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  1. I also use 6/0-8/0 Gami Octopus circles.
  2. I use a 7" St. Croix Mojo Inshore and love it. No problem getting them off the bottom.
  3. Seadogg- What size Owner swim bait hook are you using- 6/0?
  4. Slappy- That's a great weakfish and a good endorsement for the fin-s!
  5. I do about the same thing. Each rig in a small zip lock plastic bag, marked on the outside as to weight, and then they all go into a gallon zip lock bag. The zip lock keeps the salt water out.
  6. Encid: Nice fish and welcome aboard. It is customary to tell us a joke with your first post. Good catch for this area-I'm in Darien.
  7. I have always pried off the shell of Green Crabs for Blackfish, but recently saw a Skinner youtube where he kept them on. What method do you prefer and have you noticed a difference in hookups?
  8. Thanks Cary- Great information and pictures!
  9. I have both, but shorter models, more boat rods than surfcasting, both about 7'. Can go wrong with either one.
  10. I found a "like new" AH Dookster in an old plug bag, and do not remember fishing it. Have any of you had good luck with this lure- looks beautiful! Thanks in advance.
  11. This is good to hear, let's hope it continues, and that there is ample bunker available.
  12. Thanks Steve- going to stick with it.
  13. Having started to read this thread on Friday, I went out Sunday morning to see if I could catch on a sluggo. The wind and surf were pretty high ( I was in a boat) and I started with one of my "go to" lures, a Yo-zuri hydro pencil, thought I would have a problem with top water, but that was not the case. In short order I caught 3 schoolies (20-24), so decided to go to the sluggo, knowing fish were present. I was using a 9" white sluggo on a Beast Owner 1/4 oz. swim bait hook. It was riding fairly high in the water and would occasionally break the surface. After about 20 casts, and not a touch, I started to cast a Rebel Spook and connected on the first and second casts. So I don't get it, let me know if there was an obvious error in my method. Thanks.
  14. This is a follow up question to one asked earlier. I have a wedding in Orleans next weekend and wondering which lures to throw. Will probably bring 2 bags of lures, but for all of you experienced in the area, what 5 lures would you throw first? Thanks in advance.
  15. Please let us know how you make out!!