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  1. I have developed arthritis in my casting wrist. Any ideas how to proceed for casting popping top water other than heavy brace, advil and Voltaren? May have to become a bait and wait guy or slow jigging for bottom dwellers.
  2. Thanks, I would have never thought about the swivel.
  3. Hi: I have never used live eels before. What size circle hook do you recommend?
  4. Cary- What size worm hook do you recommend for the 7.5" sluggo?
  5. Thanks Yogi- looking forward to trying it.
  6. What size circle hook with the twist grip do you recommend for the 7.5" and 9" sluggo?
  7. What size hook would you suggest for nose hooking 6", 7.5 and 9" sluggos?
  8. Yogi- what is the lure you posted as a picture?
  9. I'm in- Happy New Year
  10. My top producer the last few years has been the Yo-zuri Hydro Pencil.
  11. Soft plastic- slug-go on a Owner Beast hook (1/4 oz.) comes to mind.This will sink slowly, but probably not get snagged.
  12. Thanks Redfin-
  13. Can a surgeons loop knot be used to connect the lure to the leader attached to the casting egg? I would think that this would allow for a quick lure change. I would be attaching smaller lures and the TA clip may be too big. Thanks in advance.
  14. Small Rapala usually gets my first fish of the year. Zoom Super Flukes with 1/2 or 3/4 lead head, stillwater smack-it and Jumpin Rebels also work well this time of year- especially in protective coves on the outgoing tides.
  15. Thanks, I'm in.