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  1. It will fit older Subaru’s also I’ve learned $150.00
  2. I have a new open box rack with locks $200.00 was with a brand new outback over $300.00 never installed
  3. I have a factory tip like new for a 9WT classic GLX it was from my 9 that broke in the lower section mines from a two piece you did not specify??
  4. White buck tail green polar flash
  5. Kind of I use tubing that’s coated after with epoxy just nailed two albies this afternoon on one no one else got any.
  6. Any type of silverside pattern that’s mine it’s absolutely a killer on bonesand albies I’ve been using it for 25 years never fails me!
  7. I’ve seen some copies of this fly Cowens bait fish not tied the same I feed hook eye through small hole in tubing to allow tubing to extend off back of hook bend so it never fouls almost similar to the “hard body shiner” I also tie on owner mutu lite hooks for only albies. i produces when all else fails it is my go to fly it’s always on my rod when albies are here and bones too. Oh and Ed Mitchell and I fished last summer here in ct on my boat He’s decided to move back to Ct after he sells his condo in Florida!
  8. Silversides and anchovies are Bonita and albies favorite food I it’s the silhouette long thin body it’s my only go to fly I make them 2-3” with small tubing or the med tubing
  9. This fly has accounted for more albies than I could ever count ! We call it the “PBCR” pleasure beach chodie Rodhy never fouls! Friend invented this fly years ago it’s in Ed Mitchell’s book Fly fishing estuaries.
  10. Ditto I have a two piece classic GLX 8 I will outcast most I have 110 ft lines I use albie fishing from shore and boat and those rods are light and cannons! who the heck wants a 4 peace rod casting all day for albies only to have the rod tip come off fighting one! happens all the time no thanks all my rods are two pieces never ever come apart! i love my two piece T&T horizon and loom is GLX both 8 WT and old sage XP 8
  11. In 6 7 8 wt for sale thanks
  12. eBay full sinkers made in Canada $24.00 great lines using them for albies
  13. It was bound to happen sooner than later!
  14. Yep remember it well friend caught skipjack at watch hill!!! this was 2006 we had bluefin Bonita albies blues and bass what a day!!! yep those skippy’s rip up the water we also caught Mahi on Brenton Reef! Actually There were bluefin all over The Race in LIS too that year friends caught plenty up to 40-50lbs!