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  1. If it's not too late to be added to the waiting list...
  2. I recently took a Southport 33 out for a spin. It's light years ahead of anything else I have actually taken the helm of, but it's also way out of my league price wise, and just too expensive regardless, but damn it rides nice.
  3. They are there also. Jupiter and a couple more too. A man can dream!
  4. I used to spend a lot of time in here, way too many moons ago. Hoping to contribute more often during the coming months. Been doing some cool fishing, both locally and in places I had only dreamed of. Recently I got offshore for the bluefin bite and we did well. Others may have done better but FWIW we held our own, considering.
  5. Man, I have been searching. Both of these are on the list. Have to take a ride in a 35' Contender and a 36 Yellowfin first though. They are my pipe dreams. If either of the ones you mention are better the YF or Contender, then it's back to the drawing board....
  6. Have them both. Have had the Penn for a long time. Bought to Saragosa last summer. I'd go Gosa if tuna is your target, that and out of the box the Gosa is much more comfortable in your hand and the handle is longer providing more torque
  7. Yeah, me too. Was looking forward to it this year.
  8. This guy wasn't giving up his lunch. Let me get really close and I shot a ton of photos.
  9. Friend of mine put one in his 50 Viking. Made a helluva difference. I recently saw a Regulator 34 with one but I didn't see it in action.
  10. Nice job Kil!
  11. Good stuff in here. Miss many of the folks in those pics.
  12. On another social website I encountered a guy who does exactly what you are asking. Without posting a link, here's the number 732-295-BOAT, he says no demo on property, they come get it and demo it elsewhere.
  13. I too have gotten rid of a few with a sawzall, chainsaw and a dumpster. The Craigslist idea is also good. I've never seen anything listed as 'free' last more than a few hours. Scrappers can make a buck on that stuff.
  14. I'm thinking that if I see one when I'm hunting then I'm shooting. The areas I hunt are in western PA though, and for the most part full of coyotes. Albino fawns don't stand a chance out there. These this weekend were on the base, and I've seen them up along Lake Geneva in a decommissioned Army base. There's an entire herd of them up there
  15. I was on my way to a bike ride Sunday morning driving through McGuire AFB and saw 4 of them run in front of the car.