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  1. Jwzebezus. Just finished 5 games of chess v my son. 5-0. He needs to learn and I don't have a woman ro impress tonight.
  2. Not yet. I will do that this summer
  3. That was the only advice I was capable of gleaning from corporate training that applied to dating. Gleaning points!
  4. More than enough
  5. You can all laugh at the old fat dude with the 40 yr old gf. Go ahead...
  6. When settled into those Adirondack chairs, wine in hand, ask her what has her attention in the world. Why is it of interest. Repeat her answer back to her in your own words, so you think, believe.... Let her know that you heard and understood. Do this with a number of her statements. She will feel understood but only if you rephrase her statements in your own words. Agree or disagree is another matter. Showing her you are listening and understanding is the goal.
  7. She will resist the suggestion and encourage you to go. Ignore that. She's just checking for validation.
  8. Which is the perfect opportunity to look into her eyes and say "I think I'd rather stay here and spend time with you."
  9. Balsamic reduction too
  10. It's hard to go wrong with a Willamette Pinot. But I spy a glass of white too!
  11. And ticks. Lots of ticks. Maybe you can drink some wine and call for a tick inspection. Could get you an opening to greater things.
  12. And now you know why she wants to kill you! Save that for the boys. You only have two nights left with her. Be charming! Take her on a date
  13. I didn't recall much in the way of landscaping outside of the towns.
  14. I wonder what the illegal alien population is like on Martha's Vineyard? Someone has to work the lines in all those restaurant kitchens.