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  1. Exactly and if that ever happened with any normal vaccine they would stop giving it! So don’t tell me there’s not a problem..
  2. Oh and trust “our government” remember what the Nazis said if the lie is so big they will believe it! And they did ..
  3. Dr in Canada who was threatened with a gag order had 3 patients permanently disabled after shot!
  4. Lol I see "conspiring thinkers'
  5. Covid was created for the “shot” it’s not a vaccine!!!!!
  6. Nice rod you have warranty card?
  7. OK no thanks for any of their crap injected in my body!
  8. It’s the end game people sorry to break the news to you but if you read revelations in the Bible here’s what I keep getting anyone want to use it?!!!
  9. Saw that also free drinks here in Ct bribing people!
  10. Hey I was offered $1000.00 to get a shot its not a vaccine no thanks
  11. Friend brought his boat there for service they screwed his boat up bad! And they are way overpriced!
  12. Never ever buy anything from thayers! My friend owns a Yamaha dealership and no outboards over 25hp are in stock!
  13. Newark, DE.  Bear/Glascow area

    send me an email address and I will send pics of T&T 7wt and 8 wt

    1. Fresh2Salt


      Trying to acquaint the process for downloading pics to SOL.

  14. Newark,DE     Bear/ Glascow area