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  1. Can anyone ID this pest? Found in the root of a few pea plants that were stunted and eventually keeled over.
  2. Just about 2 pallets per planter. I’d rip a few down and just start to Frankenstein the planter. Unless you have a real nice pallet, you’ll probably run into some issues with some of the boards that will make them useless for the planter. Also, I used the 2x4 pieces for the bottom side for extra support.
  3. Pea trellis complete.
  4. Here’s a look at the pallet planters I built this year. Due to heavy shade all around the house, the driveway was the only place to put the garden. Plan originally was to make them out of cedar, however with the price of lumber this year, I said no way and made them out of pallets (I know my pallets and did it right, plus lined them appropriately). No plans for the planters, literally just started taking pallets apart, measuring, sawing, and nailing, then just copied the first design. They measure about 48”x 26” of planting space, by about 15” deep. If I get 2 years out of them, I’ll be happy, plus I should have a house with plenty of gardening room by that time. We’ve got beets, carrots and peas going outside now in the first 3 planters. Just planted some basil from seed along with the peas as an experiment. The other three will be cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. The cattle panel arches are going to be secured to the planters today. Also going to put together a trellis for the peas today. If time allows next weekend, I may try to put together 1-2 more planters.
  5. First time doing a garden in a long time. Started seeds in March, had a few hiccups, but at this point, I think we’re in good shape for the space we have going this year. That said, some tomatoes are starting to yellow. I’m thinking they are running out of nutrients and/or room in the pots, girlfriend almost always assumes the worst and thinks they could have some sort of disease/fungus. The tomatoes are all receiving equal treatment. They were started in peat pellets, then transplanted to the peat pots with a 5/5/1 mixture of peat, compost and perlite respectively. They’re under fluorescent lights on a 16/8 timer. Really haven’t had any issues until now. Thoughts?
  6. They’re very tough to sight fish for on foot in the keys. Tried a few times. You’d be much better off being elevated on some kind of platform, whether that’s a kayak or a boat. If bonefish are your main target, I’d highly recommend a guide, since you’re only there a couple days.
  7. I really hate the concept honestly. To me, you reward your best customers and sell them the bottle at msrp, that way, they keep spending thousands in your store and they walk away feeling like winners. The business is worth way more than the few extra hundred that you squeeze them for on a bottle of Pappy. I won’t step foot in that store again, and I made sure to let him know that. There’s more to the story than just the price of that bottle of pappy, I.e. them totally gouging on nearly every bourbon that comes through the door now. I bought a bottle from them a few months ago for $250.... msrp was $100, but I still felt ok about it...... same bottle is sitting in their display for $799 now.
  8. I “won” the rights to buy a bottle of that a couple weeks ago in a local liquor store. It rang up at $250. Had words with the store manager and basically told him that it was bs to have a raffle to buy a bottle at “retail” and then tell the customer that $250 is retail. MSRP is $70. He opted not to sell it to me and then told me to have a nice day. I know it goes for $500-$600 online, but I was pissed just on principle. I’ve spent thousands in this store in the past year(s) and felt like he was being absurd to try and rip off his best customers.
  9. The small batch goes for about $49.99 here.... when you can find it. The barrel proof is going for around $400 on the secondary market as we speak.
  10. I would have sworn there was a snag and drop exemption to the circle hook law.
  11. Interesting. That’s new. It was allowed last year.
  12. What state are we talking about? MA has a circle hook mandate, but allows for the snag and drop exception.