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  1. you think M or MH ? If it werent for this stupid virus I'd run to the tackle shop and actually see for myself!
  2. What do folks think about a Stradic FL 3000 (this one keeps getting suggested to me by everyone) paired with a St. Criox Tidemaster MHF 7' ? TIS70MHF. Its actually the same ones suggested above... My friend has two he is willing to trade for some other gear i have. Would 3000 be sufficient? I dont want to go too heavy but also want the reel to generally match the rod...
  3. I am a boat guy as well... I have other set ups for shore casting which i dont do a ton of
  4. sorry i meant rod, It wont let me edit for some reason.
  5. Which reel did you pair with
  6. Thanks I will review. Its within my price range... higher end of range but still not crazy
  7. Given the new slot limit and the fact that I now have a small boat to take to inshore spots, I am looking for a suggestion on a pair of smaller (2500-3000 class) spinning reels to throw artificials and eels. Most of my fishing the past several years has been bait fishing with conventional setups but I want to go really light with a couple spinning setups. I actually have a couple of rods that would be perfect. I've been looking at the Penn Clash/Spinfishers but I am sure there are others out there? I don't fish much Penn anymore and I've heard the quality of the product has gone downhill a bit out side the tuna reels? Maybe not true but some believe so. I have 4-5 bait runners but they are 4500+ size and I've never found them to be the best for casting. Can anyone suggest a reel and why they like it for a similar application? This is not an "open checkbook" type of purchase because I think the law of diminishing returns applies here, but I am happy to spend an extra 50 or even 100 bucks if it gets me a better product.
  8. Maybe it was just me but I caught very few fish over 35" relative to other years in 2019. Maybe that's because they were all gone, however, I am not sure I would have kept fewer fish if these were the regs in 2019. So while I applaud efforts to sustain the fishery - I am not sure this will have the desired outcome? Maybe paired with circle hook initiative it will make a dent.... I think they need to make it a "season" or a tag system.
  9. I actually have a Tiger Lite on another reel i could switch that over...thinking hard about the st croix avid inshore (looking at the 7'), but the lamiglas tri-flex series and the calstars are a consideration. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Ill give this some thought.
  10. I've been looking at the St Croix rods for a while for different setups but never pulled the trigger due to the price, I've always heard great things.. although I know there are folks that swear by the Lamiglas brand rods (from what I understand - for good reason). I know there are any number of ways to go with this, but if others have strong recommendations I'd love to hear them out and research. - Sam
  11. Hi there, I purchased an Avet SX this spring and LOVE it - have it on a Shimano Trevala 6'6 - its been a great "all purpose" rod for me. Very good for the price. Ideally, I want to purchase 2 more set-ups to replace my spinning live bait setups (Shimano Baitrunners) - So these will mostly be used for livelining mackeral, live eel drifting. I do like the Trevala but I my want to try something different I think. Was wondering if folks have any suggestions - I'm a big fan of cork grips, probably going to bump up to a 7' rod - MH. I also was wondering what type of line (mono or braid - what test) folks use for live-line fishing on AVET SX reels. I've heard good things about Lamiglas/St Croix rods but get a little confused by which ones I should be ordering online without seeing them in person. -Lamiglas -St Croix -Seeker Blue lightning Any others I should consider? Could you also provide detail (link possibly) on which model/size you have and use - specifically for striped bass? Thanks in advance! Sam
  12. Anyone still getting Macks closer to hull? - had trouble finding today (albeit mid-day) but would appreciate any tips, would love to use live bait tomorrow (gonna give it another shot)!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by canalrat i caught some small blues near shore last week. alot scups n sand sharks ugh sand sharks.. nothing worse.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by bassturds very close to shore! ton off duxbury beach Thanks - ill be sure not to try to go swimming though! Must have been an off day here in cohasset, they were practically jumping out of the water the past 3 months and sounds like they are still down off scituate / marshfield / duxbury... Good news is it looks like the Bass are back in, hearing a bout alot of (big) bass being pulled in here.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by hotfishgirl still a ton of macks around. Quote: Originally Posted by bassturds yea theres a ton where you guys fishing out of? are they still in closer to shore or out further? not looking for coordinates or anything specific but I had a few guys come back empty handed (no live bait) around minot light area the other day..