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  1. I have a question. If a fisherman hooks a trout in general regulation water. Then the trout runs into protected catch & release water. Is he allowed to keep the trout after he lands or nets it ?. A question I always wundered ?
  2. niceeeee
  3. Short UL rods work for me. I fish in small rivers with alot of tree's and overhang
  4. Not mine saw it a friends shed
  5. niceee
  6. Throw white mr twisters. They love em
  7. Im not a stock trout eater. But that looks
  8. Montana has some real good trout waters for sure
  9. looks good
  10. I like the Costco hot dog combo for a $1.50. Can beat it for the price ......
  11. That trout a little salty ........
  12. Ole gurl was eating well .....
  13. niceeeeeee
  14. Look at her small grinded down tail from the hatchery. Just like mine fish. Its like paddling a boat with half the oar paddle missing