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  1. I say ingest it all you want, But don’t smoke and drive and keep it out of the hands of kids. I just don’t agree with the money grab by the state, politicians, and big marijuana companies that was disguised as a legalization campaign. The potential negative impacts and side effects of legalization were completely ignored, due to the fact that local governments we get millions of dollars from the sale of marijuana.
  2. Hops are related to cannabis. While they aren’t a derivative of hemp, you’re correct... hops were originally used to preserve beer. While they still serve that purpose, they are more widely used to flavor beer at this point. Anyone who enjoys NE Style IPAs can confirm that there are some awfully “skunky” smelling IPAs in the market. Some are even named after weed. That said, while they might smell like MJ, hops won’t get you even the least bit high. Comparing MJ to hops is like comparing an elephant to a rock hyrax. Very closely related, yet entirely different.
  3. I agree in theory. But, in reality, it’s the will of the people with the most money to gain that control the opinion of the general population.
  4. Thanks for clearing that up.
  5. It’s being covered by a bunch of news outlets. If you think I can rant about weed, you should hear my rants about the media . I take everything I hear on the media with 100 grains of salt. That said, it seems to be legit. Cops were tipped off that kids were buying weed on social media, set up a buy and locked up those involved. Innocent until proven guilty though.
  6. They were selling commercially made edibles to children. Caught red handed doing it. And I’m a fool for what?
  7. Surprised non of the resident pro-mj guys wanted to comment on this..... oh wait, no I’m not.
  8. I just heard a radio story this morning about adults in Lawrence that were selling edibles to kids through social media. One of the kids was 13. Apparently some of these deals were taking place right outside of their schools.
  9. Times have certainly changed. These days, especially with cell phones, every move a cop makes better be justified. Otherwise the department with have a civil suit in their hands.
  10. Did you have equipment or driving related offenses?
  11. I never once condoned discrimination. How many of these people were pulled over for looking like MJ users? How many of them had driving/equipment issues that were cited as the reason for the stop? At what point does pulling someone over become discrimination?
  12. Fixed it for you. It boggles my mind that you say this and then cry foul on the cops for going after MJ users. Where is the disconnect? If someone is willing to illegally use a drug and commit a felony lying about their use, what other laws would that same individual be willing to just throw by the wayside? Seems to me like the cops might have been on to something.
  13. Form 4473 would be used for any purchase of a firearm from an FFL dealer. Shotguns, rifles, pistols, etc. They wouldn’t use a different form for an FID holder vs. an LTC holder.
  14. Marijuana use isn’t an automatic disqualifier in MA. So unless the marijuana user gives the cops a reason to pull his/her LTC, they are most likely safe. However, the chief technically still has discretion over LTCs, so if they feel like marijuana use should disqualify someone, that’s all they need to say no. The real issue for marijuana users is with the ATF. If you’ve ever bought a gun, you’re most likely familiar with ATF form 4473. Question 11(e) asks if you are an illegal user of marijuana. It clarifies that the federal gov’t still considers marijuana an illegal drug, so any use of it is considered illegal, regardless of your state’s laws. Lying on this form is a federal felony. The ATF can pull your LTC in a jiffy too. No questions asked, all they have to do is snap their fingers and poof, gone.
  15. Don’t know for sure, but I would think that is is very few.... they’d usually tell you to save the $100 fee if they knew they wouldn’t give it to you. That 2% is probably at the state level. I’d bet the number is higher if you looked at the department level. The thing is that those aren’t documented. They’d just not file the application and save you the $100. They’d probably tell you not to bother if you had an automatic disqualifier on your record too, like an OUI conviction. I would think that nearly the only thing that gets an LTC application denied would be lying on the application. Or maybe an automatic disqualification after the application date.