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  1. This year Im thinking of doing Niagara bellow the falls area also. Just for a change of pace
  2. do the steel head run also. those fish actually can be caught on the feed
  3. There are some deep pockets of water in that area. Also depends on the dam release cfs. Usually if you can guide the fish into a more shallow area. another fellow fisherman will help you net the fish. also common fisherman courtesy is yell " Fish-on" while your walking the fish. Most will move out the water & pull their line up on the water while you travel past them
  4. I fished under the bridge in town with great success back in the day. especially if it was sunny out. problem is when they start to run downstream. Its hard to control and some deep water that you can follow the fish to try to land
  5. these are land locked fresh water salmon. some can palate the taste. some suggest that its edible when its smoked. I only took 1 home years ago after it didnt revive after the fight. Its a far cry from wild saltwater run salmon taste. the meat was not even close to pink. it was pale. The texture depends on how long the fish was in the river & how far it reached into the river to spawn. I have seen some with legions all over. & still some people took them to eat
  6. the fish from the salmon river taste terrible imo. Also contains alot of toxins. Theres an advisory on its consumption
  7. The bait shop actually rents out beds. I stayed their once
  8. https://www.the-pasta-project.com/spaghetti-allassassina-assassins-spaghetti/ Has anyone made this ? I have a few times & Im hooked on it
  9. a piece of orange or neon green sponge Strong # 6 hook. Circle hook is you C&R enough non lead split shot 4ft from the hooked sponge to bounce on the bottom 12# maxima monoline 6ft & up medium action pole 3000-4000 spin reel hold on for the ride when you hook up Tight Lines........
  10. they dont call that combat fishing for nothing . I know longer fish for salmon up there. I only fish up there after the salmon run is done for trout . Much more enjoyable imo. I just walk the path for a little to get away from other people. Youll be amazed if you walk a 1/8-1/4 mile will do for yaa to have maybe a few guys working the waters
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