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  1. Hello all, I have a Cabelas salt striker bait runner and the rear drag wont turn. I have always cleaned it and taken care of it. Afraid to take it apart myself, looking for advice or opinions thanks
  2. Roga2 hey I haven't been on the forum in a while but I'm always trying to find people to fish with! Couldn't find anyone so hitting a party boat tomorrow for the jumbo blues! I don't have a boat but seem to do alright with pier and surf fishing. Let me know if you ever wanna go sometime. I'll let everyone know how my day goes tomorrow !
  3. Thanks everyone! I have had plenty of luck on the surf but taking my handicap cousin so that's why I am asking for bridges and piers.
  4. Hey everyone, So my cousin took me to Ocean City MD last year and I caught my first striper from a bridge. I have been striper fishing for 5 years now and still do not have a keeper. I fish charter boats, surf and looking for some areas to bridge fish near Atlantic City and south. Also looking for people who want to meet up and fish together. Thanks Wayne
  5. I have been surf fishing for a while now and usually just put some clam or bunker out and wait. Looking to change it up to using bucktails, plugs and stuff instead. Looking to find some info on what to get and techniques. There are a lot of knowledgable people on here, look forward to the adivce! Wayne
  6. Ill be heading down to cape may county area wednesday morning. Anyone know if anything is being caught from the surf in that area and what they are using? My first trip this fall, or am i better off heading north and going out on a party boat? Thanks
  7. Ill be heading to cape may county wednesday morning, and wondering what is good to throw on the surf. I have a surf rod and a boat rod, prefer blue fish or stripers of course. What are they hitting so far if at all down that way? Thanks in advance
  8. I have been out on the Miss Barnegat a few times already for stripers. I know it and the Doris Mae both go until thanksgiving weekend if not more.
  9. Thanks....no luck this weekend. One fish caught for whole boat. Another skunked trip.
  10. Thanks for all the tips. Just back and only one fish caught on the whole boat. None of the party boats had any luck. Appreciate the tips, hopefully will catch my first keeper sometime this year
  11. Going on a party boat this weekend and a few others this month. Hear bass are hitting rubber shad and spoons. Was wondering what I should pick up at dicks sporting goods before I go on my fishing trips. Which soft bait and spoons are best? Thanks for any help in advance Wayne
  12. I will be going out on the Miss Barnegat Light this weekend. Hear the bass are hitting rubber shads and spoons along with jigs. I have plenty of jigs but not sure what spoons are better than others and same with rubber shad. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. I have only be surf fishing for a few years, but have had great success with similar blue rig set ups previously mentioned. For bait I was told that kingfish heads work great, but not always available. Curious as to what other baits people use with success and other rigs. I am using a Cabela's salt striker baitfeeder reel.
  14. Yeah from what I heard the flounder keepers are here and there but not like earlier in the season. Hopefully this fall will be a great striper run. Still yet to get my first keeper striper ever. Only one I caught was last Black Friday on a boat but was past 3 miles and couldn't keep it