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  1. No doubt. That gull had a really, *really* bad day
  2. Not my mink/tog video.. but here's one that's even better Mink eating gull at CCC
  3. If anyone wants to know what a great white attack is really like, from the perspective of the victim, here's some video of GWs attacking an underwater ROV. Skip to 1:20 for the business
  4. NP. My friend owns a professional class drone sub, good down to 100m, and I'm pushing him to video the bass schools off RP. So long as it isnt eaten by a white... hopefully will have some more "stable" underwater footage next season
  5. Granted :). Camera is off a 3-way and does spin a lot. Be thankful I cut out the retrieve! Camera spins so hard it'd trigger epileptic fits
  6. Video is lost in my files.. but once saw and shot and a mink diving for, and then dragging, a 14+" tog back to its pups. (Seems they fish at slack, fwiw)
  7. On the vision thing, pulled up this clip. Think I also read somewhere that bass have a fixed area of focus, or something like that, unlike us who can zoom in and out. On another post I talked about striped bass "hearing". I dont think they quite hear in the same sense as us, with ears, but instead with their lateral line.
  8. Tell me about it...(¬_¬) Had a day last year where slowly-blitzing bass wouldn't hit anything. Had to be 40 guys getting shutout for almost 2hrs, throwing every last plug in their bags. Think I saw like 2 fish caught. It was both maddening and sad
  9. The riprap ends just below low water mark for lowest tides. At least in most places Ive looked just goes from sand and cobblestones or mussels to a few scattered riprap, to suddenly all riprap
  10. For clarification, Anywhere there's boats nearby is loud. So when boats are traversing the canal, it definitely gets loud. And I also noticed sound beneath the bridges. But to be clear, it's not loud 24/7
  11. They do. At least they did at the east end a year or so ago. Here's one video approaching mid canal. Just sand and widely scattered mussel beds. This spot is allegedly known for not being a snag problem. Here is why: it's nearly all sand. I cut in on the video about halfway through the plunge, when the bottom comes into view. I dropped in on a bass
  12. Thanks. Sound is one of the things that really stood out when I started taking underwater film last year. You can hear the line ripping back onto the reel during wind-up, and boats are incredibly loud. When tankers go by in the canal and bust up a feed, I now wonder if it's the extreme noise that scatters the fish, (besides the giant ship a few feet above their heads...:)
  13. Yep. Sound is incredibly loud underwater. You wouldn't believe the sounds my gopro recorded in the canal. Loud as hell. Beneath the bridges? Traffic is roaring above. Tanker going by? You'd think your ears might explode
  14. Here's another one of barracuda investigating a hooked grunt behind a waterwolf camera, just outside of key west. The water is about 15-18ft deep and yet the bottom cannot be seen. The grunt is riding about 3ft deep. These cuda disappear into the gloom outside 15 or so feet. But they detected the struggling grunt beyond their visual range, which is by the way, excellent for a fish. 720p on a waterwolf, plus compression to a gif.. but you get the idea Lastly: the cuda looked.. but didnt strike
  15. Here's some gopro clips I took of the bottom of the canal at 50ft in full sunlight, and almost no current. Basically slack. Maximum possible visibility. Can see probably 40-50ft on the horizontal, and silhouettes are plainly visible from above. But looking down? the bottom stays hidden until within 15 or 20ft. Had to compress the clips some to fit under the 14MB limit on gifs, so clarity isn't quite the original 1080p. After dark, visibility is limited to silhouettes against the surface. And lateral line movement jazz. Color at 50ft deep, at midnight, in a screaming tide?? Zero. Simply different shades of grey, at best, that are moving.. and catch the lateral line and/or eye of a bass, when in very close. Last of the freespooled vertical drop: ###### Bounced along bottom like a jig: