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  1. I'm in- thanks!
  2. I'm in. Thanks!
  3. I'm in- thanks!
  4. What would recommend, a new Tattoo Sea Pup or the After Hours Dookster?
  5. Steve: How would you hook these onto a spro bucktail for fluke-run the hook through both eyes? Thanks in advance.
  6. Not sure if it is a "pure" spook, but I've had a lot of luck with the Yozuri Hydro Pencil.
  7. I do not live on the Cape, but was there this fall for a wedding and fished Nauset Beach near Orleans. I tried fishing for a while, but there were hundreds of seals, so gave up after about an hour. Was hoping to see a Great White attack one of them. They had shark warning signs along the beach.
  8. Does anyone know of Tattoo's Tackle is up and running yet? If so, please provide the website.
  9. 9" on a Point Jude wobble head works nicely too.
  10. I also use 6/0-8/0 Gami Octopus circles.
  11. I use a 7" St. Croix Mojo Inshore and love it. No problem getting them off the bottom.
  12. Seadogg- What size Owner swim bait hook are you using- 6/0?
  13. Slappy- That's a great weakfish and a good endorsement for the fin-s!
  14. I do about the same thing. Each rig in a small zip lock plastic bag, marked on the outside as to weight, and then they all go into a gallon zip lock bag. The zip lock keeps the salt water out.
  15. Encid: Nice fish and welcome aboard. It is customary to tell us a joke with your first post. Good catch for this area-I'm in Darien.