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  1. I was in NB last week and saw it for 16.99 at Kylers Catch. Somebody must be making substantial dinero on these fish because the boats were going broke selling them.
  2. Probably the Common Dolphin. A frequent visitor to these parts.
  3. As we say in mass.. "gah-bidge"
  4. They're closing for the month August 9th. Quota hit.
  5. I've seen Albies puke up very large sandeels, so it's no surprise to me that a 7" hogy would work well under certain conditions. I get looks when I tie on a 6" ronZ in red metallic (really a dusty pink), but the results speak for themselves.
  6. Bob, I have constructively confronted other fishermen in the past at the canal. It usually works out just fine. I have also got into heated verbal exchanges with muggers and spot monopolizers that did not go so well. Regardless, yesterdays was a challenging situation that I'm not getting into on this forum. It would be like throwing gasoline out there for poor comments. It involved an older grandfather, the son, and his grandson. Out of staters. But I'll leave it at that. I just ended up leaving and caught fish elsewhere.
  7. I was next to three guys casting their pencils downcurrent yesterday, then monopolizing 100yds of shoreline as we had to wait for them to slowly reel back along the riprap edge. Also: Dont do that.
  8. I remember a study or a story(?) done on Revere Beach I think, where it was considered one of the most successful plover rehabilitation projects; the reason given was that all the human foot traffic scared away the predators that eat plover eggs. So by keeping the beaches essentially free of humans through ORV bans and the such, it's actually giving predators free reign on the birds
  9. Greg Skomal is finishing up a multiyear (5??) Study on this very topic. After hearing him speak at a convention, my takeaway was somewhere between 3 and 500 GWsharks visit the cape and adjacent waters every summer.
  10. I agree. Shaming/tar and feathering need a bigger place at the table in our society, to correct poor ethical behavior. The guy wanted his 15minutes-- so let's give it to him!
  11. I'm looking at a mess in my small lure boxes. (¬_¬) Time to change those rusty hooks!
  12. Buyers in our neck of the woods just shut off buying for at least 48hours. Cant sell for 20c/lb even if you wanted to. There's no one that will buy it
  13. Fireball was visible from Massachusetts to Maryland
  14. Very true. Especially in stronger tornadoes that have suction vorticies. These little devils from hell can be 100mph stronger than the main circulation, and are the main reason why one house gets blasted into tiny bits and smithereens.. while his neighbor only loses part of his roof. Usually suction vorticies are hidden by the condensation cloud around the main circulation. But here's a video of some horizontal vorticies in this Tuscaloosa EF4. Jump to 4:11 for the good stuff
  15. Unreal. People can be such jerks. ### Here's the official NWS report on the storm. Officially, the supercell dropped two tornadoes: one waterspout came onshore and then lifted after 5mi. Straight-line wind damage continued as the storm moved NE. Then, the supercell dropped another tornado as the storm moved in Harwich However, some are of the opinion that the storm should not be tagged for "two" tornadoes but simply one that lifted back up into the sky for a bit and then dropped back down