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  1. Hi looking to buy used 30lbs boga. Thanks
  2. Do you have pictures?
  3. Hi I’m looking for a 30 lbs boga. Thanks
  4. Thanks guys I’m getting them 10’
  5. Hi is there a tackle shop in Queens ny or Long Island (Nassau) that repair rod?
  6. I’ll take it for $20 shipped.
  7. How’s the 10’ throwing 1/2- 1 oz bucktail and sp minnow? Is the rod tip stiff or sensitive?
  8. What about Ward Melville for 2022?
  9. SS

    I’ll take it if transaction failed
  10. SS

    What’s the weight on needle fish?
  11. I’ll take the super strike plug shipped?
  12. Can you do $200? I’ll pick it up in Queens
  13. How’s the rod tip sensitivity? Stiff or is more like a fast action? Thanks
  14. How old is the rod, do you have any pictures?
  15. Hi I’m looking to buy 10’ genesis. Old or new