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  1. Thanks Tony, I brought the parts to a hardware store and figured that out. I meant to post this but forgot. The pieces I made has remedied the problem
  2. Hello Penn, I am looking to make myself a custom line roller in hopes of reducing my number of breakoffs with the 4500BLS. I am curious what the TPI (or metric if applicable) of the screw that holds the assembly on to the arm is? I would like to order a tap that is the correct specs. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Jim, I think everything is seated properly. I decided to put the thinnest shim in there. Hopefully the line lay will not be effected that much. Looking forward to catching on it Sagg
  4. Hello Penn, I have a new spinfisher 4500 with a bail to accompany my bail less version. (I love that reel but the occasional break offs are annoying and costly) The new reel required the removal of the spool shim to wind the line on perfectly. Is it OK to run the reel this way or do I need to put one of the other reel shims in there?
  5. Things have slowed down for me from the shore over the last few weeks. The storm has brought some new structure so things might actually be better during your trip. During daylight hours I search with 1/2 oz bucktails, 4" paddle tails and sand fleas on 3/8 oz jig heads. I will often add a teaser at sunset if I think shad are around and I want my kids to catch something.
  6. hello Dan, can I get a price on skinny in the following sizes. I paint and epoxy them so naked, non chromed is great. 10- 3/4oz 20- 1oz 10- 1 1/2oz
  7. I dropped my vsx 100 off at Tight Lines Tackle in Sag Harbor. It happened to be the day that Bert picked up the Van Staals for service. I had it back the next day.
  8. I am just as concerned by the decaying weed that I keep pulling up...
  9. Thanks for the video. So many new reels from Daiwa that I am getting a bit confused as to the differences between them. In particular the back bay Saltist vs. the Ballistic LT. Why is the Back Bay smoother than the Ballistic? I see that they have different gear ratios, line capacity but I cant tell what else is different between them. thanks, one of these two reels is in my future
  10. Hi John, I could use that thinner washer. thanks sagg
  11. I will check. Thanks for the tip!
  12. Any update on the Bailess kit? I was not happy with the line lay of the 5000 and the lack of shims to adjust the gap (My reel is desperate to have a shim removed...). I am hoping that the bailess kit helps solve the problem.
  13. Hello johndtuttle I am not quite following you in regards to the weigh and load? How does the weight of a reel effect the way a rod loads upon retrieve? In regards to the reel being a beast, I am in complete agreement!
  14. I have some information to report. First of all the rod that I wrapped this winter uses Microwave20 guides. I have used these guides on a number of rods with a number of different reels. The Slammer 3500 is the only one that is behaving this way. Here is what switching the reel to a "normal" rod revealed: Less tip bounce with the FSC 9' Predator. The tip does still bounce a bit but it is minor by comparison to the other rod with microwave guides. This got me thinking so I used my fingers as a moveable guide and the second that I started choking the line closer to the reel face I was able to produce the same aggressive tip bounce. I did the same thing with some other combinations of rods and reels that I had with me and none of them responded the same way. So, what have I learned? I am not sure yet... It could be that my Slammer III 3500 is out of balance and that my chosen rod is not forgiving at all of a reel being out of balance. It could be that nothing is wrong with the reel and I have to pair it with a different rod? I am going to try it with an inshore rod and a salmon/steelhead rod to see how the reel reacts to those layouts.
  15. I have it on a 9' FSC predator for testing. I will report back later in the day. Sagg