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  1. I swapped out my own radiator on the sequoia today. **** repair shop wanted $370 for the radiator a hundred dollars for antifreeze and hoses and $450 in labor. I got the radiator from the dealership for two hundred bucks. Splurge $16 for new cap. Decided to run distilled water to flush the system out for a week. All In $216
  2. Over thinking it against bait stealing fish with brains smaller than the jig head is half the fun
  3. @Slayer @Kml okay now what is this talk about Raging Bull. What's the difference between Raging Bull and Sparky? I thought that was the same and also known as boxing glove
  4. Hi Squid
  5. See? That's what I am worried about. I have felt the wrath of the Togzilla and I own that fear.
  6. @Slayer Sparkie > banana?
  7. I found a guy with molds that can take Owner SSW cutting points. Hook in the back, brass eyelet for the line. I was nervous about not having a direct connect but Branford Jeff told me that design will not pull out no way. So I need to send him a bulk pack of hooks. What do you guys think?
  8. I think that Lock and Load might be doing some targeted tog trips
  9. Word on the interwebs says Angler has been sold, Capt George is taking time off and may run fluke trips for the Prowler next year. Was this news?
  10. @Billy 40 when the heck are these in stock?
  11. Tony taught you well.
  12. Fixed it for ya
  13. Still using my Ticas. Didn't realize they were this old.
  14. Of course we fish slack. Not surprised to lose stuff there -- that place eats sinkers too.
  15. I'm all over this as soon as I can eat carbs again