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  1. Would it really matter for a splash in a pot of mussels?
  2. BTW, that meatball recipe video a few days back is banging. The soaked bread really makes a light meatball. "Bread, floaters, bread crumbs, sinkers. We're here to make floaters!"
  3. Thursday sauce. Like Sunday sauce, but made on a Thursday. Pork ribs, meatballs and sausich.
  4. The Campari is for Negronis. The Aperol is for girls.
  5. I have Campari. And Aperol.
  6. Sometimes a splash of it in mussels in white sauce is good.
  7. I have dry for Martinis and Antica for Manhattens. I'm not sure I would say Antica is sweet, but I might not know because I've never had it without bitters in the mix.
  8. Lookee here! Pasta, and meat on the same plate, like an effing animale!
  9. Rebel
  10. Not. Next stop, Chapter 11.
  11. Tell the doc you want to go for a ride to sit on a fishing boat in a week Just to hang out. See what he says.
  12. Did the find the Captain Morgan girls?
  13. "Cock"
  14. The law applies to basic research. Pfizer didn't take Warp Speed $. Not sure that is covered by that law. It covers patents on inventions developed by grant money given to researchers. Mostly in academia
  15. Essentially, covid death rate has been very highly overestimated.