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  1. I need clam teasers
  2. Nope. A friend from grad school came out today
  3. J2 in the morning. Gnite gents
  4. And the code is...
  5. That fish is excellent
  6. South wind, off the bite. Friday I had 2.5 limits, ORL. But Ringer retained some. Ringer can't catch.
  7. I cut the backbone out of it
  8. Mackerel. Maybe let it go a little long, but smoker temp was only 185F.
  9. $3.49/lb for shoulder is criminal. Is that what it costs now?
  10. Good photos hide a lot!
  11. Reed should just bite the bullet and get a telescoping Tenkara rod.
  12. Casting lessons. You gotta learn to fish on your own.