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  1. In the past week, I watched an 8 pound albie put a substantial bend and fight into typical striper surf gear off some RI rocks. 8 pounds. And that was without any current. Imo, hooking any sizable "rec class" tuna in 4kt current would smoke the reel and likely break off or spool within a minute or 2.
  2. lol Like how this presents on mobile......
  3. Heres a closeup video of canal tornadic waterspout. Wheeeeee!! Edit: at prompt, ignore "ap" box and click "straight to website" for video
  4. Tbh, i hadn't looked at anything at all beforehand. My guess is a Canadian swirl or low pressure rotation in the atmosphere passed overhead, with very cold air aloft. This promoted convection and the thunderstorms that developed started rotating into supercells from the overall atmospheric spin. Here's the 2nd canal tornado today: Edit: per usual, the tstorms that caused problems developed in the warm sector, as the warm front flew north. The last line of storms just thru BOS on backside was the cold front and those were not tornadic.
  5. Other storms losing punch from end of daytime heating, but BB cell sucking heat off ocean in more unstable environment. Maintaining
  6. Rotation inbound
  7. If it's early, clear water, I think they like the oxygenation and go nuts. Once dirty?? meh. Fish and human alike tend to pass
  8. Nasty cell w/rotation and hook closing on Canal
  9. lol guy just quaffed a gallon of PCP
  10. Indeed you did!
  11. Canal.
  12. Just a test bump dude. Test bump.
  13. No dice in sm boat. Forecast for SW Corner
  14. Nasty birds. Never liked em. All "pretty flash" those bastards. Heard of swans that beat and drowned innocent ducks just to be asses. Wonder how swans taste... Certainly deserve it from a top-dog predation standpoint Edit: actually now that i think of it I remember I did meet one nice swan. Once. In the Providence River. Came over for handouts.. and when he figured I wasn't playing, calmly just hung around without being a jerk about it. Called him Doug. Douggie the Swan. Ok that part isnt true but "*Douggie" the nice Providence swan was in fact, real. So they do exist
  15. Well, here comes the storm. No snow-bacore though(temps marginal, + inland "rainmaker" track). Won't be that strong a nor'easter next weekend...and if this were 3wks ago I'd think albies would weather it fine and dandy. But it puts an exclamation point on a long stretch of icy temps that have crushed the hopes and dreams for late season albacore fishermen. >>Dramatic cooling of waters in last week. Woods Hole and eastern areas coldest. LIS warmest, holding on to 60s last. Ex) New London, CT Temps will continue to plummet this week with continued shots of arctic air in forecast, even before the nor'easter (aka "windswept rainstorm") arrives.