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  1. We used to use the lightest rods we could sage came out with the ought weights 0-00 we caught small blues and stripers on them lot of fun.
  2. Call it mental health day I get 15.5 a year maxed out at 120 which I’m maxed out each year 4 personal days 2 floating holidays 15 holidays 30 vacation days. 27 years at the same job I see the younger now dont carry over any sick time so I use some every year but now I’m metal detecting more than fishing the beach’s gold is more fun to find than reeling in another schoolie
  3. Yep great gun I have one never had one problem with the SR.22
  4. Nope I fish all winter fish are very active under the ice when we get enough ice I see sometimes up to 20 fish on vex chasing jig!
  5. Year round here in Ct I ice fish for stripers
  6. I know your looking at Scott and Winston I just got the loomis IMX 8 Seriously a great rod the reel seat is one of the smoothest I’ve used to install and take a reel off of . broke mine in with Albies from shore
  7. Nice rod it looks exactly like my new IMX 8 wt same handle guides too GLWS
  8. Nice rod if I did not just get a new loomis IMX 8 wt I’d buy it GLWS
  9. Best thing to do is wash it after a trip in the salt I had a nice pack which was wrecked by saltwater so now I wash it after I use it in or around saltwater no problems
  10. Still available if you want it in Ct
  11. I bought it 2021 very little use I use my TP
  12. Nomad92 He was the first to respond I don’t have PayPal so cash sale
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