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  1. Trip cancelled
  2. Frigging inlanders
  3. Yeah, I've done these large cooks a number of times. I used to do them for the Boy Scout Troop fundraiser. 12-14 shoulders over 30 hours.
  4. Oh boy. I've been recruited. Looks like I'm going to be Pitmaster for an Elks Lodge party at the end of the month! I figure I'll be running two wsm's. Six to eight pork shoulders overnight and throw on 16 racks of St Louis cut ribs in the morning.
  5. And getting better every forecast update. I don't mind a long period swells. And that s*** gets down to 6 seconds I'll get nervous
  6. We have one spot available on my Jenny Lee tuna trip Sunday-Monday. Anyone interested? Check the website for rates, BFF tipping rules apply :-)
  7. Mick, bike rides at commuting hour are the ultimate defensive riding test. Half awake coffee sipping drivers on cruise control are not your friends.
  8. Get some heavy black frame Ray Bans to go with to chrome dome. I think it will work for you.
  9. And Congrats to all on making 2500 pages.
  10. Greg, You have an unhealthy number of references going on here... smh
  11. I have a hot sauce made in Highlands NJ called Surge of Sandy. Lets just say I'm cautiously anticipating tomorrow morning.
  12. I need to get my bike up and running. It's a great form of exercise. Has anybody ever seen a fat biker? No.
  13. Nobody's going out until Sunday so there's going to be no Intell. If we catch no one's going to be able to get out there and do what we did. So this would be a true one-off trip either completely epic or a complete waste of money
  14. Heading out for tuna Sunday. Looks like I'll hit the only window between yesterday and two weeks from now. Unfortunately, one of the captains I fish with was out Monday into Tuesday. Hit three Canyons didn't find anything anywhere.
  15. Bananas. Bad juju no? So I'm watching Wicked Tuna and Greg is eating a banana and hooks up to a tuna while he's eating a banana