They will watch you with binoculars every 30 minutes. You must wear your pfd all the time while in the water. DONT even pee off the boat. You will get TICKETS... If you got a bass boat. REMOVE the prop as a previously suggested. Or you wont even get down the ramp.
  10. I know Simms has a solution that you use to wash them in. It actually is claimed breathable water repellent. I also use if for my jacket which works great afterwards.
  11. That was my initial deterrent from purchasing 1 before
  12. That munster trout is almost as large as that big toe on your foot Bennie . CONGRATS to Larry .......
  13. These type of nets used to be pricey long time ago. But has dropped as they started getting mass produced