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  1. They’re a couple years old in good shape $40.00
  2. There’s really no need for marvel it was designed for older motors small engines with no o2 sensors. I use stabil and a small portable tank so I never have fuel problems with my 9 yo Yamaha most fuel problems are boats with big tanks that get moisture in them .
  3. Never use marvel mystery oil with any motor with o2 sensors was told I have a big tub I fill with water treat with salt away and lower lower unit in it and run until tub water heats up only way to properly flush out and have T stat open you will feel the flush water coming out is hot and if there is any salt built up it will sometimes clog pisser. just put hose up and spray water up it and it will clear as it’s running have a potable tank with stabil running. Then change oil after done and lower unit
  4. It came with a brand new 2018 Subaru Outback I can measure them today
  5. It’s from a brand new outback I believe it will fit almost all with factory side rails
  6. It’s brand new came with Subaru will fit any with the side rails keys and locks also included $150.00
  7. It will fit older Subaru’s also I’ve learned $150.00
  8. I have a new open box rack with locks $200.00 was with a brand new outback over $300.00 never installed
  9. I have a factory tip like new for a 9WT classic GLX it was from my 9 that broke in the lower section mines from a two piece you did not specify??
  10. White buck tail green polar flash
  11. Kind of I use tubing that’s coated after with epoxy just nailed two albies this afternoon on one no one else got any.