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  1. Just got this today. Broke it in today. It handled superb. Cant beat a well engineered shimano need to send out the old for some much needed maintenance & repairs
  2. thats has some good tips on the website.thx
  3. Im using a gravity feed charcoal smoker. So using wood chunks either in the hopper or ash pan. Sometimes both If I really want to concentrate the smoke infusion into a thick piece of meat like brisket. So far Ive been getting the chunks @ lowes. I think its cowboy brand. Ive been letting it burn out for about 45 minutes to clear up before placing items into the smoker. trying to avoid dirty smoke. happy smoking JD
  4. this is what Im gonna have to do. experiment with the different types of wood as suggested. thx
  5. Im still new to the smoking game only coming from a propane grill. Im a little confused on the selection out there. Is it like pairing red or white wine to your fish & different meats . Ive been cooking with primarily mesquite for everything. But I have used Apple & Hickory. or its all personal preference ? pfa only
  6. nice bark also ....
  7. you rang ?................
  8. thank you........
  9. Going to have a gathering soon. Having a big request for my beef brisket. I have seen 1 piece choice briskets a walmart close to 20#'s. the question I have is would you try to cook a 20# brisket or cook 2 smaller 12# briskets ? pfa only
  10. looks extremely healthy. so thats a big pass from me. unhealthy grease makes the food taste better
  11. Looks . Need your opinion. Ive been told that smoking fish leaves long term residue that might influence your future next non-fish smoke. Do you find this true ? Thx
  12. simplicity is best sometimes. i was trying to cut the cook time. some have said there is no difference. but I can tell there was. even thou it was still tasty, tender, & juicy. The smoke level infusion wasnt as intense as I wanted.
  13. yes. going with the low & slow method on briskets from now on. The only thing I mite keep is the foil boat.
  14. 3 hrs is what i read for optimal smoke penetration. after that very little absorption. but i guess when the meat breaks down more. the smoke gets in there from the longer cook time of the low & slow method