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  1. Agree with above depending on what boat you have Point Judith is a great spot along the walls or you can head east I did one year and we ended up in Newport catching bonito Albies then school bluefin! but the west wall that time of year can be on fire I fish there every year for the past 25 years and almost always see them there starting in mid to late august. these bonito were caught in mid July 2007 at weekapaug..
  2. Is there any real woman’s sports!!??? with the transgender men getting into them where’s the outrage from the left or NOW! I don’t or wont watch any. Makes me sick
  3. I built my own with a bafang BBSHD mid drive very easy to install and powerful 160 NM of torque amazing bike you can build your own and it will be a better bike than a factory built mine has 29” wheels if you have a bike even a fat tire pedal bike you can buy one of these kits this one or the BBSO2 which is a smaller version probably $1000.00 for a kit with battery
  4. Thanks I have a rod that I’m having built
  5. Where you located? Any idea what they sold for? thanks
  6. How much are you asking and what’s the actual blank like 1- 10 being new ? thanks
  7. Any pics I had an Orion I think
  8. What do you have? Older T&T Lomas IMX -GLX thanks
  9. It’s a satanic monument that should have been removed years ago! probably done on purpose to blame Trump supporters!
  10. Must have been a battery powered Ebike !
  11. Looking for a good shape Horizon or RPLXI 2-3 piece may consider a 4 but really prefer 2-3 for Albie casting can’t stand checking tips all day to prevent falling apart! thanks Mark
  12. Where in Ct are you? Im in eastern Ct
  13. What’s your lowest price on the T&T? Thanks