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  1. The “independent autopsy” was performed by a man that spoke at a rally with the family. Doesn’t sound too “independent” to me. And if you believe anything the family attorney says, you’re drinking the koolaid. There’s 0 chance the other three get any criminal conviction. Let’s chat when this is all said and done.
  2. HAHAHAHA! You’re going to call our reading comprehension as our issue? When you CLEARLY missed the fact that my comments regarding cartels, Russia, China, etc were about LOOTERS, not protestors.
  3. That would be pointless. Shoplifting is on Rachel Rollins’ list of crimes that she declines to prosecute. As are disorderly conduct, receiving stolen property, disturbing the peace and wanton destruction of property. It literally is her agenda to allow people to steal and destroy property without consequences. These are her people hucking rocks through windows and jumping out with arms full of clothing and shoes.
  4. For sure. No doubt the white supremacist right is paying people to start ****. There’s no better way to drag down these peaceful protests than by overshadowing them with looting and destructive animals causing problems.
  5. I’ve read theories that cartels are spurring riots as well. No better time to move 1,000 pounds of fentanyl than when the country is burning and you can fly under the radar. Obviously, it’s just a theory, but I think it’s a case of “when there’s smoke...”
  6. FB profits from it. Major media profits.
  7. A couple paid idiots.
  8. Bingo. The problem is that the large majority of people don’t understand the concept and detriment of over-charging someone. Also, these people will “protest” no matter what - even in cases of perfectly justified use of deadly force. Considering the fact that Floyd didn’t die of asphyxia or strangulation, this cop will maybe, MAYBE, get manslaughter, if anything at all. I will guarantee that this guy doesn’t get a murder conviction. The fact that pre-existing medical conditions and drugs contributed to his death will probably be enough reasonable doubt to clear him of manslaughter too. And people will riot again when that happens, probably even worse. The other thing that the news doesn’t drive home is that these looters are literally fueled by terrorists, both domestic and foreign. Take into consideration that some of the arrests In Boston are bragging about being paid to agitate/antagonize. Danny Linskey, the former commissioner of BPD, came out with a fascinating statement explaining how they have solid evidence that Russians and Chinese are playing a part in fueling these riots. The people smashing windows, stealing valuables, throwing bricks at cops and burning cruisers don’t give a $h!T about George Floyd, or anyone else. This is real terrorism happening across the country, and people need to understand that. It really is about turning two somewhat rational sides against each other. Antifa truly is a terrorist organization. I’m not going to go as far as to say that BLM is, but there are definitely sub-groups that act with total disregard for property and lives of innocent people.
  9. This is hilarious. I can’t imagine arresting someone for this. I know plenty of cops who are turning a blind eye completely, as they should.
  10. Technically you can’t. But, in reality, you can. There’s 0 enforcement.
  11. I would definitely subscribe to close to the same diet. Meals full of fresh veggies, some protein and good fats are the way to go. No snacking if possible. Definitely cut out dairy, grains, soy, SUGAR (besides in fruit), alcohol and maybe legumes. Sugar is the hardest to cut out, just due to the fact that they put sugar in everything- it’s really amazing how many things it is in. The benefits are amazing. I’ve lost 20lbs in a month doing this. Plus the level of energy and other positive effects on your body are really eye opening. It really goes to show truly how bad our food system is in this country. Nearly every processed/canned/packaged food in the store will have some sort of added sugar. The Whole30 is a diet based on this if anyone wants to research. Disclaimer - I’m not the earthy crunchy type either. But that said, if you’ve ever had to work a 16 hour overnight shift on 0 sleep, you’d understand how important it is to stay energized. If I can get that energy from diet alone, that’s totally worth it.
  12. Got a bunch of mackerel on Thursday. 3-5 miles due east of the south shore in Mass Bay.
  13. They banned walking on the beach?! That is absolutely insane. I’d be taking the ticket or fine or whatever and telling them to shove it. I wouldn’t even wear a mask while doing it. I’m trying to rack my brain and figure out if they can even stop people from walking on public property. It’s not like they can trespass you if you refuse to leave. I’d be fairly confident that they have 0 legal grounds for restricting walking on the beach.
  14. At what point do we say sorry to those that are high risk (50+ WITH preexisting conditions) and move on with our lives. I’m sorry if you’re high risk, you might have to live in a bubble for a year, but life isn’t fair. And what’s even less fair is the gov’t crushing peoples’ lives and small businesses. Self policing and responsibility is what we really need here, not full shut downs.