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  1. Were you ever?
  2. You a PO?
  3. Go do 900+ hours in the academy and then tell us about the gravy train. You clearly don't understand how things work. Lots of departments FORCE guys into working 2 shifts - 16 hours. You're right, no one is twisting their arms, because they don't have to - if they don't work the double, they're fired. Ever work 5 16 hour shifts in a row? The classic line is "these guys put their lives on the line daily." Which I don't disagree with, but there's more than that. They're risking being sued every day - one wrong move, well-intended or not, could be their last. How many days have you had like that? Recently heard a story about a state trooper that got SHOT during a traffic stop. He returned fire, shot the guy 8 times, but both lived to tell the story. Guess what happened? The Statie gets dragged through a 9 YEAR lawsuit for excessive force.... AFTER GETTING SHOT to start the whole thing. Sounds like fun, right? Also, they're often the first to show up when YOUR life is on the line - this includes EPO too. When someone is lit driving home and hits a tree and goes into cardiac arrest, guess who is most likely the first responder giving CPR? When someone drives their boat into a jetty, guess who's responding and giving first aid (I know for a fact that some Coast Guard boats don't even have an EMT bag, so don't bother saying the coast guard). When dispatch gets a call for a well-being check for grandpa, who lives on his house boat, and hasn't been heard from in 2 weeks, guess who's responding? Guess who's finding grandpa decomposing and covered in maggots? I understand the initial thought of seeing a LEO working a detail and thinking its too easy, but you need to think about what he/she has to deal with during their normal shift of work. It is outside the realm of what 99% of the country deals with at work.
  4. Hey Guys, Don't post here much, but I'm currently in the police academy and I've been tasked with selling off some extra holsters and equipment that my classmates have. I'm struggling to find a good firearm/police forum in which to do so. I'd like to avoid ebay for the time being. Can anyone recommend a good classified or buy/sell/trade group? Thanks! Jeff
  5. Hahaha did I say Africa? I meant South America
  6. Brand new, unopened pack. These are $52 on the website named after the river in Africa. $30 shipped Really sweet hooks if you use big circle hooks.
  7. Brand new, never opened. I’ll never use this many. $30 shipped for all 4 packs (4) Mustad 34007 3/0 50 count
  8. Check your guides. That would be suspect #1 for me.
  9. The fact that it is easily distinguishable doesn’t help either. I could put a youtube up of almost any spot in the state, and if I didn’t burn the spot myself, no one would know where I was. It takes 2 seconds of video to figure out that someone is at the canal, even if they don’t burn it themselves.
  10. Belsan’s in Scituate. Not far up the road from marshfield. Call him ahead of time and tell him what you’re looking for. Pete’s a great guy.
  11. This is a hypothetical situation, but, it’s going to be real life soon enough. The attack last week was minor in comparison to what could happen. Wouldn’t surprise me to see a video of someone going down in a pool of blood like a seal, because they chose to ignore the warnings. And I wouldn’t expect anyone to risk their own lives to save the idiot.
  12. There were some around last year. Pod of them off the outer cape if I recall correctly.