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  1. It's a pointy stick record, NOT a world record.
  2. IUSA is NOT the arbiter of World Records. IGFA is the arbiter. IUSA is just pointy sticks fishing.
  3. He actually swam from shore.
  4. Not a world record. Perhaps the largest tog stuck with a pointy stick, at best
  5. You old coot! Go eat some gingko Balboa IGFA record is 28.8. How can you think 25lbs could be a world record? Dyslexia?
  6. $15? Wow. The place by me does it for $25. It's a committment trying to eat 4 special rolls.
  7. Not a world record at 25 lbs.
  8. The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) has just confirmed Ken Westerfeld’s January 2, 2015 tautog as the new world record. The Queens, NY resident and Fisherman contributor caught the 28.8-pound aboard the Fish Bound with Capt. Kane Bounds out of Sunset Marina in Ocean City
  9. Have you disconnected the battery yet? Or does the Kenwood have an internal battery to preserve settings? Might have to pull that too.
  10. So, not a world record. Maybe BB should up the nootropics
  11. I admit that Cracker Barrel seems somewhat more immune to random shootings
  12. *rsly. How do you tell them apart?
  13. Out of the frying pan and into the fire