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  1. It was bound to happen sooner than later!
  2. Yep remember it well friend caught skipjack at watch hill!!! this was 2006 we had bluefin Bonita albies blues and bass what a day!!! yep those skippy’s rip up the water we also caught Mahi on Brenton Reef! Actually There were bluefin all over The Race in LIS too that year friends caught plenty up to 40-50lbs!
  3. Yep Ed’s a good friend of mine fished together for years he’s in Florida but is moving back to Ct
  4. That’s the bonita
  5. That’s what we call a skipjack more offshore fish
  6. Last year was an awesome year started. In Ct sept 11 to be exact thousands of fish showed in one very well know spot. as for catching them I’ve been fly fishing for them since 1991 and back then it was almost only Bonita in eastern ct albies really started showing mid 90’s but from shore I almost exclusively use a full sink line type 4 or 5 cuts the in your face wind! I would always catch more albies than the guys using intermediate or floating lines most days when fish are being caught by blind casting if you see fish out in front of you don’t stop casting cause chances are if your on a jetty they will push in! but when they’re running the wall it’s fun to put a cast out and see one come up and grab it!!! I remember one day in RI no fish were showing I was near the tip of a well know spot and two of my friends were there saying fish were around but no one was catching any so I was casting a full sink line and letting it sink for about 10 seconds then stripping very slowly and started to hook albies blind so some days you have to adjust your methods.. check out Ed Mitchell’s book fly fishing estuaries great local spots and some of us local guys are in the book...
  7. I have one of the very first that I know of van stall spatenberg reels its over 20 years old and caught hundreds of fish and albies never once have I had a drag problem. They can make them but they’re not cheap
  8. Took my Glock 43 apart no problem put it back together in less than 5 min!
  9. Just go file a police report that it was stolen and you know where it is!
  10. Nice bone looks like Block I fish there for early bones had albies there a few years ago in Aug bones were there in am then albies came in! I've caught bones in July at a well known spot in RI..
  11. Light fresh water rinse never ever had a corrosion problem with my Shimano’s . new penns corrode bad!
  12. I had a 1995 Honda 4 stroke on my skiff and never ran it dry with the carbs but I was only on portable tanks no moisture I treated heavy with marine stabil never ever had a problem.. now I have fuel injected Yamaha four stroke still treat and never run a fuel injected motor out of fuel!
  13. I had a p290 biggest piece of crap! Sold it got a Glock 43. Now I’m happy!!!
  14. We get that great top water action mouth of CT river I tie my poppers with long saddles 6” to 8” long they are insanely effective even when blues are fussy pre spawn theyre here now every year right before memorial day
  15. You could use either I would use a sinker if there is current the fish will bunker lower in water column unless your night fishing and they will be popping on silversides then a intermediate should work well