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  1. I’ve heard multiple reports of tuna crashing though the pogies off of scituate/Marshfield. Talked to a charter captain today that said yesterday he had a school of 400-500lb fish come through, as well as a blue shark and whales...... that was yesterday though. Today all I found were acres of pogies and nothing else.
  2. Sadly, I think a lot of sea ducks that are hunted are wasted.
  3. If they’re around that area, they are ignoring the gigantic schools of pogies everywhere. I’ve fished the last two days off of Marshfield-Cohasset and have seen 0 bluefish and at least a million pogies.
  4. You’re not going to want to make jerky out of it. It’s too strong to eat alone. Much better to hide it in a stew or mix it with pork/venison for sausage. The cheapest/best decoys are lobster buoys. Scan the beaches and pick them up. Paint them white/black and you’ll be good to go. If you want to get real fancy, you can cut them in half lengthwise and add heads made from 1” pine and keels.
  5. I’ve never found that they smell awful. Eiders are probably the worst eating bird of the sea ducks. I’ve made plenty of stews with scoters and they came out great. Just cut them into smaller pieces and throw them into a crock pot stew.
  6. 324 scup and 57 Black Sea bass.... I’m guessing these guys had a plan for these fish - and it wasn’t to fillet them and freeze them. The sad thing is that this charter boat captain will beg not to lose his license, because this is his livelihood. The state will give in to him, slap him on the wrist and let him get back out there. 99% of us would be fired and never hired by anyone again for this type of disregard. This guy will be back fishing in no time. MEP should have taken his boat too.
  7. Florida figured out a way to make it work with snook. Redfish down south are slot fish too, as far as I know. I agree with you though - there needs to be a change in mindset. There are 2 major influencers that could make that change- the forums and social media. Today, I agree with you. The current state of the fishery needs something different to rebound the stocks. That said, long term, I have to imagine that it would be beneficial. A 40” female has far, far more value to the fish stock as a breeder than a 25” fish or even 2,3,4 25” fish. The biggest issue I see with it is that you would need complete buy-in from all states in the range of stripers. Can’t have one state hammering schoolies, while other states are hammering the breeder sized fish.
  8. For those of us that keep fish, would a 24” fish fulfill your needs? For me personally, it would, but I’m curious how others would feel about it. Reason I ask is because I feel like a slot limit is the best approach to conserving the stripers. Say 1 fish per day, 24-28”.
  9. Anyone catching squid in Boston harbor?
  10. Saw a video recently of a bald eagle grabbing a guy’s live mackerel in the north river in scituate. I’ve had it happen with ospreys both here and in Florida, but a bald eagle is awesome. Would love to see that in person.
  11. Also, one other thing - common sense would tell a lot of people that keeping 2 cows a day isn’t sustainable. That said, I don’t know how common common sense is any more. Our bass regulations should have been modeled after the redfish regs down south - a slot limit. The impact of keeping 2 28” fish vs the impact of keeping 2 40-50lb fish is night and day. I’m no scientist, but I can confidently say that I can totally understand how there’s a huge difference in those two scenarios. Why the scientists create a blanket regulation that treats a 50” breeder the same as a 28” male is beyond me. Now that we are down to one fish a day and it is clear that the fish are in trouble, why the hell aren’t we protecting the breeders? Probably comes down to $$ in someone’s pocket, unfortunately.
  12. During that decade, I would kill whatever I wanted to eat, within the regulations. Realistically, that number probably averaged around 5-6 per year and nothing over 20lbs or so. I’ve always been conservation minded, so easy does it throwing blame darts and hoping they stick. Your concept of the fishermen causing this is flawed. The cause of this is rooted with those who create the regulations - most likely due to poor data and poor forecasting of fish stocks. They tell the fisherman what is “safe” to keep to maintain a healthy fish stock. The fishermen (or most fishermen) rely on the regulations and the science behind them. There will always be fishermen who’s goal it is to fill their freezer. There will also always be fishermen that are 100% C&R. There will also always be guys that keep the max, just because they can. And there will always be guys that poach. But, the ultimate deciding factor behind what anyone is allowed to possess is the regulations, and that is where the blame should be put.
  13. Gibbs pencils would probably be my only interest. Prefer to sell though.