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  1. Lakers come to shoreline from the deep now to feed. This is the only time you will catch them from shoreline before it warms up then they return to the deep. Catching can be tricky. But as said above. You have to wait for them. Ive caught them on lipless crank baits and jerk baits.
  2. These lites are perfect for pan fish @ nite. Works great for crappies. Attracts bugs & baitfish. They will gravitate to the lite after 30 minutes after its illuminated after dark
  3. Perfect set up for crappie's & yellow perch. Use a mister twister under a float. Slow dragging it. It will produce
  4. Ive caught many of lmb in winter months. The trick to them is low & slow. Big baits seems to work the best this time year also
  5. DG, Great breakdown on the grass shrimp. I remember my dad getting it for us. He is the live bait angler in the family. He would get them in marsh inlet piers with a umbrella net. He would get saw dust from his job. Then after he caught the shrimp he would throw them in the saw dust to keep them live for a few days to fish with them.
  6. Only would only use a steel leader when I target those slime darts. Their teeth will cut thru fluorocarbon easily
  7. Never fished in Suffolk county
  8. I have been using up all my STS trout fluorocarbon leader spools . I pretty cheap to purchase & quality is good. For my local stock trout fishing I have 3lb braid tied to 6lb fluorocarbon leader with a FG knot. When I hit bigger rivers for wild brown up in W. Branch Delaware. I have 8lb braid with 10lb fluorocarbon. The fish dont play up there and they will run you out
  9. Nice offer for the live bait. When I was a kid. I used to fish with live grass shrimp. Man I caught the largest small mouths and trout loved them.....
  10. I know the location for that res. I have a NYDEP pass. But never got around to fish it. I was under the impression that you need a exclusive registered row boat to really get to the spots that produce. Shoreline kinda sux from what I was told. So I never went.
  11. The picture of the brown was caught up in the W. Branch Upper Delaware about 3 years ago. The rainbow was a stockie caught @ a semi local river in NJ. Here's the best part. I was using 3lb braid line to catch ..... The biggest brown I caught so far has been this one. It was 24 inch's. The largest rainbow was 25 inch's
  12. I sous vide chicken breasts now. They come out perfect. Not dry & super moist. You can infuse any seasoning in the bag for the bath. I did 150/1hr. All you need to do is a quick sear in a ci pan to make it look perfect
  13. I use a G-Loomis 5.5 ft with a shimano stella 1000. has been bullet proof. Pulled in many 6-7 lb trout with ease
  14. eagle claw size #10. Im just guessing thou. I havent used salmon eggs to fish in over 40 years