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  1. I have the Tongshen 500 watt torque sensing motor battery and controller fits any 68-72 mm bottom bracket mtb road bike works perfectly I’ve upgraded costs over $1000.00 with battery it has a 48 volt 17ah hood for over 50-60 mile range very easy install you can cruise up to 28+ mph with ease . Charger and key for battery also. About 2 years old $350.00
  2. It can fit many bikes just measure bottom bracket across the front if it measures between 68-72mm your good
  3. Exactly I don’t bash submerge my reels not that crazy to go swimming for a fish anymore as I myself would rather catch a big bass on my fly rod with a cast of 100ft lol
  4. Thanks don’t like 4 piece rods when fishing all day from shore they tend to come apart at the wrong time especially when Albie fishing I have mostly 2 piece for that reason thanks fine for traveling which I don’t do much
  5. Ok thanks was hoping it was a 3 or two piece
  6. Keep them greased and when need a replacement just order new hubs galvanized ones with bearings online I got new ones for $80.00 a pair don’t bother to replace bearings a total waste of your time cheap enough to replace the whole hub.
  7. Yep $100.00 per hp I bought a new 60 Yamaha had two dealers give me prices. Got one $6000.00 plus couple hundred to install but I sold the old motor guy paid to have it installed on his boat after it came off my skiff worked out great!
  8. I tow a 16ft maritime skiff with a 2014 AWD Toyota RAV4 4 cylinder never had one problem just change transmission fluid every 50,000 miles and differential fluid … you should have no problem
  9. But a skirted spool keeps more crap out
  10. Bout time a skirted spool !
  11. This is the motor and LCD which is new.
  12. I have a Tongshen 48 volt motor and battery for sale.It works perfectly I just upgraded my bike so this one’s up for sale it fits a standard 68-72 mm bottom bracket mountain bike or road bike with controls not hard to install at all. The harder you pedal the more power it pumps out.I will post pics later the motor now sell new for $495.00 not including battery $400.00 it’s a 48 volt 17ah hood for 50 miles or more depending on the settings you use . $400.00
  13. Sure when I get home I have the motor out and screen and control battery will be out of my bike this week I have charger and key for battery lock wher are you located? Im in Ct eastern Mark
  14. We all know spawning takes place almost every major river system along the east coast we catch them through the ice I’ve seen 20-30 bass chasing a lure on my vexliar!
  15. I prefer only boot foot as the sands a big problem orvis still makes boot foot I bought a nice pair I believe redington half off for about $100.00 Gortex . And I hate having to put on those wading boots!
  16. The first ones M3 always had problems with them cracking and breaking tips off friend who machined me a new one out of billet said the one he replaced was cast
  17. I do great my all around best night productive fly is a big black snake fly with a nice fat head pushes lot of water we Mark Lewchick and I had 7 fish up to 48” on these during a mullet run!
  18. Looking for a full sink one that’s at least 100’ or 120’ the Sci angler ones .. They used to make a 100’ uniform sink that I used worked great… Thanks
  19. I had one made tied of the cast ones on Bauer reels it kept on snapping off at the tip!!! a friend made one out of billet aluminum came out perfectly no more snapped off tip!
  20. I’m sure if they are around you can get shots at them ftom shore but bonito are not as predictable as Albies by any means they’re there one day maybe two then gone at block when they show at the cut they will keep on showing for days it seem lots of silver sides there …
  21. Buddy sent me some pics today nice size bones!!!
  22. I’ve caught bonito in July from shore in 2007 at weekapaug and a friend was with me earliest I’ve ever caught them.from shore anywhere And a lot of time they’re around but not showing.. This is a pic from 2007 I used to target them every year in August at block but I also used to spend way more time on the water like everyday lol