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  1. lol
  2. No worries!!! The fish are just "late"... (¬_¬)
  3. Same. Fished a spot that consistently - as in year in/year out -- gives up 28-38" class fish by mid June. Sometimes they arrive by June 5th or 6th. Not this year. Nice fish were noticeably absent from said spot this past weekend. Loads of little guys, sure, but no bigger fish. Rats and schoolies ran through my eels, and the best I saw wasn't even legal (¬_¬)
  4. Stickboats are on em. No R&R catches though.
  5. Yep. If you really think about it, a full sized bass is larger in body than a grown man's leg. And consider how much power a leg can deliver.
  6. Haha right? Great fish though. Just didn't care for the thread. Also maybe pass along something else besides a half dozen photos.... caught on live bait, beach whistles, whatever. Be nice to hear what's working, what's around
  7. Here's what's real, cowboy. I could give two shi¡ts if you legit caught 60s all weekend long. You're a troll. Period. End of story. You add nothing to SOL discourse except troll worthy garbage.
  8. Hopefully so. He knows his sh¡t. __ Even if not actively guiding, perhaps he might be persuaded to come out of "retirement" for the right client. Can say OP sounds like that sort of guy. Good luck
  9. MRW ..somebody says the fishing for cows is just as good as ever
  10. That's the thing: Big bass are old bass. And if you cull all the fat old gals from a population, it takes a decade to reboot. Can't just make rats from 2015 get big in one season. Nope. We'll have to wait out the slump for many many seasons til the dinks grow into slobs. If indeed we are in a big fish drought-- get used to the new normal folks. Because something like that takes a long time to fix
  11. Agree. Most/(nearly all) of my "good first fish" of the year have come in for crabs. There's a NShore crab spot I like that fills with crabs by June 7th or so, and the bass move right in off the migration to feed on little crabs. I take the fish at night on eels.
  12. For slicing I like brandywine and black krim. For quality and high production, early girl.
  13. Hey Bob. Keep us informed on the progress of your tomatoes. I know you planted a bunch early, and would like to see how those turn out