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  1. For a man-on-the-street, random interaction risk? it's effectively zero. For border patrol who finds a kilo-- the risk is very real. Carfentanil is so powerful it's used to drop elephants with a small tranq dart. Only 18grams were used legally in all of Canada one recent year. That amounts to 18 sweet n low packets. A few saltgrain sized flecks are enough to OD a human. China finally made it illegal to manufacture, so much less is being shipped here to mix with heroin. Also, dealers need repeat customers-- not corpses. And carfentanil is so potent it'll kill even experienced junkies with huge tolerances. So not many junk dealers are phking with it because when you kill a bunch of people you immediately bring the full heat of the DEA and police onto your operation. Thats why fentanyl is the, uh, "safer" option to spice up heroin for dealers wishing to do that. At least fentanyl is used legally on humans, whereas carfentanil has zero approved human uses, because of its potency. Even being the safer option, fentanyl is responsible for the lion's share of ODs in recent years
  2. Well I should hope so! Considering the amount of cash these businesses deal with, a LTC certainly seems prudent and wise.
  3. I'm going to jump in here. I think this is largely correct. The very concept of "bars" is antithetical to safe operation of motor vehicles on the public roadways. Consumption of intoxicants, in a social setting, outside the home, absolutely encourages the very thing many are angry about here. You cannot avoid it. Designated drivers? Cabs? Uber? Pfft. Rarely happens in reality. The overwhelming majority of bar patrons are far too intoxicated to be behind the wheel safely. And yet.. despite this.. we accept this fact without outrage. I dont claim todays amped up pot is safe to smoke and then drive. Far from it. In fact the opposite is true. But lets be real, guys.
  4. Devastating uppercut. Gave Tyson the ol bobblehead. And that left cross to finish him was pretty mean too
  5. 1. Fair point. 2. Not sure I completely follow. Are you saying SB mgmt is a more difficult task because there are several states' mouths to feed, vs just 1 with snook in Florida? Well maybe so. But the ASMFC is tasked with the legal authority for multi-state oversight, and they haven't done a great job as of late. According to them, spawning stock biomass is still "in decline," despite Addendum IV. Their charts show we're heading in the wrong direction, and their management has failed to deliver.
  6. @The Riddler re: CBD There are several ailments where CBD has peer reviewed support. But it is far from the magic elixir claimed by many to fix every ache under the sun. Moreover, it seems effective dosing is much much higher than most end up taking. So if one were to use it, apparently.. you have to practically chug the chit for effective dosing.
  7. Somewheres between 32 and 36 seems reasonable. And really folks: a 28" fish is a little ratty to be bringing home. Certainly nothing to be proud of--or show off. Honestly I'd be embarrassed walking back to the car with a 28" fish. In contrast, a 36 is a darn good fish. Hefty and meaty. A good fight, and plenty for a family's table. Above 36 and you start to get into the realm of waste, as there's so much meat some inevitably must be frozen to make proper use of the whole fish. And frozen bass is of meh quality at best. ...Unless vacuum sealed... but really, how many average-Joe anglers are vacuum sealing their extra meat? More often than not, it goes into the freezer to get freezerburned and then chucked into the trash 6months later. So for me, I'd be in favor of a slot for keeper bass, to minimize waste, with a purchased trophy ticket option. Say, 32-38 for the slot. A slot has done wonders for snook in Florida. Funny how the "smart" northeast coast cant keep up with Florida, whose forward thinking policies on fishing and conservation make the northeast look stupid and backwards in comparison
  8. Thunderbird. Obviously
  9. Bottom line is she fell asleep at the wheel. She was running on 2hrs sleep and threw back some alcohol then popped a few flexeril for her fused spine. The CBD use is benign and immaterial to the MVHomicide. That being said.. and despite my use and advocacy for MJ, it is true that a certain small number of fatal accidents and devastating injuries occur in Mass each year as a result of MJ use while operating a motor vehicle. Many of these cases have concomitant use of alcohol, which is an especially bad mix (with MJ) if you're going to be on the road. Regardless, it's a poor idea to operate a motor vehicle high. Legal or not, a few bad apples will always, always be on the road and screw up. And compared to alcohol and DUI accidents? It's minuscule
  10. That's the formula for big gurls. Just get an established plant around the short spring daylight near the equinox to grow a full super season. Some equatorial strains are a little less light sensitive to tripping into flowering in extremely early spring, but finishing tropicals here in New England, with our lousy fall, is the big challenge with those varieties
  11. The most I've ever seen -- and this was my j** for a very long time -- was 7lbs from a 15ft tall Mexican planted in February in the California hills, back in the 1980s. Outside of that, 5-6lbs from ultra-hedges is about the absolute max an outdoor plant can bring in. These long-season, expertly grown, super trees in California are of that caliber: 20lbs from a single plant, is, to turn a phrase.. too high.
  12. ..............wait what <forgets.. ...rechecks post..> ...oh right. Wait, Huh?
  13. I vote canal. Certainly possible she went around, but much less likely imo.
  14. I do not own firearms so obviously I do not have a LTC. But if I did(given what I know about the dispensaries) would I still choose have my license scanned to purchase weed? Admittedly a very tough question, but I do still think I would buy there. Imo, I do not think the license scan puts a gun owner at grave immediate risk for losing their rights/ LTC. Yes I would be uncomfortable with the scan, but I do not view it as a high probability risk. On the other hand, I would not be completely 100% comfortable until dispensaries simply look at licenses the same way liquor stores do: with their eyes only
  15. @mikez2 though I agree with most of the points you've shared on this thread, I have to disagree with your opinion on the necessity of dispensaries vs black market purchases. A few differences, imo, why I prefer dispensaries: 1. One No black market bag comes tracked with a seed-to-purchase ID number, nor offers a lab-tested full cannabinoid profile. 2. Second, the selection. Even if quality was identical(it's not), no black market dealer stocks 10 or 15 strains at one time. Be lucky to get 2 or 3 at absolute best. Plus, does any black market dealer carry vape supplies and gear? 3. Third: hash. No street dealer I know regularly carries shatter, kief, or any other hashes. It's a rare treat when they do have hash, but it's nowhere near the extreme high quality of dispensary hash. 4. Fourth: weight The dispensary "eighth" says "3.500grams" When was the last time your local black market dealer weighed on point to the thousandths-- or even on point at all?