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  1. For the record, @Slacker, when I looked there were only 3 pictures. NOW, there are plenty more including are hero's pool fish!
  2. In other non-gay news, Spakles' pic is finally up on the BMH page. But it's the wrong pic. Small fish and no squidsnit shirt!
  3. @Sparky The pickles just get better with time. The garlic is damn good too!
  4. Are hero!
  5. Nice. I've seen Allen fall to 6 in a number of mocks. I don't expect it to happen and will be happy if it does.
  6. Is anyone here interested in the NFL draft?
  7. We share everything.
  8. I'm kinda done with her after tonight. I thought we were someplace that she wasn't
  9. On point
  10. It's really becoming clear to me how this girl has been single for a decade. While a ridiculous pairing for me as her very older guy, it's not about age. It's about the cray-cray.
  11. Post of the day right there!
  12. So, date with foot run girl just blew up. Effing crazy ass girls. One thing. One act. Shoulder rub in public. Not allowed. We're way undercover no public displays of affections. And she's off her feed and going home. damnit. This is exactly why she and I are not a thing after goodness knows how many years... smh
  13. Beat me to it!
  14. Maybe. Taking her time. Maybe she slipped out the back door