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  1. Book the points!
  2. Speaking of hot dogs, I did Thumans redux the other day. One and a half on a bun was the right ratio. Had to split some long ways.
  3. Scallion homage to Jase?
  4. I'm more of a Tony Luke's guy. The roast pork hero with provolone and hot peppers is almost worth going to Philly for. Almost.
  5. There is always meat in tube form.
  6. I hope you, at the very least, took her for a walk around the 'hood in her ***** hat.
  7. Ice? Are you drinking the bottom shelf today?
  8. That statue was removed today.
  9. No bowling alley anymore, but yes, White Rose is there
  10. Exactly. It's like bringing 4 bags of ice to chill your catch, then catch nothing.
  11. It's currently my bad luck piece. I bought it 3 years ago and all 6 trips scheduled since then were blown out by weather. It hasn't seen the water. If I had let Snaps invest the $ I could buy 2 or 3 by now.
  12. I went to Labcorp. When I asked for the RX they were doing IgM/IgG. By the time I went it was IgG only! I am a little pissed about that. Quest was also doing both but they changed too.
  13. PS: Maybe you should think about a larger electrified perimeter
  14. Hey there! Check out the chicken buffet!
  15. The NE is largely a liberal ecochamber.