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  1. I’m in SE Ct old lyme
  2. All have line ready to fish exc used cond $30.00
  3. No thanks for the offer I’ve cut way back on fishing now treasure hunting more profitable lol
  4. These are a few years old on the plastic lens is the Maui Jim sport the other pair are glass lens Amber both are small frames ideal for narrow face great shape never dropped or scratched a few very faint marks hard to get in photo you would never notice them when wearing $140.00 both pairs + ship with cases
  5. Mint condition I believe these are over $600.00 new always stored in case original box and receipt $400.00+ship cash or money order $424.00 PP Mark
  6. I do some ice fishing for them but three Way a shiner in lakes work real well while drifting over structure. back to back 10 and 12 pounds these two in CT
  7. Hope she’s ok my wife just had her thyroid removed cancer it’s been up and down now for two weeks prayer helps.
  8. Do your research your a far left right? your supposed to have a "open mind" you sir probably believe Al Gore? He's a climate genius lol Maybe just maybe the climate police are drilling this narrative into your brain so they can control your activities like diving a car heating your house flying in a plane who knows but all I see are a bunch of hypocrites that say "Do as I say but not as I do"
  9. Wel it’s a known fact that weather warfare exists ever hear of Geo Engineering? heres a link
  10. Yes the climate has always changed how about over fishing? Stripers are on the downward spiral I guess that’s climate change to not over harvesting? The climate change thing has made me sick the climate will continue to change long after we’re gone. Sorry watch some videos by Dane wiggington on geo engineering on YouTube that’s man made climate change
  11. “I am the night rider the toe cutter he knows who I am”lol “I’m going to lay a rubber road right to freedom “ love the Avatar and one of my favorite movies.
  12. Stripping basket is all I use in boat you can move around better for quick casts I see so many people struggle with tangled lines frustrated! imho it really is the best way especially if you drive the boat
  13. Also check out Ed Mitchell’s books he’s a local from Ct author and a friend of mine fly fishing estuaries is a great book
  14. Pretty well know anything that swims is potentially contaminated even fresh water so eating fish is not as healthy as one may be led to believe eat at your own risk!