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  1. Who amongst you circle-jerkers is at the Atlantic this weekend? Thursday? Friday?
  2. Have to like that!
  3. Ouch!
  4. It better burn!
  5. Yes!
  6. I like this guy. He makes good choices and is self serving.
  7. I think we need more @TimS in here. He's bringing solid content. Could raise his reputation around here!
  8. Got me a spot on fishstix for tomorrow. Mini togathon Thur-Fri. Gotta pack. Be back later!
  9. Ok, ok. So I missed a page or two. It happens. I can't keep up with you clowns every minute!
  10. Teach us how to catch blackfish
  11. Thank you! @fishing pete
  12. Pete, if you're going to make them can I get 10? 8oz flats!
  13. I just hit one of my favorite polish smokehouses got some kielbasa rye bread pickles and mustard for the trip
  14. I can pick them up for you. How many
  15. So, anyone want to fish tomorrow? Grab spots on an open charter or hit the Mimi?