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  1. I have grape vines, and therefore tons of these critters. So far the most enjoyment in killing them has been the Bug-A-Salt with kosher salt which is very effective at short range but better than that has been my instant on MAP gas torch. I despise these things.
  2. If you have issues with the transfer software/cable thing reach out. I do this **** all day.
  3. I just bought a 32' Sea Vee. Getting too old for the 25 footer anymore. I still like to run offshore and this one will get me there and home almost regardless of conditions. Personally I love center consoles, have since my dad bought a 1969 Sea Craft brand new. Would I own a 40-50' center, probably not, but I sure love it when I run offshore in someone else's. The 44' Contender is a beast!
  4. ..
  5. This is Millie. She's just 7 months now. Well on her way to being one of the best dogs I have ever had. Smart as a whip.
  6. RIP Steve. Gonna miss a lot of things he brought to all our plates
  7. Tom, I am still unsure. It's become a work thing. If it works out I will be there before 6, if not keep it and breakfast is on me.
  8. Wildlife managers in Utah were using a drone to count sheep. They found a big silver monolith in a natural small arena. Looked like polished stainless. Nobody knew how it got there. It made the news then it was gone.
  9. I tagged a bunch of those tog with Tim back in the day. Years ago I caught a little tog with a tag. I took the numbers from the tag as it looked pretty new and let the fish go. Later I was told that the fish I had caught (this was springtime) had been tagged two weeks earlier on a wreck about 30 miles south of where I got it. Cool stuff.
  10. BZ, you need banks or flat banks?
  11. If it's not too late to be added to the waiting list...
  12. I recently took a Southport 33 out for a spin. It's light years ahead of anything else I have actually taken the helm of, but it's also way out of my league price wise, and just too expensive regardless, but damn it rides nice.
  13. They are there also. Jupiter and a couple more too. A man can dream!
  14. I used to spend a lot of time in here, way too many moons ago. Hoping to contribute more often during the coming months. Been doing some cool fishing, both locally and in places I had only dreamed of. Recently I got offshore for the bluefin bite and we did well. Others may have done better but FWIW we held our own, considering.