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  1. “We (Boston) were just named the best city in the world for finding a job.” Comments anyone?
  2. You have to be under oath to plead the 5th. Realistically, if someone is suspected of OUI drugs, they'll be asked to exit the car and perform some sort of "road side assessment" tests. If the cop thinks that they are impaired, they'll take a ride. It wouldn't be much different than OUI alcohol. All a cop really needs to lock you up is bloodshot eyes and smell of an alcoholic beverage. Everything after that is just evidence to help substantiate the arrest.
  3. You’re probably right. OUI alcohol convictions are like 0% in MA without field sobriety and breathalyzer tests. That said, fighting an OUI isn’t cheap, especially if you want to guarantee an acquittal. Should hopefully be a deterrent until better tests can be established.
  4. You bought from a 3rd party seller on Amazon. Amazon was not the seller.
  5. I would use this as a general guideline to avoid any problems: Don’t smoke weed and drive. At least until there are tests and/or a breathalyzer type instrument available, you could be putting yourself in harm’s way.
  6. The SJC ruled yesterday that a person can be arrested for OUI drugs in the state of Massachusetts, solely based on an officer's observations. If you seem impaired and smell like weed, you're subject to arrest. SJC rarely allows officers this much subjectivity. I think it is a step in the right direction until tried and true tests have been developed.
  7. Will your fish eat green crabs? Seems like a good substitute.
  8. Way, way fewer in my opinion. There are definitely spots that still have large wintering populations of eiders, but I see fewer and fewer every year in the secondary spots. The population is definitely declining. The hunting season used to kick off on or around 10/1. Now it doesn't begin until the middle of November. That's a huge decrease.
  9. Just like everything else, there is a balance. Eiders definitely dine on mussels. I'm assuming that year in and year out, he watched eiders eating mussels in the winter. Then when mussels began declining, he blamed the eiders (naturally). But the eiders and mussels have been around way longer than him. It doesn't make sense to blame long standing species. I have to imagine that it makes more sense to blame new species as factors. The crabs that Mike stated above is a great theory. Here are 2 brand new factors and the timing makes a lot more sense. They're non-native invasive species that eat mussels.... makes a lot more sense to me.
  10. I agree with this. I really don’t think the eiders are the issue.
  11. Were the eiders around then? I’d be somewhat surprised if this was a recent thing, considering that eider populations have declined recently.
  12. I wonder what the infrastructure in this country looked like when the articles of confederation were written........ or wait, there was none.
  13. Safe to say you don’t buy a fishing license?
  14. Mother Earth had nothing to do with your visit. Dad put his belly stick in mom’s hoohah and out you came.
  15. I don’t think there is a department in the Commonwealth that still has quotas.