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  1. I think they’re pretty common for fly tying.
  2. Does this count? Saw him running around my chicken coop and going under my shed yesterday. Set traps yesterday with no success. When I just saw him scurrying around the coop, I took matters into my own hands. Used an old mechanical that I’d never shoot at a deer. I’ve got a red Fox with pups living in my back yard. I threw it to the den for a free meal for momma.
  3. Have to also assume they had no radio. When I was young and stupid, I made a couple 18 mile trips to Stellwagen in my 17’ cc. Picked my days very carefully and still got into some hot water on the way home one day. These days, I’d say anyone going more than 5-6 miles out in a 17’ boat with no radio is asking to die.
  4. Just the gas needed to get 50 miles off shore and back would weigh that thing down. Add in 4 people, gear, a cooler full of ice, and I’m positive that in those conditions, getting up on a plane and maintaining it would be difficult. I’ve had 4 people out on my 17’ proline and to be honest, it’s very difficult to control in anything but perfect conditions. I’m sure they never even made it out much further than where they were found. Boat probably came down off the plane, and quickly got swamped.
  5. Home made potting mix will save you a ton of money, especially if you’re using a ton of it. 3 parts compost 3 parts peat moss 1.5 parts perlite 1 part water I use a five gallon bucket to measure and mix in a 7 cubic foot gorilla cart. Rehydrate the peat moss with the water, then mix in the perlite, then mix in the compost. What you end up with perfectly fills a 32 gallon brute trash can. I buy the compost by the yard, but you might get lucky and be able to get it for free at your local dump. Home Depot sells the big 2 cubic foot bags of perlite for about $18. Peat moss has doubled in price since Covid, but a 3 cubic foot bag of it is $23. So with today’s prices, if you get the compost for free, you’re looking at roughly $41 for 64 gallons of potting mix, which is the equivalent of 4 big 64 quart bags of potting mix. Add in a few bucks extra if you have to pay for the compost (I pay $32 for a yard, which is a ton if you’re just making potting mix). The other benefit to this mix is that it allows you the ability to fertilize with organic, or your choice of fertilizer. The prices are insane, but this definitely saves money. A year or so ago, it would have cost about $30 for the same amount, but the peat moss prices killed that.
  6. Comes down to the courts again. The courts in MA pander to criminals and people who break the law. People get 19 chances to do the right thing. The judges and clerks waive their magic wands and make everything go away. Id wager those EPOs have written 1000 people tickets, only to see 900 of them go away via the courts. It has to be a mind numbing process for those that are tasked with enforcement when the judicial system accepts every excuse possible to have stuff thrown out.
  7. There’s gun and drug traffickers in this state that are released on bail to keep doing what they do, only to have their charges dismissed down the road. Fishermen, whether rec or comm, will never attract any interest from MA courts. They’re an absolute joke. Now, if the feds want to come in and start enforcing federal statutes, cool, but most of what we’re talking about here is state and not federal.
  8. A bell sinker on the bottom with two floating or slow sink jigs on dropper loops is probably going to be your best bet. Squid hooks snag EVERYTHING. I wouldn’t want to be casting a fast sinking squid jig off the beach.
  9. I don’t disagree. But technically speaking, at this point in time, they’re rifles.
  10. I agree completely, however 99% of AR pistols are now considered rifles, and therefore not legal at night for coyotes. Essentially the brace has to come off and the gun can’t be made to be shouldered.
  11. A 5 gallon bucket trap works well for chipmunks. Bunch of different ways to do it, but essentially a bucket, with a stick over the top, roughly 2.5 gallons of water in the bucket and a layer of black oil sunflower seeds on top of the water. They’ll jump in to get the seed and drown. Cruel, but effective. I also have a bunch of groundhogs, so we built a fence around the garden with T-posts and 3’ hardware cloth. It was very effective in keeping out the groundhogs and rabbits. We have a bunch of chipmunks too, as well as a squirrel here and there and they seemed to leave the garden alone for the most part, EXCEPT for when we grew sunflowers along the fence line. The squirrels and bird destroyed them all once they went to seed.
  12. I’ve got a greenstalk. I think it would be good if you had a very small space to work with, but I much prefer growing in raised beds.
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