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  1. Oddly enough I found the knot Tim ties in a book somewhere.
  2. The current Saturday was special, bet it's even more special now.
  3. 11/16 is the day it goes from 1 to 5 fish at 15". New sled is nice, especially for togging. Easy room for 6. Looking to put a Rhodan on for next year, right now its good old fashioned arm haulers.
  4. Been out 'practice' togging a bit. Looking for new grounds to add to the log book so it's a lot of hopping but finding some interesting places to try once the season gets rolling.
  5. That collection has shrunk a bit since that photo. FWIW, I personally find them all very good, least favorite is the 12, the 10 is great especially when I can get it at or close to retail. I have been breaking into them for special occasions like it's Monday and it's raining. Secondary market has gotten stupid. Pretty sure I acquired the whole flight for a lot less than what one bottle goes for today. Here's to Bourbon Fridays!
  6. Like Ken said, multiply measured size on the drawing by 7.5
  7. 7.5 : 1 scale
  8. Looking good Kil. Wish I was there again. Next year...
  9. Your issue here is that AOL/Verizon won't support being used with Outlook. Like with G-Mail you need to give the account special permissions in the account to utilize what the collectively refer to as "less secure technology'.
  10. Nothing, depending on version. You need 2016 or later to continue to utilize hosted Exchange (Office 365), and 2019 or better to use it with G-Mail effective 5/31.
  11. Married yes, no kids.
  12. A friend of mine is a photo journalist. He got the call the other day and actually flew to Ukraine Tuesday night. Guy has serious stones, been in places on this Earth that I couldn't fathom having to go to. This may have been the first time he was scared. I pray I get to sit and shoot the **** with him again soon.
  13. Just yesterday I recovered an old CD that Awesome John gave me that he cut. Ironic his legacy shows up in this thread today. There are but a handful of guys that I'd give my left nut to share a tide with one more time and he's one of them. Talk about a guy whose heart was as big as a house.
  14. Yeah, don't even think about looking at king crab!
  15. Tom, if there's any room left in pool 2, please give me two. Will Venmo accordingly