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  1. Nothing wrong with them. I order them for work sometimes.
  2. Sounds like a Domino's or a Papa John's deal
  3. This is sure true when your saltwater fishing on a partyboat. When you have a "fish on" and he is just running all over other peoples line. They sure get
  4. So tree. When Im fishing in small rivers & streams in NNJ. Musky, S & N Branch Raritan, Paulinskill and a few others. I grab my Ultra light 5.5 G Loomis. I wade in the water most of the time. So that shorter rod is perfect
  5. I agree with you 100%
  6. The lighter the gear & tackle the more fun youll have
  7. Looks like a costco pie
  8. .......
  9. I went there about 2 yaes ago. It was disgusting. From what I was told it was closed for a period and sold and reopened again. When I went there a middle eastern guy was making pie and cooked it in a pizza man. It was cheap cheese and sauce.
  10. They got some weird crap in Fla....... Good thou E
  11. This sounds like the way it should be cooked ............ The Jerzey Way
  12. Looks . I happen to enjoy different type's of pie's. Just not traditional. So my taste buds are open to new things. Different things are just that. Not to say they are better then the other
  13. Im close to a few of those places on the list that the news mentioned. Im going to try De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies in Robbinsville NJ Star Tavern in Orange NJ A Mano in Ridgewood NJ Razza's in Jersey City NJ The places of been to Santillo's Brick Oven Pizza in Elizabeth NJ. Pie was good imo Bruno's Pizzeria in Clifton NJ. Also good imo Thanks to Tim S and SIM to allow the edit for the article to show. Didnt know that site had all those advertising