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  1. Awesome post, awesome story. That’s something you’ll never forget. All is well that ends well.
  2. Sounds good, figured I would try.
  3. They’re given attention because of the power of social media. All it takes is some idiot to post one of these towels on FB or Twitter and talk about how the store is mocking the death of a shark attack victim on the cape - if that goes viral, the damage could be way worse than the cost of ditching the merchandise. It’s all financial and unfortunately the people that pay the price are the normal people in society. Its sad, really. A very small percentage of people take offense, but because they post so much crap to social media, it’s like they have a dominant voice. Really absurd.
  4. Very respectfully offer $100.
  5. Used it to pour probably 50 anchors. Just found it during spring cleaning. $30 shipped
  6. Seems to function fine. Cosmetically probably a 5/6 out of 10. $50 shipped
  7. No title either, it’s a small trailer for a 14’ aluminum, so no title needed.
  8. That’s what I’m afraid of.
  9. So I bought a boat and trailer in 2011, but never registered the trailer. Now I want to transfer the trailer to a friend. I have the bill of sale and the owners registration, which would allow me to register it, however, I’d rather just transfer it over to him without registering it. Can I just create another bill of sale from me to my friend and will the state allow him to register with the 2 bills of sale and the other owner’s registration?
  10. Make one out of pvc, steel threaded rod for an axel, harbor freight wheels and carpet covered 1x3 bunks. You’ll be able to make a far more durable cart for far less money.
  11. This is the setup I’m working on now. For years, I’ve run just a deep cycle for a 115, livewell, bilge pump and electronics. I’m installing a starting battery now for just some peace of mind if I run my deep cycle dry.