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  1. Hahaha I thought the FBI special agents were close enough :).
  2. Area 51 day of reckoning ...........coming soon
  3. I dont think the ACOE would initially move to "ban" fishing on the canal as a whole. That would be an extreme measure. But I could see various parking areas closed dusk to dawn as a test.. -->to see if that action corrected the ridiculous behavior which is a nightly occurrence right now.
  4. Respectfully, I suggest you amble on over to the "obvious" trouble spots and see for yourself if what has been reported is exaggeration. I've seen and heard the bedlam --and the fights-- so I know it is not false reporting simply to keep people away. Which is stupid anyway, because any talk of the canal just encourages more lunatics to head down there.
  5. It's pathetic. I mean, just last year was the incident where a surfbound fishermen hooked a boater. And did ACOE ignore the deteriorating situation? No. No they did not. They were well aware of it and immediately posted fliers warning fishermen not to do it. I suspect this year's drastic decline in behavior is not going to be ignored either, and some response from ACOE will be forthcoming soon. Closing some areas at night seems almost guaranteed to me
  6. Other thing to consider is the guy fishes just about max drag already without getting pulled off the cliff. Palming my cause him to get yanked off the rocks, even if he wasn't going for the break.
  7. The worst spot on the entire East Coast of America You couldn't pay me to fish that nuthouse. Who cares about the fish?? The place is a profoundly unpleasant experience Cutoffs, fights, yelling, and pieces being drawn?? Oh yeahhh
  8. Guy gets spooled by yellowfin. Jump to 10:40 for the end
  9. Bonito is delicious. Albacore is disgusting.
  10. Fine for illegal harvest of a bluefin tuna? $15,000 (Plus another grand for littering of carcass in woods) Grand total: $16,000
  11. Have to agree with Mike on this one. Bluefin regulations are extremely strict
  12. For weather radar, I like radarscopepro. Has a nice feature where the future cell track on Tstorms are plotted. Here's an example of TS Barry coming into the coast this morning
  13. I legit got thumped in the hip by a floating log once. Screamed like an 8yrold girl. I thought the gig was up!
  14. The seal situation is out of control. I've never seen this many grey seals in canal waters. And the problem is only going to get worse. I have no hope for any resolution until, perhaps, multiple bathers per year are killed in cape waters. But given the extreme rarity of GW attacks on humans, I'm not sure we ever reach the mark where the seals become "the public's problem" as well
  15. Plenty of nice fish around at night. Eels and circle hooks got r done last night off the beaches.